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  1. I know first hand how frustrating it can be to wait for answers from the wedding coordinators, but please try to be patient with them. They all work VERY hard and do the best they can to respond quickly. Think about all the brides posting on this thread, saying that they've emailed her, plus all of the brides that haven't posted, plus anyone that's not part of this forum! That's a lot of emails to respond to, along with meeting with brides that are there for a site visits and coordinating the weddings that occur daily, sometimes multiple weddings in a day. I know it's frustrating when you're trying to make plans, but rest assured that they do get your emails and they do get your requests and all of your weddings will turn out beautifully. I think compiling a list of questions and emailing them all at once, rather than emailing one question everyday, is the way to go, it cuts down on the sheer number of emails they get and you get all of your questions answered at the same time This may have been posted awhile ago too, but in case anyone hasn't seen it, they've posted the wedding guide on dreams site Dreams Riviera Cancun Resorts & Spas: Plan Your Wedding And I think it does a good job of answering a lot of the questions most of you may have regarding prices.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by shae I have a question about the Dreams of Love and Dreams Ultimate wedding packages. One of the restrictions says "Subject to availability & double occupancy only." What is this referring to? Is it in reference to the total # of guests that you have at your wedding reception? It'd be great if someone can shed some light on this. Thanks! the double occupancy refers to the rooms, I'm not exactly sure (without looking at the packages) which part of the package that is referring to, but double occupancy is definitely the rooms. Quote: Originally Posted by shae Hey there! Hmmm....i can't seem to get to that link. Here's another link of garden pics that I found from another post: http://doremixxphotos.shutterfly.com/94#94 I'm actually surprised the garden would be one of the last locations to be picked by most brides. Is there a certain reason? I'm considering the garden because I want my guests to feel comfortable when they're dressed their best and not have to worry about the sand getting in their shoes. And grass is considered a natural air conditioner so I figured it would be comforting against Cancun's hot/humid nights. Based on the pics above it seems pretty private with a gorgeous ocean view. Thoughts? I'm starting to feel confused now Oh! And is the Club Terrace the same thing as the Spa Terrace? Club Terrace is off of the tower and also adjacent to the garden area, the Spa Terrace is on the other side of the resort, in the spa area. I had my cocktail hour in the garden and loved it, but I think people may shy away from it for the reception either because they don't want to rent a dance floor or maybe because it is kind of right out in the open, so it's a little less private than the other options. The tower side of the resort is fairly private anyway, so I don't mean there would be a ton of people joining your reception, but it is sort of out in the open.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by JuneWeddingDreams Andim - Thank you so much for the pics and the resort map - that is exactly what I was looking for and it looks great in my welcome brochure! Past Dreams Brides... For those who had their reception on the beach...did they cater drinks down to your group or did they set up a bar down on the beach for people to get drinks during the night? Also, were there bathrooms somewhat close to the beach? We are getting married on the Himitsu Beach side...any help would be great! if you're having your reception on the himitsu side their is a bar right there, but they will also have waiter service for you. I'm trying to remember where the bathrooms are on that side, the closest will probably be the ones at himitsu, or there are also bathrooms down past the swing bar
  4. still searching, but wanted to share this website I found, it was actually really helpful with telling me which supplements I needed for me personally. I went to the store earlier and was looking at the vitamin packs, but then when I started looking at the bottles, it seems like if you know what to buy, it would really be so much cheaper just to buy the bottles of what you need and make your own "packets" because you get so much more in the bottles. anyway, here's the site I found if anyone is interested Vitamin Information
  5. I wanted to bump this thread, as I'm looking into vitamins....again! Just to update, I still have not started taking vitamins regularly since starting this thread about 1 1/2 years ago, I just worry about buying something that is junk or spending a ton of money that's not necessary. So I've decided that I want to get the vitamin packets, but am undecided on what to buy, I've looked at Nature's Bounty, Nature's Pride, GNC, and a bunch of others in between. The prices are all over the place anywhere from $15 up to $75 for a 30 day supply. Does anyone take vitamin packets now and have a recommendation?
