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  1. Thanks RiuBride2B. At least they have several hotels listed there and she can choose for herself. I'll give it to the FI to pass on to her because I might say something very ugly if I talk to her now. But maybe this is for the best, she will be there for the ceremony and not for all the stuff with her ex-husband and his new wife. Gotta think of the positives - right!
  2. Yes - kill is an understatement. But I'm not going to worry about it anymore; I've done everything I can and that is that. She will have to stay offsite or keep checking for cancellations. I so wanted to elope with just the 2 of us but FI thought it would be mean. At least we wouldn't be stressed about this. I don't know where she could stay that is nice, close by and not super expensive; she was already complaining about the cost of ROR. What bugs me is that she asked 6+weeks ago did she need to book under our name for the wedding because she was going to do it - why ask if you weren't going to book. She wants to know a final answer by tonight because she's worried; why worry now - you apparently knew you weren't booked. I posted knowing it wouldn't come through but thought at least I can say I tried something. Thanks ladies for at least feeling my pain because at least you understand; her son/my FI is like its no big deal.
  3. If anyone has an extra room at the ROR during 7/23-7/26, please let me know. I found out today that my future mother in law didn't book a room and of course they are all booked up. So if any ladies booked an extra one, please let me know.
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    Mommies to be check in

    Thanks guys. I'm feeling so-so; a bit tired but hopefully I'll be back to myself soon. I went for my final dress fitting and it still fits. Its my second pregnancy (we have an almost 6 year old son) and somehow it seems like I have blown up around the middle already. My dress is a size 2 and rather fitted so I was happy it still fits. RiuBride2b - you are more than welcome to check out the wedding. It will be very small - no bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. and about 10 guests. I've kinda been going with the flow with the wedding all along since I only booked the Riu in May 2008. Now with this, I have not concentrated on the wedding at all. I'm going with their flower options, etc. I always look at this website and you guys have great ideas but I ran out of time and I'm not that organized. Maybe I can check yours out too.
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    Mommies to be check in

    Must be something in the water around here; add me to the list of expecting. I'm about 6 weeks and will be 8 weeks when I get married in 2 weeks so hopefully I have no dress problems. I go for the final fitting tomorrow so I guess we will see.
  6. Great pictures. You were beautiful. I wanted to wear that dress but my chest wouldn't cooperate. Question for you - how long did you book Michael for? He took a lot of pictures and I'm trying to figure out how long to book him for.
  7. Can you send it to me too please at nisha98@aol.com?
  8. Thanks! This makes me hopeful that two of the ladies are natural. While I'm not too worried about my hair, part of me wants the experience of getting my hair and makeup done for the big day without resorting to extensions.
  9. I'm not really sure of the look Kara; its a casual wedding with no wedding party and only parents and siblings as the guests. But I think it needs to be up given the length and the strapless dress. The small braids or flat twists in the front might work with the back in a puff. The bigger issue is that I'm sure my hair will get wet in the 3 days I'm in Jamaica before the ceremony. That's why I was hoping the hair stylists there had experience with natural hair for the day of the ceremony. What I'm thinking is that the puff will be the back up plan but maybe I'll put in flat twists the night before, take the twists out that morning and attempt an updo. I'll experiment over the next few weekends or so to figure out some options.
  10. I have been natural for about 3 years now. I am freaking out about what is going to happen with my hair. I don't straighten it (and in the humidity in JA in July is not where I want to try it for the first time). I usually just wear wash n gos, puffs, twists, or twist outs. Did anyone see the Spa do any natural hair styles? I have a strapless dress and not sure what I want to do with my hair. I've had a big cut last summer and two since which limits my options. My hair length when natural is right beneath the ear and shoulder length when stretched. I'm guessing I might be stuck with doing it myself into a puff. Does anyone have some pictures of natural hair styled for a wedding?
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    When is your ROR wedding??

    New July 2008 Bride: Nisha98: wedding on July 25, 2008
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    I want to go to Riu Ocho Rios. I've reserved a date which is two days further out than I want but it might just have to work. I'm hoping that someone doesn't confirm for the date I want; then I can swoop in and get the date I really want. The more I think about it, I think that going outside of a resort seems to complicate things way more than I want. Thanks ladies and I'm off to search the ROR section of the board.
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    I'm going to try to achieve the impossible. Hope to get married during week of July 20th in Jamaica. And yes that is July 2008. But I am a simple girl so I only need the groom, a minister and a location. Of course the resorts are booked for wedding ceremonies so I have to find an alternative location for the ceremony. I want to stay at the Riu in Ocho Rios so it would need to be somewhere close. If anyone knows a service that does ceremonies, please let me know. Thanks, Nisha98