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  1. So....I have 7 days till the wedding and 5 days before I leave. Thought I would post some of the things that I have done...then after the wedding post the rest because they are all in a box right now. How it all started: Save the Dates: Invitations: Makeup For wedding: Engagement Photo: Sand Ceremony Items: For the Ceremony(bubbles): My Bouquet (half way done): We are very excited for this to be over even though I love the planning but now that we are a week away...I cant wait to be married.
  2. Everyone seems so prepared.........I guess I am to but it is coming down to the wire and I am starting to have nightmares and freak out about getting everything done. I finally took my dress in to get altered and starting to do my bouquet this week. The big "argument" is the seating chart. We will see less than a month. WOW.
  3. Thank you everyone for your posts. I was thinking that it might snag on my dress or be very heavy, but I want to be able to keep it forever and that over rides it. My mom said that she is going to start it this week....I will keep everyone posted and make sure to take pictures.
  4. So...I have 32 days left till our wedding and am starting to freak out about this. I am making my own bouquet out of shells, kind of like this: Has anyone made one of these and has any pointers on doing it? I love it and I know it will happen just thought I would put it out there to see if anyone has tried yet. Thanks
  5. The pictures are great. I cant wait to see the rest of them.
  6. So....I said that I would start my weight loss plan 3 months before the wedding. I started to eat better and was going to start working out last week. Instead I got into a vehicle accident and totaled my car (Horrible timing only 2 months till the wedding). Not only when I totaled my car I am completely hurt all over and unable to work out. Anyone having good idea on quick weight loss I understand that this is not a good idea but I would like to loose 10-15 pounds before the wedding if possible. Thank you for any advice you could help me with.
  7. They turned out pretty good. I was very impressed with the photographer. I wish that I would have lost the weight that I wanted to before we took them though.
  8. We are not going to do assigned seating at all. We are saving 3 tables for our immediate family, FI and I. But as for the guests they get to pick where they want to be seated. I have seen this performed at 3 other weddings and it was very easy and that way everyone got to sit with whom they wanted to.
  9. As I had said before I was also having the same problem and I went to the doctor. I changed my BC and it made a huge difference. I think that it was the best decision I made.
  10. Your dresses look amazing.....I love the short dress, where did you get it? I am looking for a similar dress for my reception.
  11. We had drama with the date. We wanted July 19, 2008 and had it set. But when we found out there was event in town we had to change it. The rooms were a 4 night min. at 500 dollars a night. Who would pay that to come to the wedding?? No one. I would have a problem paying that for the room. The cost was just the room nothing else. So we changed the date.
  12. i am a Police Dispatcher. I love my job...I work midnights, this is why I am online at 5:44am. I love the great diversity in the forum.
  13. Yeah I was lucky. My mom found them on sale 200 dollars off the original price or I would never have gotten them. Quote: Originally Posted by carly Wow, you splurged on the Stuart Weitzman (I think anyway), that we were all drooling over! Great choice.
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