  6. I've been slacking on the gym the last few weeks, but am gearing up to get back into the swing of things this week. I first did a spin class about 7 years ago and I have to say that the first class is awful, I thought I was going to be sick and my butt hurt so bad. But if you can get past that initial class it gets better after that, easier on the butt, and less sick feeling and it really is a fantastic workout. I am hoping to work at least 2 spin classes a week into my routine
  7. If anyone is interested in buying a P90X set, I'm selling ours. My husband got hurt last year and hasn't been able to use it and probably never will (because he hurt his arm and it's not getting better) here's the link to our craigslist ad, you can pm me on here too, if interested. Jill http://worcester.craigslist.org/for/1532056506.html
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart FutureMsMoulton - HAHAHA! Tony man, he just gabs constantly!! Insanity is all high intensity cardio and training intervals, no weights. After P90X I wanted something totally different and boy did I get it. Insanity is harder than anything I've ever done. It's also only 60 days which intrigued me as I'm doing my BD shoot in January and I had 2 months at the time to get into shape. I'm about to complete week 3 of this and FINALLY last night I had my breakthrough and things started getting easier. Insanity causes you to push yourself far beyond you ever thought you could go. Watch the little clip video to get an idea INSANITYâ„¢ - Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss Official Web site Bholthof - I know what you mean, in the middle of P90X and planning my wedding I was planning my best friends bridal shower, bachelorette party in Vegas and helping her with the wedding pretty much the entire month of May and into June. So just make up the time and try not to worry too much, you'll get back to it soon Do you like insanity? We bought P90X two years ago (I think) and we stuck with it for about 6-8 weeks, I felt really good when I did it, of course DH lost weight fast and I didn't, as usual. But I like to do more cardio and I felt like P90X was too much weights for me, I'm going to check out intensity, but I was wondering if that's why you decided to switch. Quote: Originally Posted by Monica Mai I'm so glad I've found others who also have P90X!! . . .I bought it last year and did it strong for 30 days, but lost my steam. After reading everyone's posts about it, it's got me re-motivated to get started again!! Superman-Banana! Superman-Banana.....I completely forgot about that, ROFL!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by yencie Ok so I know this may sound like a stupid question, but here goes, How do you start your own thread on this website? you have to go into a category like "beauty, diet, fitness" for example, then you will see a button on the top left that says "new thread" and you can post under that category Quote: Originally Posted by toriOary Hi Yencie; Sorry not sure how you start a thread, I believe just like in the newbie section though you start on the main page, and use create. For Dreams brides - I keep getting different answers - are outside vendors allowed? I notice the DJ's seen cheaper then the DJ's from Dreams directly and I believe they are the same companies whether you book through Dreams or on your own, either Mania or Morreix, but I belive Dreams charge a surcharge for booking them.... Does anyone know if it is OK to book these things directly? THanks, Tori DJ's have to be booked direct with dreams Quote: Originally Posted by AmandDex Great information! Thank you! I want to see pictures when you get back if you can post them that would be great. I have a question is Claudia still working there or did you only see Cecilia? yep, claudia is still there, but they split up the weddings Quote: Originally Posted by yencie How do I post pics on this thread? you have to upload pics to photobucket and resize them so they're not giant, then you use the icon at the top of the posting screen that looks like a mountain, to post them. It's easy once you get the hang of it.
  10. So glad you enjoyed your trip Jen! Your wedding is going to be beautiful, I bet you can't wait to go back!
  11. Thanks for the honest review Lauren, I'm sure the kinks will get worked out over the next few months, hope you still have a good time! Abbie, they opened October 1st, so still pretty new!
