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  1. I got to see them finally! I registered a couple of days ago and rec'd the same message saying that they weren't available yet, but today I got an email telling me I had a gift credit for the couple on Pictage. They are AMAZING!!! You were a gorgeous bride, Jennifer! And MTM did a wonderful job. I would have loved to have been able to book them....they take such beautiful beach photos! Stunning!!
  2. So, of course with less than two weeks to go we are watching the Hurricane Forecast, and what do we see? Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook Please keep your fingers crossed, say some prayers, do some anti-hurricane dances--whatever it takes--so that this thing falls apart before it even starts!!!
  3. Congrats Jenni! So excited to hear your professional opinions, and looking forward to seeing all your photos!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by punkie569 I would think if she hasn't said anything to you yet then you should be ok. This was the first time I've emailed her in about a month so maybe this went back a few weeks? All I know is she has zero information regarding my wedding now. So far I've sent her 3-4 emails to catch her up and she still isn't on the same page as me. Other than the photography packages changing we haven't had any issues rebooking what we wanted though. I can't believe how soon you get married. How exciting! Are you close to being ready? I don't know about being ready and having all the details finalized, but I'm definitely excited!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by punkie569 So did anyone else have an issue with Valeria's computer crashing and her losing all their information? Luckily I kept all emails but we are basically at square one again with her asking me what location we want to get married at and what time to book the restaurant etc. All things we've already booked so I'm pretty frustrated and I hope there are no issues with booking/times. Uhhh, what? No, I hadn't heard about that......... I'm assuming that she would already have things printed off for weddings that are less than a month away, right? Ours is in two weeks, and if I need to update her on things, I would hope that she would let me know. I'm at the point where I can't take anything else that's unexpected....too little time! I really hope that she didn't lose everyone's info. How frustrating for everyone... Keep us updated on what you find out from her!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by sarahardwick No it is wonderful!! The casitas are the way to go. We did an individual one and loved it. Sara, when did you get back? Any last minute advice?? We leave two weeks from tomorrow!! What block was your ind. casita in? We'll also be in an ind. casita. Hopefully as close to the beach as possible.........
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by rpingree001 Does anyone know about El Dorado Royale changing their sink and shower water to salt water? I have a friend who just went and said the hotel is going green and changed the water to salt water - which is horrible on skin and hair! That's why you rinse off after getting out of the ocean. Does anyone know anything about this that has recently been there? Thanks! Your friend is right...unfortunately. I was there 2 weeks ago for my site visit, they are using ocean water and purifying it through reverse osmosis. It's still very salty, which you can tell when you are brushing your teeth (and it certainly shows if you don't use a good deep conditioner!). You can also use your mugs. We are taking ours down for all of our guests when we leave in two weeks!!
  8. Dimplz, I'm leaving for a quick three-day site visit this Saturday that was pretty spur-of-the moment. I just wanted to tie up loose ends so that I can relax and quit stressing out of the "unknowns". I'm meeting with Valeria while I'm there, but after your review, I almost feel like I should be meeting with the on-site coordinators we'll be working with as well. LOVED your review! It's been a long time since we've had a current report on things back at EDR, so I really appreciate all the details. I know that it was no easy task since you just got back! Thanks again.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jodieP here's mine....this is also my first attempt at posting a pic! sorry if it doesnt work? or is huge!! [/img] Okay, I LOVE these! Where did you get them? And pleeeaaase don't say Scotland... ;-)
  10. First, Congratulations to you!!! Now you can relax! Thank you so much for the invaluable advice--it's truly priceless. Your detailed review and pictures are amazing! I'm taking detailed notes, and I've picked up a lot of useful info. Great job, and thanks for sharing your experiences!
  11. Yea, Dimplz!!! Welcome back, Mrs! So, was it everything you had hoped? Anything that you regret not doing that you would recommend now? How was the beach? Which section did you stay in? Can't wait to see your pictures!
  12. Ladies, hope everyone is doing well with the final (or beginning) stages of planning! I'm so excited b/c I have chosen to do something completely out of character for me--I decided yesterday to do a spur-of-the-moment site visit to EDR in two weeks since I've never been there. Even though our wedding is about 7 weeks away (Talk about putting the cart before the horse!!), I feel like this will really help me calm my nerves and "figure everything out", so that I can put the finishing touches on the planning. Since we were originally getting married at a property that we have stayed at before, I've never been 100% comfortable planning a wedding somewhere sight unseen. I'm just going down for a quick three-day stay and I'm meeting my TA there. If anyone has any special requests that they would like me to check on, I'll do my best! P.S. Did most of you do site visits before you decided to get married there?
  13. Dimplz, you only have eight days!! WooHoo! When do you leave? Are you in panic mode yet? I only ask b/c I know I would have a to-do list longer than I am.... Lol
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by dimplz05 A la Playa - we are doing the sunset cruise through cancun catamarans. They are very reasonably priced and are super nice and have accomodated all of our needs. I think they have a boat that fits up to 25 people. The owners name is Allen Mason. His email is allen_mason@hotmail.com. Hope it works out! Thanks for the info, Dimplz! I'm definitely going to look into that. I think I remember you saying a while back how well-priced they were. They were so much better than what we were quoted through Lomas. Are you all actually cruising on a catamaran or a yacht? My concern with a catamaran was that my guests would have to remain seated for most of the cruise, and I was picturing a cruise where they could get up and mingle with each other. (and us!) Lauren, we are having the White Glove Cocktail Party at the Health Bar. I wish that I could help you with decoration suggestions, but honestly I am only going by what is recommended. We were told that this place was close to the chapel, so it would be a good location for our cocktail after the ceremony. If I get any pics (I've requested those from my TA), I'll pass them along. I think it's awesome how much detail you ladies have already put into your decorations and planning! Your days are going to turn out beautifully!
  15. Jasmin- That's awesome about the lower prices!! Your colors sound gorgeous together! I don't know if I've ever seen all three of those colors together, but now that I imagine them, they seem fabulous! I'd love to hear about your decorations. Did you select them yourself, or did you pick from selections that they provided? I really wanted to do the sunset cruise, but I couldn't find a yacht that would hold more than 16 people (that wasn't cruise ship size), and since we have 22, I just couldn't make it work. Lol. I spent an entire Saturday afternoon researching the heck out of it.... It's too bad, because it could have been a really cool and unique thing to experience with our guests. If anyone knows of something I am missing, I am all ears~