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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by JuliaR I feel bad because I just got a bit upset (but rightfully so) with Aja. She is telling me and my guests the Gran (my wedding location) is booked. However, when I go online to the Gran's website, i can book a room no problem! Here's the deal.....apparently, the girls in Michigan only have a limited number of rooms they can book at their special rates, so when that books out they refer people to the sister resort 10 minutes away and book them there instead of referring them to the Gran's Hotel Reservations line or hotel website! Argh! It must b
  2. I did day 2 of week 2 today and wanted to die. I'm going to attribute that to several things: 1) I didn't have a whole lot of time to eat today, so I was very hungry when I got to the gym 2) I chose a treadmill where no fan ever blows, I was SO DAMN HOT! 3) The podcast I chose for today sucked! I didn't like any of the songs, so it made things go by really slow. I did the whole thing, I think I did one extra interval and walked for a little bit afterwards but I didn't do the extra intervals today, like the other day. I just couldn't do it! I hope everyone el
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi oh I thought of doing the same thing too because 30 mins just doesn't seem long enough to me! I think i will try getting to 3 miles when I go next time! I was glad I did it. The first week I kind of felt like I wasn't working out enough and I didn't have enough time to do a class and the running. So I was glad I did the extra time. I'm sure its different for all of us depending on the pace we're running at, but I think when I finish the program right now, I'm usually around 2 1/4 miles, so it's about another 3/4 of a mile that I keep doing the interval
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi oh me too! we are on the same schedule I think! How did you do? Quote: Originally Posted by Erika J OH Andi and Jill- I am just 2 days behind you (tomorrow I will finish week 1)!! It is going really well so far, much harder than the first time I did it 2 years ago for the obvi reasons. **for those that dont know, I had a serious bicycle accident in Sept, Surgery to repair my nose and sinuses in Oct, and due to the risk of hemmorage, I could not elevate my heart rate until mid January. So basically I am just starting to build my endur
  5. While I do agree that the view has changed, those pictures are both taken from different angles. And I think you can position yourselves so that you have the water in the background for your ceremony & pictures.
  6. Did your TA explain to you how room blocks work? You can't just say "hey, hold 50 rooms for me, I MIGHT want to book them" You have to have a contract in place to hold those rooms and you have to pay a deposit to hold them. If you didn't pay a deposit, then no, the resort is not going to hold rooms for you, with the hopes that your guests will book. I understand that you may be frustrated if your TA did not explain to you how a group block works, but if she did and you chose not to do a group booking, then that's your choice, but not her fault that the resort is booked to ca
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by samnicolerangel Let me start by introducing myself! My name is Samantha and my fiance is Joseph!!! We go by "Sam & Joe" here in Houston, TX!!! We have been great friends for 13 years and it became much more 4 years ago!!! Now here we are ENGAGED and planning to get MARRIED on June 11, 2011 at Dreams Riviera Cancun!!! We are sooo excited!!! I am currently working with a Kim Mallory of Destination Weddings.com and we both had the same trouble contacting Ana. I think she has all of our best interests in mind...but, she seems to be terribly overwork
  8. We had P90X and it was a great workout, but I really want insanity, I like cardio more than strength training. I just can't get myself to spend the money for insanity!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by cathyandchin So I finished week 1 and I'm soo excited! When I was doing my runs yesterday I was able to go up to a 5 and go the entire 60 seconds without thinking "OMG, when can I start to walk again?!" When I started day 1 I could only go like 15 seconds before wincing! I found these podcasts with some GREAT music and it's timed for the Couch to 5K program. It will start to count down over the music when it's time to switch it up. Go Nicole Yourself!: Couch to 5k Podcast Page Happy running girls!! I downloaded Nicole's too! I also downloaded S
  10. Just so that everyone knows, the symbolic ceremony you have in mexico looks real. We got married at the town hall a month or so ahead of time, but we just did a quick ceremony, no vows, literally about 2 minutes. For our ceremony in Mexico, I wrote the ceremony, chose the vows we would use, had our daughter do a reading, and incorporated the hand ceremony. It was very nice and they have you sign a certificate at the end, a few people knew we had gotten legally married beforehand, but you really couldn't tell that it wasn't a "legal" ceremony. I was very against getting married beforehand
  11. I just saw this story on the news and was remembering going to one of my friends houses and looking through teen bop and the whole thing was about the two cory's. License to drive was one of my favorites!