  12. I fell off the wagon completely last week! after having a gain in my first core week, when I knew I busted my butt I was very frustrated. And of course it didn't help that DH and I were arguing all weekend, I just wanted to eat more! So last week was a mix of some good and some bad, but yesterday I started back to eating healthy. I'm not following the program anymore, just tracking calories for now and exercising. I think not restricting myself from certain foods will help to keep me from bingeing. I've also decided that I'm not going to weigh myself for 1 month. I think the reason I always quit my diets is because I do great the first couple of weeks and then it's like all weight loss stops and when it stops, it's usually when I've been working out 4-5 times a week and eating perfectly, so it's all the more frustrating and then I quit. So I figure if I wait a month and weigh myself, I should have a decent loss and it will also give my workouts time to kick in. I'll let you know if it works!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by finzup You do a different podcast each week and she changes up the music each week. She based it on the couch to 5k program on Cool Running which you can find here: Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan Thanks for posting that site too! I never heard of that plan, but am excited to try it. So, I weighed in this morning and am disappointed. I actually gained .8 of a pound. I've been wracking my brain all morning trying to think how that is possible and really don't get it. I followed the diet 99% perfectly this week, I drank my yucky protein shakes and I worked out 4 1/2 times this week, WTF The only conclusion I can come to is that my body did not like the Hi GI/GL days, which was a big fear of mine. So I don't know what to do. Traditionally, when dieting, I've always done better when I try to limit carbs, so I don't know if I should try option 2 or 3. I know I can't do the lo carb all week approach, I'll go crazy, but I think a combination of low carb and low gi/gl will probably do the trick. Anyone have any advice?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by finzup another week almost done... It's amazing how fast the weeks fly by! this week i started the couch to 5k routine from cool runnings... I have done 2 out of the 3 runs for this week and the only problem so far is my legs are so sore the next day (which I know is a good thing). I have to do the 3rd run tomorrow then on to week 2. It's not that bad in week 1 but I'm afraid for weeks 3+.... hopefully the intervals really work and my stamina will be built up. keep up the good work ladies!! btw, I have podcasts of the c25k to popular music.. they rock. No looking at your watch while running, she voices over the music and tells you when to warm up, walk, run, etc. her website is Inside the Mind of Suz and you can find the podcasts (and an rss feed) on the 'podcasts' page. Beware because 'ass' is in the URL, it's blocked for me at work so I had to get from home. (There's no offensive content on the site though) LOL! I was just thinking only about 10 more hours until I wake up on cheat morning! Thanks for posting that site with the podcasts! I've been doing really well getting back into my gym routine, but I do actually enjoy running and have been trying to not just do classes everyday at the gym and actually run a couple of times a week too. The last couple of times I've done it I haven't brought my ipod and the time DRAGS!!! This will be great I'm really excited to try them! Do you need to go in order by week or are they all basically the same with different music?
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by lisaloo79 I'm so happy that everyone is doing well. I fear that this week I'm going down. lol It's that TOM and we're getting our house this week. I have a twitching eye again and I feel stressed out. When I get like this, I always want to eat junk. Any suggestions or ideas on how I can beat this?? Don't do it lisa! You're doing so good, just keep it in your mind that cheat day is only a few days away and you can go crazy then.
  16. Great Job Kristy! It's so great when you get to the point where you can have fruit again. Tomorrow I'm back to low gi/gl days, can't wait! I just ran my butt off at the gym for 45 minutes, my legs feel like they're going to fall off. It's funny you girls have someone at home doing the diet with you, I don't have anyone doing the diet with me (even though hubby could use to lose a few), however, I won't let him get anything that I really want until cheat day. I told him 3 weeks ago that we weren't having chinese food until my cheat day and made him wait the whole time, lol! And no pizza, maybe that will be this coming cheat day. At least he adheres to the rules, even if he's not participating. Our daughter was even looking forward to my cheat day so that she could have ice cream again, lol!
  17. Congratulations girls on your losses!! I was in my last week of priming this week and only had a small loss, .4, but I guess that's better than nothing! I also had my first cheat day yesterday and it was great! Just in time too because I was just about at my breaking point! Let's see, what did I eat, I started off with a bagel, had some twizzlers (okay a lot of twizzlers throughout the day!), chinese food and ice cream. Today I'm back on low carb, I wanted to get to the gym today but couldn't get there before they closed, so I just tried to get a little bit of a workout in, in my living room. Keep up the good work everyone!
