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  1. welcome to the forum
  2. I will post pics later but I have 1. A cherub on my left shoulder 2. Beautiful on my right ankle 3. A man and a woman embracing on my lower back 4. A very small heart on my right shoulder 5. A butterfly on my upper right thigh 6. Chinese symbol for love on my right hip Most of my tatts are smaller than a silver dollar (LOL)
  3. Wherever you go a double date make sure it's a public place.
  4. Mine is hanging in on the guest bedroom closet door frame in a garment bag. If I hang it in the closet it will wrinkle the bottom.
  5. I'm going to pick 2 up 2morrow. 1 in White (Christening) and 1 in stone/khaki.
  6. What kind of veil will go with this dress? Also,should I wear a veil if we have a child together and we live together?
  7. He is so wrong. I'm a size zero and those dresses look horrible on me. I would love to be at least a four. That style of dress is made for a real woman with curves. I ended up having to go with a princess style that makes me look like a little girl.
  8. What about some ballerina style slippers in white satin. Maybe you can put like a nice small brooch on the top toe part. I don't think I'm explaining myself well.
  9. Welcome 2 the forum!!!!!!!
  10. It will all work out. I would just let my mom pay for the photographer.
  11. Wear the veil during the ceremony and take it off for the reception
  12. Where did you get your ring and band from? Also, do I have to get a band or can I just wear my ring?
  13. No we will not be sharing a room. In fact we are going to abstain for 3 weeks before our wedding date.
  14. I have ordered from them with no problems. The mineral makeup is great. The mineral concealer is way better than the MAC that I have. I do not like the lip gloss and almost all of the polish that I ordered busted during shipping. But hey it was only a $3 loss.
  15. I can't see the pics when I click on the link. Can it be altered to a size 0?
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