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  1. Hi All, We are planning a December 09 wedding most likely in El Coco with the reception at one of the lovely Playa Ocatal villas referenced below. It was great to see an independent review of the place. It looks amazing on the web, but always nice to get feedback from actual visitors. We have been told that it is very difficult to have a Catholic wedding in Costa Rica as the priests are very opposed to destination weddings. If anyone has tips along these lines, I'm very interested. I'm also slightly concerned about fabrics for my dress. Any suggestions? Thanks, Angela
  2. Hi All, My name is Angela and my fiance Aidan and I are planning a December 2009 wedding in El Coco/Playa Ocatal Costa Rica. Lots to do and am already feeling a little overwhelmed by the details, so I'm glad there's a place like this to get advice and more information. We are planning to have a Catholic wedding and have been told by two wedding planners for the area that this is very difficult. If anyone has had a Catholic wedding and has some tips for winning over the padres, please let me know. Looking forward to learning here... Angela
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