  18. I have to admit, I've been really bad about drinking my shakes. I tend to eat dinner late, so when it's time for a shake I'm not even hungry and I just don't feel like I should have something else. I've had them a few times, when I've been feeling hungry at that time, but I should really try to be better about drinking them. Low carb days are always hard for me too, I feel like I just eat the same things all the time, but I guess part of that was having so many low carb days in a row during priming. Usually for lunch on a low carb day, if I'm not at home I might stop at subway and get a grilled chicken salad with oil & vinegar, or if I'm home, sometimes tuna & mayo, sometimes I'll eat a boca burger with lettuce and tomato, cottage cheese and almonds. I'm not much help either, lol! I'm nervous about losing this week. I just worry with having all low gi/gl days that I'll end up gaining because of the extra food. But I've been to the gym twice this week and will go again tomorrow and maybe saturday morning, so hopefully that will help too!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by finzup I'm having some troubles getting motivated to exercise.. I belong to a gym yet I hardly ever go... any tips on getting myself motivated ? I find it so hard when I get home from work.. I am just so tired I can't even make the effort to get dressed in gym clothes, much less drive there and work out. I would LOVE to go in the AM but I can barely get up at 6:45 for work.. to go to the gym I'd have to get up at 5. I can't go at lunch from work because I work in the middle of nowhere (45 min from my gym/home) So please tell me how you ladies do it? I don't want to even go every day -- 3-4x a week and I'd be happy.. there always seems to be something stopping me..... thx I wish I had advice, but I struggle with the same problem. I am just always so busy with work and running Hailey around to her activities, that it really limits the time I have to get to the gym, unless I want to go at 8pm at night! What about bringing your gym clothes to work with you and going straight there after work. I used to do that and I did really well with it because once you go home you get sucked into something else. Or do you have a friend that goes to the same gym or might join, so that you could coordinate to go together a few times a week. Two of my good friends just joined the same gym as me, but we have such different schedules that we're never there at the same time, but I'm hoping some day our schedules will work out! Congrats on the loss!
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by Megan24 Just an update ladies on girls booking a group rate. This is what my t.a. just sent me. I am pretty upset about it all. I dont understand why us brides should not get the promotion. Here is the email that was sent to me. Hi Megan, Dreams has revised the promo as of last Friday. I was on the phone with my groups department as well as Dreams trying to get some clarification. I am trying to get clarification as to if we can use this NOW with your wedding group. The revision was that it does not pertain to groups and that if your group requires special services, the resort sales manager needs to be informed. Very vague in their remarks - thus the reason we are trying to get clarification again on this. And, they just received the revision late Friday and Dreams revised the promo on their website over the weekend. Now, Dreams is saying it pertains to incentive groups, business meetings that require meeting space such as audio/visual equipment, special catering in the meeting room, etc....... We are arguing with them that you are not an incentive group, you will not have food catered into the meeting room, etc...... This promotion is only for social groups and does not include groups that need special services such as meeting space, events, food & beverage, etc, etc, etc. "They giveth and they taketh away". I did speak directly to Dreams on Friday and this weekend and I am sending those notes over to my supplier today. So, just hang on until we get clarification from the Director of Sales at Dreams. I will let you girls know how this is resolved. I do not really see any point of putting a depoist for all of my guest if I do not get anything out of it. This isn't really something new, it was always in the fine print that it was not applicable to groups requiring additional services, such as wedding receptions, etc...
