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  1. welcome to the forum
  2. I will post pics later but I have 1. A cherub on my left shoulder 2. Beautiful on my right ankle 3. A man and a woman embracing on my lower back 4. A very small heart on my right shoulder 5. A butterfly on my upper right thigh 6. Chinese symbol for love on my right hip Most of my tatts are smaller than a silver dollar (LOL)
  3. Wherever you go a double date make sure it's a public place.
  4. Mine is hanging in on the guest bedroom closet door frame in a garment bag. If I hang it in the closet it will wrinkle the bottom.
  5. I'm going to pick 2 up 2morrow. 1 in White (Christening) and 1 in stone/khaki.
  6. What kind of veil will go with this dress? Also,should I wear a veil if we have a child together and we live together?
  7. He is so wrong. I'm a size zero and those dresses look horrible on me. I would love to be at least a four. That style of dress is made for a real woman with curves. I ended up having to go with a princess style that makes me look like a little girl.
  8. What about some ballerina style slippers in white satin. Maybe you can put like a nice small brooch on the top toe part. I don't think I'm explaining myself well.
  9. Welcome 2 the forum!!!!!!!
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