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    You will LOVE Kauai!!!

    I actually think it WAS the Smith family! I remember that they had many other things too, but that Luau was one of the highlights of my trip! So fun and the scenery is GREAT for some photo ops! And I agree that you should DEFINITELY get a convertible! Driving on the Island is AMAZING!!! Also, it might have just been where I was staying, but it seemed like most places closed pretty early. It is definitely a wake up and do things during the day type of island (which I loved!) but very little nightlife... it was exactly what I was wanting, but just wanted to give you a heads up. Some locals told me that the big Island has more nightlife... and Maui. But I seriously LOVED Kauai! IT seemed like everyone we met was on their honeymoon! It is so romantic! I would definitely be going there if I hadn't already been there! We wanted a place that neither of us had been. Feel free to PM me if you girls have any questions!!! Can't wait to see all of your pics!
  2. Camille

    You will LOVE Kauai!!!

    I'm trying to think of some "Can't Miss" things: The Waimea Canyon is AWESOME! I got really car sick driving up it, but it was really cool! I will have to look into the name of the Luau that we went to... it was family owned land and you went through a tour where they had each area of land that showed the history of Hawaii, and then they had the pig ceremony (of course!!) and after dinner the show was AWESOME! Also, I definitely recommend surfing or at least taking a lesson! My cousin and I took lessons and had a blast! We also went on a dinner cruise on the North Shore which was cool because they pointed out areas that were used for different movies or music videos. I heard their helecopter tours are amazing!! We just didn't want to spend that much money!! (My cousin and I went there after graduating college!) There is one that takes you to where they filmed Jurasic Park... you can ONLY get there by helicopter! I heard it was great! I wish I had done it! =( Hope that helps!
  3. Camille

    You will LOVE Kauai!!!

    Hey girls! I am actually a Jamaica bride, but I have been to Kauai and just wanted to tell you all that you couldn't have picked a better place!!! It is absolutely gorgeous! If you have any questions let me know! Also, I would strongly recommend doing a dinner cruise on the North Shore!!! That is the prettiest place on the island!!
  4. Wow you looked so pretty! Your wedding (dress, party, etc.) is EXACTLY what I am wanting!! You are so lucky!! congratulations! Can't wait to see more!
  5. Camille

    Omg!!! Im Late!!

    Just tell her that you are sending them in "ISLAND TIME!"
  6. Camille

    We're back from ROR!

    I hope you had a blast!!! Get some rest and we will be waiting for reviews and pics later!! CONGRATULATIONS!
  7. AWE!! Those were awesome pictures!! You looked stunning and so happy!!! You absolutely GLOWED!!! Congratulations!! Thanks for the pics!
  8. I am planning on doing the symbolic thing as well! So when you get married at home, do you get the marriage certificate right then? or do they mail that to you or something? LC Rachel, we are also considering going to Vegas! yay!! Are you happy you did that? We thought it would just make things a little more fun!! And we totally want a picture with Elvis!! haha!!
  9. Camille

    Using Michael

    Thanks so much for posting your pics!! You looked beautiful and I completely understand why you loved Michael... AMAZING pictures!! Thanks!!
  10. Camille

    We're Back!!!!!

    I can't wait for you review and more more more pictures!!! and I would like to second Heidi's question about who your photographer was... wow!! Absolutely amazing! You looked GORGEOUS!! Your makeup was awesome!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Camille

    Jamaica travel brochure

    Thanks so much!!!
  12. Camille

    Kandys - Found the Pricelist

    YAY!!!! That is so incredibly helpful! Thanks so much!
  13. Camille

    Just booked ROR Wedding

    Congrats!!!! I'm sure that it will work out fine!! I am getting married on March 14, 2009 and we are doing a lot of waiting for full packages and stuff since it is early... sucks, but it is worth it!!
  14. Camille

    Back from our ROR Wedding

    I'm so sorry to hear about all of that! I will have to say that I truly admire the optimistic attitude you had!!! And you look gorgeous in your pictures!!! Thank you for posting that! I understand that nothing is ever perfect and I think I needed to read something like that to give myself a reality check since I have heard only wonderful reviews so far! I can't wait to see more pics! At least those turned out well!! CONGRATS!!!
  15. Camille

    Using Michael

    Quote: Originally Posted by amandalovesryan we just got back, we loved michael's pics. they are great! i would def recommend him! Great!! That is so good to hear! I am glad that it worked out for you! Can't wait to see your pictures!