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  1. I can respect that and I do apologize for offending anyone. Its just when I read the post I started fuming mad and the only way I could express my anger was to let it out verbally. Which was very wrong of me I apologize and pathetic was a terrible word to use. My wedding was perfect. We were in Jamaica for 2 weeks. Although coming home and having to go through this tragedy was so totally unexpected. My grandmother wasn't even sickly. She went to the hospital for one thing, they found something else, they operated and it killed her. I hadnt even realized how long I was gone. Coping with a loss is a terrible void you feel deep in your soul. Nothing can change that. As far as this forum I feel that you do help support each bride. However its not fair to judge a person. I can see if there was hundreds of dollars at stake here although money is money and everyone works hard for it. I am not hard up for cash I just decided to sell the items to get some of my money back that I already spent. At this point I will just donate them because my wedding was beautiful although I cant be a happy newlywed like I want to be , which is conflicting and makes the situation so much worse. Not to mention the holidays are coming and my granny is gone, never to return. To all I called pathetic i do apologize again. the other lady was right now is not the time for name calling. I just want to get pass this situation and move forward from this point on.
  2. Hello, I do apologize for the delay. this is the first time I have logged onto this account since before I left on my trip. I have refunded your money back to you Christina and also sent you a PM. As for the rest of the brides on here please keep your comments to yourself. Defraud anybody is not something I would ever do. I am not that person. After our wedding we came back to the states and my grandmother died. SO i have really isolated myself from the world which wasnt fair to Christina. With all the last minute running around for my wedding I neglected to send the items and didnt even realize it until I looked in my trunk this morning. But to read all of these comments about how you feel about a situation you know nothing about disturbs me. If I was gonna rip you off do you think I would give you my name and address? lets be for real. As for the others that may have been interested in any items I didnt PM you back becuase the items were no longer for sale not because I disapeared into cyber world. Geesh you women are pathetic, and its a shame you have nothing else to do better with your time than to think the worst of people. Did it occur to anyone that something may have happened. No all you were worried about was material items, trinkets that mean nothing in a real sense. Again CHRISTINA since you are the one whom I was dealing with in the first place I do apologize again and your money has been refunded through paypal. I am not sure how long that process takes. But as I put in the email for your trouble you can have the items for free because I have no use for them. Have a happy holiday
  3. My FI was born in the US. On top of that he works for the government. He asked about going with another company and they said that once its in process you cant go anywhere else. I just feel like to come down to the wire and have to question whether or not we can leave the country is so totally unexpected. Its realling frustrating that it all lies in the hands of the State dept. That is not a great feeling. But your words have truly motivated me in a better direction. Thank u all Jessica you have inspired me the most, "without a hitch" are the exact words i needed to hear ;-)
  4. Hello all, I am desperate need of all of your prayers and helpful advise. My fiance and I applied for our passports in October. I received mine but he has yet to receive his. They notified him that he needed to send more information about his identity. Which he did. He also paid for the sevices to be expedited. We are suppose to be leaving for jamaica on Nov 19. Everything is paid for our trip, our ceremony, our attire. The state department is saying that they are still processing his passport. At this point I am so stressed out. I am so excited about my dream wedding but I feel like I cant be totally thrilled until that passport comes in the mail. I dont know what else to do. Have any of you ever had to go through this? Did you passports come in time? Please pray from me and my family. I have given it all up to the Lord at this point but I just cant believe we have to go through this so close to the wedding date.
