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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeLynne Thanks for the pics Ashli. So far fuschia and green are in the lead. Honestly I just don't know how my BMs are going to react to fuschia tho - it was my goal to get them something they'd wear again. But I have been a super chill bride so far, so this may be the one thing I have to "demand" lol Still looking for more photog. input!!! I was worried about the same thing! At first I was super nervous and told them they can wear any shade of pink or green (my wedding colors were fuschia and lime green). They all complained that they needed more direction, so I ended up sending them a picture of a dress I liked in lime green (I think it was actually called mojito!). They absolutely loved the color and everyone was super happy... although I am sure they will never wear it again. As for the fuschia, my MOH (my sister) asked if she could wear the same dress as the other girls but in fuschia... it was a perfect solution! I got both my colors in and everyone was happy PS - Elizabeth is the BEST... we used her at our wedding last May. Let me know if you want me to forward you a link to our wedidng pictures? She did such an amazing job... makes me want to get married all over again!
  2. I think you can definitely do a pre-std email or phone call, but take what people tell you with a grain of salt. For our May 2008 wedidng, we sent out pre-STD emails in June 2007, STD in August 2007, and invitations in February 2008. For the most part, we knew who was and wasn't coming by mid-november 2007, but there were definitely a few "surprise" ... I would say about 10 people showed up that I didn't expect, and 3 people that said they would go after they received the STD but replied "no" to the wedding invitation. All in all, we sent out invitations to 175 people and 115 showed up.
  3. Thanks ladies!!!! I am absolutely IN LOVE with my wedding pictures... I would seriously stare at them 10 times a day if I wasn't worried that my firm would pick up on it! It's funny that after all the hard work, stress, and time spent on the details, my favorite pictures are those that express emotions on our faces, not the details (especially the ones of us before the ceremony alone)... Elizabeth is such a wonderul photographer that I can look at the pictures and remembering how happy I was on that day... Sappy, I know, but it's still true. I can't tell you how happy I am that I will be able to look at these pictures 40 years from now and remember everything...I trully feel that photography is the one part of the wedding no one should skimp on
  4. Hi all!!!! I know I have been super MIA, but I swear I have a really good excuse. A few weeks ago, hubby and I brought how a beautiful baby puggle... who is apparently on a mission to destroy everything in our apartment! Just kidding... sort of. She is absolutely perfect and loveable, but she runs around like a crazy person and in her first week with us managed to pull my laptop off the table by its cord.Since then, I havent had internet access at home, and I am deathly afraid of logging on from work because I don't think this forum (while fabulous) is law firm approved You guys should see me typing this message as fast as my fingers will go! Ok, so let me get to the point... I have my pictures from Elizabeth Medina and I wanted to share them with everyone... so, without further ado, here they are: Galit and Steve Galit and Steve Enjoy!!!!
  5. WOW... I can't believe I got it all out! I really hope that future OGX brides find this review helpful. I can't tell you how much I relied on BDW in planning this wedding... I am not exagerating when I say that you girls gave me the confidence to believe that I could pull something like this off On a side note, I left linens and decorations stuff with Marialma and Edith, with the hope that they would keep it for future brides who might not be able to purchase and ship as much as me. If green and pink are your colors, there are 150 green sashes and 150 pink napkins just waiting for you! I also left huge silver chargers, candle holders, etc... just keep it in mind! Oh, and feel free to PM me with any questions. I still have my binder of lists (I even have a list of all my lists) and information about the wedding!
  6. Photographer Aside from saying “yes†to Steve and picking OGX, Elizabeth was my very best wedding decision. In fact, I found Elizabeth right around the same time that I fell in love with a really beautiful but really expensive wedding dress. My husband told me I had to make a choice… I could either have my dream photographer or my dream dress. Needless to say, I went with Elizabeth… best decision EVER! From our very first conversations via email, she was so sweet and helpful… she even emailed me ideas she liked from other weddings! Before the wedding, I sent Elizabeth a long list of “important pictures†and even though there were a lot, she said she would make it happen. On the day of the wedding, Elizabeth and Lindsey (her fabulous assistant) showed up on time and ready to work. Not including family, we had 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen… they definitely had their hands full! The entire time, they were completely professional and easy to work with… our entire bridal party was amazed at how calm and collected they were despite the HOT weather and large group of (sometimes uncooperative) people. We also did a “Trash the Dress†shoot… what a blast! Once again, Elizabeth and Lindsey were such troopers, getting up at 6am to catch the sunrise. I am expecting my pictures any day now, and I am completely confident that they are going to be amazing. Videographer I didn’t really care about having a video of the wedding, but friends and family said I would want a video so I went along with it. We used Cancun Studios, which is located in the lobby of OGX. Although we had instructed him to “stay out of site†during the ceremony, our videographer stood right in front of us the whole time and was pretty much in every picture… in his defense, we had our guests arranged in a circle around the Chuppah, so there was no way to avoid him. I wish I had specifically told him to remain seated during the ceremony…Elizabeth literally had to pull him out of the way so that she could get a few clean shots! I might change my after I see the video, but as of right now I wish we had skipped the video. It’s not really a reflection on Cancun Studios… for me, pictures were so much more important and the idea that he may have ruined them bothers me. Decorations Thanks to the wonderful people on BDW, I had a million and one ideas about how I wanted my wedding to look. Unfortunately, making those ideas