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  1. Why should the number of posts required to download change the status of a senior member?
  2. The Jackson 5 was the most popular group when I was growing up. I joined Michael's fan club and wrote him letters. I thought he was the cutest boy ever! He as been a part of my life for a long time and will always remain in my heart. He is a musical genius! Can you imagine the number of songs he has written that have never been produced? I was so sad watching the CBS special about him. He had such a sad and reclusive life because of his FANS! We (and his father) made it so the man could never lead a normal life. What did people expect would happen to him? I do hope he can now rest in peace.
  3. I love this! I'm sending it to every man I know!
  4. Hey everyone, my girlfriend just recently got married and only wore her dress for the ceremony then changed into another dress for the reception. I told her I would see if any of you ladies are interested in a TTD dress or a gently used wedding dress. The dress does not require any cleaning it is in excellent shape and she paid almost $3,000 but is asking $300.00 obo. I told her she was crazy but she just wants to get it out of her house! I am trying to find a stock photo, but here are the photos I took. It is a size 10. She is a size 8 and it fit her perfectly.
  5. Everything looks fantastic! I love how you are doing the tequila bottles.
  6. I can't believe I missed everything that happened. I will have to go through the posts to read about it. Anyway, you were beautiful! I am so glad everything worked out for you in the end. Congrats to both of you.
  7. I love them. You did a wonderful job. I tried to have a post reception party but you know what happens with old people, we were to tired to go anywhere else!
  8. I just realized how long it has been since I posted anything. So much has happened since the wedding! I was laid off 1 month after we returned and on the same day my DH had shoulder surgery. After a couple of months of feeling sorry for myself and taking care of the hubby, I got off my ass and decided to register for school. I am taking classes in Graphic Design and I also found the opportunity of a lifetime when I met a lady that wanted to sell her consignment shop. I LOVE what I am doing now. I meet new people everyday and I don't have to be at work until 10:00 am! On a sadder note, we found out that my DH had a mass in his Kidney. They removed the entire kidney in May and it was cancerous. He is doing better each day. I am learning very quickly how to live on half the income I had before. It is difficult but so far we are managing. By the way, for any of you that remember the dress fiasco, I did take the seamstress to court and won my case! I won't hold my breath on getting paid. Congratulations Kat on your pregnancy!!!!
  9. I finally cleaned the closets and had a yard sale. This is what is left. Large bag of shells - all types and sized. No starfish. $5.00 Ribbon - 5 rolls of ribbon. 1 pink and brown, 2 ivory in different sizes, 1 brown, 1 the size to wrap a bouquet. $2.00 for all tons of scrapbooking and craft items - Brand new Brads - 1 pink and 1 brown $1.00 each Brad tool - $2.00 Circle cutter - $5.00 each two styles Stamp blocks wood and plastic with several shell and summer stamps $10.00 for all Crop-a-dile $15.00 (I paid $30.00 for this thing and used it only for my program fans) Ink pad, pens, embossing powder $5.00 for all Small scrapbook - $2.00 Glue dots (1 new 2 used) and rolling glue squares. $5.00 Stickers for scrapbook $3.00 Palm tree punch .50 It's not much, but someone may find it useful. Please PM me if you are interested.
  10. PS. I hope those people who say they wouldn't be able to deal realize that when you love someone, dealing with health concerns and other struggles just comes naturally and you learn to deal the best way you can! Jessica, this is so true. My husband had a torn bicep, and rotator cuff repair in October just after our wedding and just had his kidney removed that had a malignant tumor, last week. It is a lot of additional work for me, but I do what I have to and manage. I stayed in the hospital overnight with him sleeping only two hours in a chair! I just hope I didn't snore and keep all the other patients up. LOL
  11. I kept my candy in the freezer until I passed it out. I packed it in my carryon as it was pretty cool in the airport and on the plane.
  12. Cattie, I am so glad you did this! You look amazing and the photos are all so tasteful. They truly bring out your beauty. I have been toying with the idea for a 1 year anniversary gift, but I have gained weight since the wedding and just couldn't do it. You look great!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by bumbles FI and I divide our housework. Since he is, by far, a better cook, he's in charge of everything kitchen related (cooking, cleaning, dishes) as well as taking out all the trash. I take care of the living room, bathroom and vacuuming. We each do our own laundry and take turns with washing the sheets, towels, etc. Sometimes we trade chores, like I'll do your laundry if I don't have to go grocery shopping (I dislike grocery shopping) It took us a while to adjust but things are going pretty smoothly now. Wow, that is amazing! Can we trade? Or at least share? The newest thing mine does that will make him break a sweat is to polish the chrome on the Harley! I just found out today that he is planning a weekend motorcycle road trip with his buds. Who does he think is going to cut the grass! I know, dumb question........me.
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