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I have to go this week or next to find makeup and I was reading the threads and thought I'd try MAC but everything I find is so expensive and I don't want to spend that much on makeup. So I think I'll go with Sephora. My question is for you girls that went there what brand do you think is the best? And I also ready (but now can't find) is a weatherproof or waterproof mascara. Any help pleeease!

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Hi Cali! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sephora. If you've never been (or looked online) they carry just about all high-end make-up lines that you would normally find in Nordstrom or Marshall Fields-type stores. My favorites are Benefit and Hard Candy, because they have fun, glittery, girly stuff, but they also carry "foo-foo" stuff like Borghese and Lancome'. They also carry just about any current popular (high-end) perfume, hair and accoutremonts that you could think of. In addition they also have their own brand (Sephora) that is much less expensive.

As for a waterproof mascara, I've used Loreal Voluminous in Black for as long as I've ever worn make-up and I love it. It makes my lashes long and thick. I'm a big crybaby and I've never had an issue with it running or getting icky, yet it removes easily with a waterproof eye-make-up remover, I like one I've found from Neutrogena. And it's only about $6 at Target. Hope this helps!

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I'm a HUGE Sephora fan! It it honestly one of my favorite stores. However, most things in there arent' going to be much cheaper - if at all cheaper - than MAC. The Sephora brand stuff if definitely more affordable and there is also some crazy expensive stuff in there too. You'll probably have to look around and try stuff to see what you really like. Also,I'd plan to splurge on a few key things and bargain hunt for others.


IMO, your base/foundation makeup is SUPER important - for me that's a splurge worthy item. Blush, good eye-shadow and a lip color that will last a long time would be good to get there too. Also, there's an awesome little kit by the brand Benefit called the Realness of Concealness...has travel sized items in it for perfecting your skin under your foundation, getting rid of dark circles, lines, helping your make up apply better etc. It something I would highly reccomend. JulieG wrote about it in her MAC thread too I believe.


I agree that you should be able to find a good mascara somewhere else. I've used all kinds and almost always decide that the maybelline or loreal was just as good as the one that cost $25. I feel the same way about eye liner and lip liner too. To me those are items you can save yourself some money on.


Also, one last Sephora tip. They have some really great sets or giftsets in a lot of their brands. Usually if you find a giftset of some makeup you like, the set is WAY less expensive then buying the items indiviually. I'd look around online and see if there are some sets that you find interesting, then check them out in the stores. Or if they dont have that particular set in store, then at least look at the individual items and if you like them, purchase the set online.


Also, have the staff there help you. Tell them what you're looking for and they'll help you. They've got great people at those stores and they're more than happy to help you find and try all kinds of products. They're really knowledgeable and I"ve never felt that I was steered wrong when I've asked for advice there.


Have fun and good luck!!!


Ohh! And remember that even buying expensive makeup is less than paying to have someone do a practice run and wedding day makeup on you..and you get to use the stuff you buy for months after that too! :-)

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I was going to say the same thing, you will find things to be the same, if not more expensive than MAC. That is what you will pay for good make-up. I say buy it piece by piece, that way its not so pricey. This is how I got all my make-up for my wedding. The thing about MAC is if you take something home and don't like it you can return it for a full refund. I would guess that Sephora is the same way, but I am not sure, so ask about that before you buy anything.

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I love sephora too but I agree you aren't going to have a very easy time finding less expensive make up. The thing about Sephora is that you get to really explore and try different brands. Much easier than counter hopping at a department store.


I agree with most of the girls- foundation is something you will want to splurge on. Smooth, flawless skin is ideal for pictures. It's much easier to find the right color than guessing at a dept. store.


I think mascara is something you can go cheap with. Actually I go cheap (most of the time) with all my eye make up. Blush, foundation and lipsticks are usually my splurges because it's hard to find the right color.


I personally love the covergirl lashexact or volume exact mascaras. I never buy waterproof because I have the hardest time getting it off- even with make up removers. I also haven't had any runs or clumping problems. I used to use Dior mascara and switched to this. I felt it had the same effects for a third of the price.


Good luck and happy shopping. :)

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