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  1. I would have a firm talk with her and let her know how her delays are stressing you out.
  2. Well my DH and I paid for our wedding ourselves so God bless those girls that have the luxury of parents to pay or help. If your parents can help out great, if not, they can't. A gift to your parents is probably not required, but up to you and your budget. As for the MIL from hell, you guys are paying for her trip already. If she wants a diamond necklace as well, select a Cubic Zirconia from Claire's and wrap it up in a nice box and present it to her. I swear people with the entitlement issues really need to get a grip..
  3. I would ask the parents y thry are making this about them and why r they being so selfish?? That alone would make me madder than anything. I say do what you envisione, it will be their regret in the end for being so unsupportive. If you feel u will however, lose sleep if they do not come, then that is a whole 'nother issue.
  4. Sounds like you have hung in there hoping hings would get better. What type of man has 4 children with someone and not own up is the first question. He has way too much baggage and if you guys were to even have children, your kids would (i say this not knowing his financial situation) probably not have the life they deserve. This is not easy I am sure because u definitel love him, but as someone said marriage does not make it better.
  5. I really hope she does not cause any drama if she ends up attending. Like someone mentioned, she would have to cancel or else she would seriously be barred.
  6. I agree..Dont understand why you feel bad that she could not make the effort to only confirm for one of the most important days . So it is up to her now to choose her prom or the wedding. Simple. Your empathy is very sweet though but u do not need to feel guilty
  7. Let me know when you smacked her. She was nervous to call about the same year and now she tries to best you by making it before YOURS??!! To hell with her
  8. sometimes I wish men would just realize the earlier they say yes, the smoother things would be!! glad you go so much done!!
  9. Okay so when does Sharon's secret come out? Also y is Phyllis acting like she is still not jealous of Sharon and nick? She is sooo insecure and annoying. Sorry AZhusk, I know u r a big Phyllis fan!
  10. Like the girls have said, bank on a third of those guests coming. We made it very clear from the beginning that budgte dictated our actions. If our parents wanted us to invite them, it was contingent on them covering the difference. Simple.
  11. wow i cannot imagine how you must be feeling. I hope everything works out for you and FI
  12. I don't think you are psycho at all. Tell hubby how you feel about it, especially the part where he forgot you were waiting for him. If important to him, he will change his therapist. I will point out that if you feel so strongly about this, you are probably not far off the mark that she could be "potential" trouble down the line if any more cozy sessions take place!
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