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  1. Maura, I love the pics! I had Bradley do my wedding last month, too. I haven't had time to post pics or write my review but I was extremely happy with the job he did. Looks like yours turned out amazing as well! Beautiful!
  2. I just changed mine and I feel :-( I was kinda attached to the name after 27 years...
  3. You look gorgeous! I love the view from the ceremony site!
  4. I would wait because it makes it special and exciting. My FI got his band and has been trying to wear it all the time. I keep taking it away from him and hiding it. He is spoiling the excitement of wearing it after the wedding.
  5. Cute! Too bad I wouldn't get them in time for my wedding!
  6. happyone


    Oooh, yes get the shoes and the dress. Very beachy as well.
  7. Yay! Another Cabo Surfer! I didn't hire a coordinator, Armando at the hotel rocks! Also, this forum rocks! A day of coordinator is a good option if you don't want to worry about a thing on the day of the wedding but you want to book your own vendors. I'll let you know how things go with no coordinator, aside from my FSIL, when I get back in a couple weeks. I'm very laid back, however. Plus, my vendors still are going to want the other half of their money and I have faith they will show up. Quote: Originally Posted by Shawn@3rdFlr.com This is really good to know since she was the only coordinator that the Cabo Surf recommended. I've been trying to find my own vendors as well my only concern is how it is all going to come together on my wedding day. I think that I might need a coordinator for the day.
  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words about my dog. He was only seven and he got cancer (had never been sick a day in his life). I have been really sad and not checking in on the site. I started doing some wedding stuff today, making welcome dinner fliers to stick in everyone's room, sending emails out to the vendors to double check that everything was in order. In the middle of the day, I just got sick out of nowhere and have been running a fever, aching, and throwing up. Great times! Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow.....
  9. You looked amazing! Congrats! I love the high five pic. Were the hanging orchids real? They look real but I always have to ask.
  10. I agree with Morgan. I want to control everything myself and so I did not hire a coordinator. Although, I initially tried to hire a day of (for peace of mind) but got no responses to emails I sent out. So, my FSIL is my designated day of, also my florist. I got lucky. However, my wedding isn't for two weeks and who knows what might happen. I don't really care, though. All that matters is that I have my favorite people there to see me marry my favorite person.
  11. I specifically didn't use a wedding coordinator to book my vendors because I had heard they take a cut for themselves. This forum and the wonderful people on it have given me enough good recommendations to book all my vendors on my own. Thanks everyone! I'm sorry that you had this experience and I'm glad you posted it because we should here all opinions both negative and positive.
  12. I am kinda in mellow do nothing mode right now. I have to put my dog to sleep on Saturday and I am too bummed to do anything right now. The wedding just doesn't seem as crucial right this second. I am cleaning like crazy though. I think it's my way of coping.
  13. The UPS truck is hilarious. What's up with the tux and the sewing machine?
  14. We're all here for you. I'm so sorry that he has such a jerky dad. I believe it will all work out somehow in the end for you two.
  15. Oh my goodness, you looked so amazing!!! Not pregnant at all, the gown is beautiful on you. I love your wedding. It sounds like a chaotic, hilarious event. Poor priest, though. What are the chances? I love that you had your friend make the cupcakes and the reception was at you DH's parents house. How special!
  16. I figure at 5:30 when my ceremony starts, the sand won't be unbearable but who knows. I'm roughing it barefoot but my BFF has made me gorgeous barefoot sandals. She is now making them for lots of guest and wants to start a business making them. I imagine the sand depends on the beach you are on. No?
  17. Drea's right. Dominic rocks! I am renting from him a 8 person newer dodge caravan with tv's and a dvd player for $70 dollars a day. This includes all taxes, insurance and a full tank of gas. You return the car empty and pay nothing. We want the car for the first few days for errands and such.
  18. We're bringing $1000 but we'll only be there for six days and two of the nights the food and drinks are already covered (wedding and welcome dinner). Plus we are moving to a condo with a kitchen after the hotel so we can cook breakfasts and lunches.
  19. We are going down to the courthouse two days before we leave to get legalized but the real wedding that we count, will be in Cabo. This saves a ton of time and money and allows our good friend to officiate the ceremony in Mexico.
  20. That coordinator sounds awful! I just read the other review that Tammy posted and I want to smack that lady in her face. Sorry, but what a wench.
  21. Yippee! I am honeymooning there.
  22. Becks, that is a hilarious answer! Too bad I've always been self-conscious about my chubby fingers and it would be like telling someone my weight. I even got a thinner band so that it didn't bulk up my finger any more than it naturally is. Good work, though.
  23. Quote: Originally Posted by jillhigginsphotography I have always thought I must be the only girl on the planet who is just not that into diamonds. They are boring to me...like red roses on Valentines Day. I would have killed my husband if he had spent a fortune on an engagement ring. He got me an [inexpensive] engagement ring b/c I felt like I had to do so to truly be engaged - but I would be just as happy with a cool, artsy wedding band only. And for the record - I've been married for 12 years and I adore my husband and love being married. I always wonder if people are really serious when they say to someone, "Wow - your ring is huge - your fiance/husband must really love you." I feel the same way about diamonds. Boring. I told my FI that I just wanted a gold band like my grandparents who were married 63 years had. I wanted to fight the superficial attitude but eventually the pressure of people not really believing we were engaged because there wasn't a ring led us to go pick out a modest but beautiful ring. My FI is about to support me through 6 years of graduate school and moving with to New Mexico from San Diego so I can accomplish my dreams. That is more special to me than any bit of carbon ever could be. Oh yeah, and tell your stupid (ex) friend that I'm a beautiful girl who doesn't care about diamonds and I think she's ugly!
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