  12. I started today and it went by surprisingly fast! I didn't even look at the clock until I was at about 15 minutes and with the music changing it really helps to keep you distracted. I ended up starting out at 5mph for jogging and by the end I was up to 5.5mph on the jogs because I felt like I could go faster. We'll see if I still feel the same way when the jogs get longer, lol!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by astreit Hey Ladies, I have a quick question I was hoping somebody could answer for me. All of my guests have just booked the round-trip transportation that the resort offers when booking a room. Do you know what they should expect when they fly into Cancun? There will be 18 people all arriving on the same flight. Will there be somebody with a sign that says, The Royal Playa del Carmen? Or their names? I'd like to give them some guidance on what to expect so they don't get swarmed with private transportation companies and end up going with the wrong people. Tha
  14. I'm planning to start this tomorrow, but I have a question for those of you that have done this. How do you know what speed you should go at when you're supposed to run? Is it just the speed you feel comfortable at? and should it be a fast paced run or like a jogging pace that you feel like you could do comfortably for a long time? I printed out the program and thought maybe it would give an idea of pace, but it doesn't and I suppose it's different for everyone, but was wondering everyone's thoughts on this.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by PhillyBride09 The video that comes with the Wedding package is really good. I LOVE mine. It was perfect. He shot the whole Ceremony and he was shooting the whole time we were taking pictures and then he set it all to music. The only thing I wish i would have done is asked him to include our First Dance song (Then-Brad Paisley)..Other than that, it was so great! I used the Resort photog that came with my package and I really liked my pics. I used to have the link but once they all got wiped out I never put it back up. If I can find them I will post the lin
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by Mischaka I'm working with TA Jill and she's awesome. I live in NY too and she's on the east coast. We haven't gotten down to the payments yet but she has been very responsive. Just click that banner up there. Quote: Originally Posted by carolina24 all of you who've had TA issues should definately try the BDW TAs!!! I had a local TA for a bit and it was horrible to work with him!! so i emailed TA Jill and she has been wonderful, i love her!!! besides the TAs here are obviously experienced with DWs...i love how Jill was married at Dreams (same re
  17. As Tammy mentioned, the best gift is a nice review or referrals. I really like it when I have someone contact me and say "so & so gave me your name" it makes me feel like I must have done a good job because someone was willing to give my name out
  18. Carly, I've been looking at it for awhile too and am thinking about starting it. Keep us posted on your progress!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust hmmm, I just emailed her again today and put "Urgent" and she got right back to me! She send me two attachments about payment. One was two options, the first being a certified check and the second... well, actually, i have no idea what it meant (maybe about wiring it directy to their bank?) and the other attachment was a form meant for a credit card... with no instructions as to where to send it or how much. So I printed the form and signed it , scanned in my license and credit card (both sides), allowed them to charge $500 (the deposit amoun
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by rdsjcr I do understand all of the above BUT maybe they should consider getting more help.... like more than one Ana. I mean I always email her One email with all my ??s on it and even then, I am not getting answers. I am still waiting to hear from my ??s last week. I know people say rest assured everything will be fine and work out and etc etc but when you are the paying bride you dont feel like that AT ALL! Its not about being a bridezilla, its about we are paying a lot of money and just want to know what is going on. I'm sure they will eventually get anot
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by rdsjcr Gosh- I am so frustrated... it honestly scares me... that I am going to get my guests to put all this $$ in and then we put all this $$ in and things not go smooth. Not trying to be mean but how hard is it to answer emails? If I didn't have so many people already booked, I would consider changing resorts, but then what if other places are just the same?? It makes me so much more mad to see a lot of you just as frustrated. I am still waiting on an email from Friday to be answered, that I have now resent her twice and nothing. have you guys told her
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