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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by FYB87 Well...I just hope we don't do like most couples and fall asleep on their wedding night because it was such a long day! Maybe we should schedule a morning wedding!! LOL Uhhh yeah. I drank too much at my reception for anything to happen. Whoops! But it was so fun, and there was plenty of honeymoon time!
  2. Cool! That's my 2 yr anniversary Yay 11/11 brides!
  3. I am SUPER pale, so I tried to get a base tan before I went (at the tanning salon) and then I was just super careful once we got there. Then again, we arrive on Thursday for a Saturday wedding.... I was crazy about making my husband wear sunscreen! I did not want him to get fried and ruin the pics either!
  4. Christa -- It's Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. I also really like Behr Wheat Bread. They are both warm, inviting grays, not cold, stony grays. And trust me, I wasted like 140 hours of my life researching this!
  5. I haven't even started dealing with our 2nd bedroom. Here is what it looks like now. And here is my "inspiration" for what I want to do in here, at least colorwise:
  6. OMG why have I not seen this thread in MONTHS? Am I blind?!? I love all of your homes and being able to get some design ideas. Our house is in a total state of half-done. I have a feeling it always will be. But here are a few pics anyway: I painted the master bedroom like 4 times before I settled on this gray color: Umm yes have I mentioned I have a craigslist addiction. I bought this sofa on craigslist for $80 and painted the wood frame a glossy white. My husband HATES it. But I love it. (Don't worry you won't hurt my feelings if you tell me you hate it.) I am trying for a very modern gray/yellow combo in here. I need new bedding though. And a headboard.
  7. Okay, I think I want to play this time! I'll PM you Ann. I might need a refresher on the rules and how it all works....
  8. hmmm..I'd ask ncainey. She had a spa party there but I dunno about hair and makeup. The spa is new since my wedding (sadly I am old now)
  9. Here is my generic non-professional advice: 1. Call the credit card company and ask them to reduce the rate. I've heard about this being successful. They just might work with you! You should google this and find some "scripts" to use. 2. Cut expenses! Go on a serious, major budget. Tackle the debts with living below your means. It's truly the only real way to get ahead. 3. Like Christa said, sell the car. Seriously, I know that sounds drastic, but you are talking about planning for your FUTURE. You need a secure future, not a fancy un-paid-for car. 4. I don't know if I would bail him out, personally, until you are married. This isn't a judgement against you (you know I love you Glenda!) but what message does it send if you just bail him out? Ultimately, he has to learn to live within his means. And it will mean more to him if he conquers this himself. 5. Why not go to the library and buy some basic personal finance books to help guide you? How can you get James invested in solving this problem for himself? Anyway, I know this is a major stress-causer and I don't want to sound harsh. I just think you have to sit down and talk about your values and what you want out of your future together and how your debt is preventing that. Love you girl!
  10. I want to get married (again) at the Palmilla!
  11. ann -- this is why we love you. you aren't scared to post pics like that! I think you should take pics every week from now on too I know, I'm demanding like that...the dress is pretty!
  12. I voted other, how about a pic of where you live (either the city or the favorite room in your house or anywhere in between -- it could be flexible!)
  13. Cool! Was there a really long and loud motorcade around it? If so, I think I heard it!
  14. somehow I almost missed this review! I am sooooooooo glad you loved it. Like Christa said, it totally brings me back to my wedding. I would do it all again in a second. I love that place so much. And yes, the margaritas are the best ever. You look gorgeous! Thanks for the review and def post Gilda's pics when you get them.
  15. welcome! I'm curious too about this new policy.
  16. okay somehow I missed this thread but OMG you look SO GORGEOUS! I can't wait to hear/see more. And I looooooooove your flowers. You guys look so damn happy!
  17. yes christine I'm still carrying it around like an egg that might crack if I touch it too hard
  18. hi ladies, I think Im in love with this thing...but also still trying to figure it out ...any tips? Maybe I'll try the search, duh.
  19. Welcome Claudia! Tell us more about what you dream about for your wedding and we might be able to help narrow down a place...
  20. looks awesome! love the paint colors and the high ceilings
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