  5. Yes they still are. I PM'd you back!!
  6. Ok Stacy's bride. I sent you a PM. Thanks
  7. I purchased all of these items when I thought I was going to have a big wedding. Unfortunately some of my bridesmaid werent able to make the trip. So now it will be just me and Hubby to be. The items for sale were some gifts I was going to present my bridesmaids with at the resort. PM me if you are interested. Since uploading the pictures didnt work. Please visit my flikr account for pictures : Flickr: mymy116's Photostream Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Jewlrey Sets Includes necklace and earrings. I have 4 sets. $20.00 each or all 4 for $60.00. Purchased them for $25.00 each. Bridemaid/Maid of Honor Iron-Ons I have 3 bridesmaids and 1 maid of honor. 2.00 each 24 oz Mugs I have 9 total. 2 pink, 4 green, 3 orange. 2 for $3.00 Tin Pail I was going to use this for a flower girl pail. $2.00 Swarovski Crystal Were going to use these on a flower I was making but decided to just buy one. $ 3.00 Travel Packs $ 2.50 each or all 5 for $10.00. Has a nice tote bag inside. Great for all of your travel needs. Airport friendly size bottles. Pedicure Sets $ 1.50 each or all 4 for $ 5.00 Small Frames great for a bouquet frame or any other DIY idea $ 1.00
  8. All I can say is WOW!! This is just so awesome. Your creativity, your style was so on point. I have a lot of questions. How did you print the information on the passports? Did you take the book apart and put them through the printer? then just staple them back together? Aso I was wondering how did you get all of this stuff to Mexico? And how much was shipping of the items If you dont mind me asking. I would like to be prepared. Lastly, where did you get the OOT beach bags and towels from? But again I have to jump on the band wagon here you have done an excellent job you captured a memorable experience for everyone I just love it!!! Oh ans one more, how long did it take you to do all of this?
  9. Hello Everyone, I am also getting married in November 2009 and it is fast approaching and I am also having this same battle with myself. What do you choose because after reading alot of threads it never seams to fail that with the OOT bags your guest dont tend to use everything, and favors like coasters and picture frames,ect seems so redundant. Do you guys think people really wind up using these things? When you are a bride on a budget you want to spend wisely not excessively because everyday life seems to handle that. So OOT bags or Favors. With that being said I was considering giving each guest a bottle of jamaican rum, I have purchased several 24 oz tumbler mugs. I was also thinking about making some kind of arrangement out of those items with a couple snacks in it and giving this to our guest when they arrive. Our primary color is tangerine with accents of yellow. I just loved the bright vibrant color. So I wanted to focus on that color for the favor. I came up with tic tacs orange the best flavor there is. Ionna put that into a fancy contaner with a pretty ribbon and giving that to our guest at the reception. What do you guys think will it work? I know I need to give them something else but I have no idea what. I was thinking towels but I wonder the how much extra is the airline gonna charge for that. Decisions, Decisions. Planning a wedding is super hard work
  10. Hi, I found a website that does waterproof cup labels. It sounds like they maybe able to personalize your label. I dont know if you could send them your logo and they could create one. Its worth a shot. I found some cheaper cups and I am thinking about having them create something that I can stick on there and be done with it. Good Luck. The website is : Personalized Pirate Waterproof Name Sipply Cup Labels su eBay.it Cups, Dishes Utensils, Feeding, Baby
  11. I know what you mean I was just on trip advisor myself and there are some kinks that still need to be ironed out. My wedding isnt until November 2009 so maybe by that time they will have everything together. We will see......
  12. Hello all, I have just recently found a new all inclusive resort located in Montego Bay it just opened June 2008. There are jacuzzis in every room. NICE!! and also activities to keep the kids busy. They dont have much about the packages offered for a wedding but they do have an online brochure. The website is Fiesta Hotel Group: The Royal Suites, Palladium Resorts, Fiesta Hoteles, Fresh Apartamentos, Ayre Hoteles - Información, Reservas y Ofertas. Go to countries and choose Jamaica. the name of the resort is the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort and Spa. It looks beautiful from the webpage. Has anyone on the forum had the opportunity to check it out yet? Please let me know
  13. My fiance wants me to wear both wedding band and engagement ring. I dont think this is correct and it may be a little tacky. I thought you are supposed to wait to wear the band until after the ceremony. Please let me know what you guys are doing. I think he is just trying to get me to show it off but I am trying to teach him to be patient. Maybe if he sees what the forum thinks he may reconsider. Thanks everyone
  14. Hey Gang, Can any of you guys please tell me what is suppose to come first. Are you supposed to have a engagement party, then STD's, then invitations? Please advise I just finished creating my STD's but our engagement party isnt until November 2008. I wasnt sure if I should wait until after the party to send them out. We are not getting married until November 2009. Please help inform me to what should be the first step in notifying my guests. Thanks
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by lambert13 Hedonism II all the way. They gotta learn sometime. I kid. I kid. From what I have gathered, the Riu resorts are very kid friendly. We are going to the Riu Ocho Rios next week and would be glad to give feedback when we return. The ROR is also pretty far away from the cruise ship piers as well. It's on a different bay. Hey, YES, Please give me feedback on this resort whether or not it is kid friendly. I would greatly appreciate it and it may help me make my final decision. Thanks again
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