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by lisaloo79 that's awesome about the gym Jill. It is surprising how you get out of shape in such a short period of time. Well, I've lost another 1.5 lbs this week!! Actually, it's been 2 weeks for that weight loss as I didn't lose last week at all. Either way, I'm happy that it's going down, not up! lol I really wasn't expecting a loss because we've been struggling a little with eating out. The loss may have something to do with the fact that I didn't eat dinner the night before my weigh-in or maybe I was just lucky this week! lol I had dental work, which resulted in having 3/4 of my mouth frozen, which didn't really allow me to eat anything other than a smoothie from a straw and a yogurt, which most of it landed on my face without me knowing! lol The FI was calling me Marry Murphy all night (SYTYCD judge) because my frozen face looked like hers with her botox. It was funny anyway! So it's our cheat day today, and we sorta started it early with dinner last night. We found out that we were approved financially for our FIRST HOUSE!! WOO HOO!!! So now it's official, we have a home! Needless to say, we went to Red Lobster to celebrate and took FI's mom with us. I didn't eat horribly, but I didn't hold back on their oh-so-good cheddar buns! lol I'm just going to continue with the diet today, well cheat today, and move forward tomorrow. You can't be perfect all the time! lol Anyway, I didn't think that I would be writting this novel, but, here it is! lol I hope that you ladies are doing wonderfully! you can't be good all the time, just do your best! Hope you had a good cheat day today, make sure you do some shopping tomorrow so that you have good food in the house for you to eat this week. I weighed in this morning and I was down another 4.2 lbs, yippee!! I was so excited when I got on the scale this morning! So I'm at a total of 7.4 so far. One more week until cheat day!
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by lisaloo79 Just sent it to ya! Jill - I can't believe you've had cookies in your fridge. I would NEVER be able to do that! You're a strong woman!! I'm usually not, so it's been really challenging, lol! I'm so excited that today is my last low carb day for a little over a week! Next week I'm on to all low GI/GL and then CHEAT DAY!!! Part of me can't wait for cheat day and the other part of me is scared to have the things I've been missing, because I'm afraid I won't be able to stop! Finally made it to the gym last night for a step class, I can't believe how out of shape I felt after only missing the gym for a few weeks! (not that I'm in great shape, but I had at least built up some endurance and some muscle flexibility, last night was pure torture!)
  23. Quote: Originally Posted by SgtPepperette So lunch and midafternoon snack..not so well today. This is hard for me! But I pulled out dinner and the shake tonight, so feeling good about that. Normally I would of just given up the day completely. I find that Im hungry....I think maybe Im not eating enough? I probably need to utilize the veggies more. Bring more and munch on those. I have really severe thyroid issues, so am a little anxious about trying this out. I know my body so Ill know if I can handle it or not. I did get to cycling class tonight to. WOOHOO! For my shakes I picked up some special K protein shake....its good...so its probably not the right kind. LOL It does say its whey protein though... I was very hungry my first few days too. This week has been much better, it's actually sort of a bad thing because I've been so busy and not as hungry and I've ended up skipping meals, and I know we're not supposed to. I have a little over a week until my first cheat day, yippee!! I can't wait, there is a package of cookies in my fridge that has been calling my name for the past two weeks!
  24. Quote: Originally Posted by SgtPepperette Well girls, Im officially on board. Today was day 2. I did grocery shopping yesterday to prepare myself. Ill see how I feel in a few days Wish I liked cottage cheese! I cant even stomach it. I have been living on cottage cheese! I have a really hard time with low carb because I don't really like meat that much! Quote: Originally Posted by SgtPepperette Hey what did you guys use for your protein shakes? I have body fortress in vanilla flavor, it's not great, but I can tolerate it, I just don't use too much water and I chug it. So I'm into my second week, as I type I'm sitting her with a plate of chicken sausage peppers & onions. So happy tomorrow is a low gi/gl day! So I had a really bad day today, time wise. I went to look at cars around noon time and didn't grab any lunch before hand. Well, I think the finance people forgot about me because I was there for HOURS!! My the time I walked back into my house it was after 7pm, so I didn't eat anything from 9 this morning until now. I know that's not good, because we're supposed to eat frequently, but I'm not sure if I should eat a few proteins and a few fats during this meal or just forget it.
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