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    Iberostar Daiquiri

    We're back too, and it was amazing! If anyone is thinking about doing it here I would highly recommend it. I totally agree that the wedding coordinators were great, and so was everyone else that worked there
  2. We're doing bubbles, it seems really fun. I really like the way the wands look in everyone's pics though so that's a really good idea. If you want to DIY there's instructions on oncewed.com for ribbon wands
  3. Good idea! I can't find the exact one anymore, but they look kind of like these ones: SALE Coloured Paper Hand Fans - $1.50 - Weddingfavours.ca They're pink and they have a white hearts design on the paper fan part.
  4. So I thought that it might be cute (and a lot cheaper) to have my BMs carry fans instead of bouquets. I bought some cute pink fans online, but now I'm thinking that I should add something to them to dress them up a bit or make them pop a little more. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. kat_mc13

    Cayo Guillermo/ Cayo Coco Excursions

    great thanks for your help!
  6. Great job! I will definitely be doing one of those autographed group pictures now
  7. kat_mc13

    BM not booked yet...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jennifer Davis I hope that your BM books soon. She agreed to be a B< - I don't think you should worry about it. I would definitely let her know you are stressing about it., though. Is she one of those "last minute" people? I am about 3 weeks out now. One thing I have learned through this whole DW experience, is that the people who you think you can count on - disappoint - and the people you expect to bail - book. **shrugs**. One of my friends had a DW last year about this time and told me the same thing. I didn't totally believe her until these last few months. You're so soon! Yes, I know what you mean about the disappointments with people you thought were for sure, and there are definitely some unexpected surprises with other people going really out of their ways to make sure they come.
  8. kat_mc13

    BM not booked yet...

    thanks ladies, I just needed to vent and see if I was over reacting or not. I think I'll give her til the end of this month and then have a chat and see. Bunny, I hope your mom books soon and gets her passport, that would be even more stressful! Silverangel, that's so cool that we're date twins! It's coming up so soon! I definitely know what you mean about it being amazing no matter what happens though
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by JessicaANDJermaine I would say try to get a stencil of the alphabet from miachaels or walmart and use that....however i have never tried this before. I'm thinking you can use the stencil (maybe even with a marker) and then paint over it? hmm yeah that would probably work if I can get small enough letters, I guess I would have to do the letters one at a time then. I'll try and take a look this weekend and see what I can find
  10. haha thanks sammy's girl, I used word clip art and shapes to make it
  11. hmm I also want to wear my dress again for the AHR, I am hoping that it will be fine if it gets rinsed right after and then dry cleaned when we get home. If I do get another dress just for this though, what style of dress do people think looks best in TTD photos?
  12. So, I'm not sure if I'm over reacting, but the wedding is in 2 months and one of the BMs has not booked yet. She keeps saying she's going to do it soon, and I know it's a lot of $ to put down but now I'm starting to get worried that by the time she does book the flight will be sold out. I have a couple other people that say they are definitely coming, but have also not booked yet... I guess there's really nothing I can do about it but hope they can come...It's also sort of annoying too because I'm trying to have all the OOT bags and dinner choices and stuff planned out but can't do any of theirs until they actually book I guess.
  13. I did a search, so I hope there isn't already a thread about this... Has anyone been on any excursions from Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo? Just wondering what one did you do and how was it. I found some stuff on the sunwing website, but it's pretty generic
  14. kat_mc13

    Another getting married in Cuba question

    I think you will be ok, I'm arriving Sunday and getting married Tuesday so I think it is 2 days in between that matters