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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by chipotle99 I'm not sure it's bluff...I mean the gazebo is being TORN DOWN for remodel, so it seems plausible....and the forum rules Who reads those first anyway? I never posted as a "newbie" either! Oops! Why are they remodeling pretty things like the gazebo (and they are tearing down the terrace too I was told by my WC). Why can't they remodel ugly things...like the pool and lagoon! lol...or remodel the ugly rooms...who is their decorator anyway... OMG, they are tearing down the terrace?? that's where I'm holding my reception. I didn't hear anything about it from my WC! Why are you taking pretty things and make them ugly?!
  2. this is ridiculous! Why are you constructing a new gazebo?? I wish I can get money back. I'm getting married in May. I really hope it would be done. Although it is not as nice as the old one.
  3. Hi, Sorry if other brides asked this before, I couldn't find it in this thread. I'm hiring an outside photographer for my wedding (Citlalli from Claudia's team), who requested dinner for her and her assistant. How does it work? Do they sit with us when we eat? Would the eating be part of my time?
  4. Thanks for all your replies. I guess it is not as bad as I originally thought. Looking at the other pictures, it's okay. It is not as pretty as before though.
  5. This is extremely disappointing. The reason I chose Dreams Cancun for my wedding is because of the beautiful view of the gazebo, surrounded by water. Now all you see is ugly rock on the side. Does anyone have recent pictures of the gazebo with the new beach? Picture of the new beach - Only pictures I can find Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa's Photos - Our Beautiful Beach | Facebook Picture of the old gazebo view http://www.santour.ru/Mexico/hotel_d...resort_spa.php
  6. I'm having my dinner reception at the Club Terrace. Does anyone know if we are allowed to decorate the place ourselves? I want to have drapery, lights and bring a lot of candles. I asked Cecilia but she hasn't email me back yet and it has been more than 5 days!
  7. Were they expensive? How much would a bridal bouquet cost? Would you have their pricing? thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm getting married next May and want to hire my own florist instead of using the hotels. Can someone please recommend me a good reliable florist in cancun? Thanks!
  9. What time was your ceremony and reception? I am having a wedding in May of next year. I am thinking 4:30pm, would this be too hot? I am debating between 4:30 and 6:00pm. Can you tell me what time does the sun set? thanks!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by mc5363 I have the photo prices through Dreams. I decided to go with an outside photographer and trade in the photographer for soemthing else. If you decide to go with your own photographer, let me know. I contacted a bunch and have all the pricing info. Thanks! I do want to hire an outside photographer. I am thinking of using Claudia Rodriguez. I want to see if I can upgrade my video since my parents won't be able to make it. I just emailed Cecilia to see if I can. Hopefully it would be good news! She just sent me the video pricing if anyone is interested. VIDEO PACKAGES 2009.doc
  11. Hi! Does anyone have pricing information for photo and video from Dreams? If so, can you please send it to me. I emailed Cecilia, but she never reply back. Congratz mummergirl! I love your hair.
  12. Hi! Does anyone have pricing information for photo and video from Dreams? If so, can you please send it to me. I emailed Cecilia, but she never reply back. Congratz mummergirl! I love your hair.
  13. thanks for the link to the pictures taken by Cecilia. Do you have any pictures of the free center piece? Did you have a free center piece for each table? Did they also give you candles? Sorry for all the questions. I will not be ordering any center piece and wondering how the free ones look like. thanks!
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