happen in a foreign country was the trickiest part of my wedding. If you are on the fence about going “all out†with decorations, I would suggest thinking twice. I would do it all over again if I had the choice, but it was A LOT of work and stress. Long story short, I wanted 5 things: (1) Chinese lanterns across the ceiling at the reception; (2) tiki torches around my beach side rehearsal dinner; and (3) Christmas tree lights on the trees at the reception; (4) square vases with candles in them along the wedding aisle; and (5) white fabric to cover the buffet area of the Beach Club (where we got married). We first dealt with a company called Sarao which was recommended by Marialma. As soon as I received an emailing quoting $17.50 per tiki torch (we needed 30), I knew they wouldn’t work out! After months of back and forth, Marialma put me in charge with Zuniga, another company. They wanted $3,000 for the Chinese lanterns… clearly that wasn’t happening! After a lot of stress, Steve got Aldo – a manager at Zuniga – on the phone and he made everything work out. We ended up spending close to $2,000, but he was able to get me exactly what I wanted and I think everything turned out beautiful. If you are determined, I would definitely recommend Aldo from Zuniga. After a few emails, he knew exactly what we wanted and had everything ordered for when we arrived. At our meeting on Thursday, we made some last minute changes and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Hair and Makeup I didn’t use the spa at OGX for wedding hair or makeup because my mother in law brought her own hair and makeup people from NY, but I did go for some spa treatments. I had a body wrap the day before the wedding, and I didn’t like it at all. After she applied each layer of “stuff†the technician had me to go shower… I never had a chance to relax because I showered 3 times during a 50 minute treatment! I did get a massage on the day of the wedding which I thought was pretty good. The only thing was, I was so busy running through checklists and to-do’s in my head that I don’t think I relaxed for one second! I also got my wedding manicure and pedicure. My only advice is if you choose to do this on the day of your wedding, make sure you plan on being there for a while. I think my massage, manicure and pedicure kept me in the spa for almost 3 hours!
  7. Music I highly recommend using the company that the hotel recommends. We met with Leo, one of the managers at the company during the site visit, and quickly nailed down what we would need as far as music and equipment for the wedding. Everything went very smoothly. Right after the site visit, we exchanged emails and signed contracts.. Then, sometime in February we sent Leo a list of about 200 songs we wanted played at the wedding so that he could download them in time for the wedding. With the exception of a few Hebrew songs, his DJ found every single one and had it available at the wedding. We met with the DJ on that Thursday and confirmed all the details… no fog machine, no YMCA, etc… I couldn’t ask for more. Our guests still rave about how cute the DJ was at the wedding and how great the music was… he even tolerated our drunken friends wanting to play DJ at random points in the night! Aside from a DJ and music equipment, we also needed a projector and screen for the rehearsal dinner slideshow. When we arrived at our rehearsal dinner Saturday night, I was shocked to see the size of the projector screen… it was HUGE (see pictures) and our guests were blown away! Mariachi band – we had a mariachi band for the cocktail hour at the wedding. I didn’t even know they were there until after their set was over because I was too busy running around saying hi to everyone… Still, all the guests thought they were fantastic and I am happy we had them. Food Generally - The one good thing about OGX is that because of its size, there is a huge variety of food. Even the pickiest eater could find something to eat. If I had to give the food at the resort a grade, I would say B- …it was good, but nothing to get excited about. Reception – Being from NY, food is a HUGE deal at a wedding… normally people don’t even eat the food at the reception because the cocktail hour is so ridiculously good. I had stayed at other Occidental hotels in the past, so I didn’t expect to be blown away. During the site visit, the food manager – Jean Baptiste (he is VERY French!) – had set up a tasting for us. We tried 15 hors d'oeuvres, 2 salads, 1 soup, 4 entrees, and 3 desserts. I was happy with the quality of the food… much better than what was available at the buffets around the resort! For the wedding, we went with a vinaigrette salad, cold asparagus soup, choice of lemon chicken, mahi mahi, or surf and turf, and a duo desert of chocolate lava cake and tiramisu. I can’t remember eating any of the food at the wedding, but I remember seeing it on the tables and it looked really nice… all the guests said they liked it (especially the chocolate cake). Rehearsal dinner – I wasn’t terribly concerned about the rehearsal dinner food because I figured the focus would be on all the speeches, music, and slide show. We went with the Mexican Buffet and everyone loved it. I was worried that it would be just like the food at the buffets that everyone had been eating all weekend, but it was definitely a lot better! Oh, and I have to tell you to check out the tres leches cake in the pictures… it’s in the shape of Chichen Itza! Alcohol I know most girls wouldn’t give this its own category, but it was important to us so I thought I would share my experience. OGX serves “premium†(Absolut vodka, Jose Cuervo, Johnnie Walker Red) liquor throughout the resort and at weddings, but you have to specifically request it when ordering. For the wedding, we wanted certain top shelf liquors, so for an additional $15 per person (per hour), the catering manager added Crown Royal, Kettle One Vodka, 1800, Johnnie Walker Black, and other bottles to the bar. We didn’t realize the upgrade was PER HOUR, which was a bit of a shock the next day when we were reviewing the bill. No one kept it from us or anything – I think we just didn’t realize... anyway, it definitely makes a HUGE difference so if you decide to upgrade remember that! We also upgraded the wine, which we had to buy “per bottle.†They had bottles ranging from $10 -50, and we chose accordingly. There was a minimum number of bottles we had to pay for upfront (which was based on the size of our wedding) but then any amount after that was based on consumption. I didn’t try the wine at the wedding, but I know we got our money’s worth in liquor…Every wedding is different, but we knew our guests liked to drink… and everyone really appreciated the upgrade! Ice Sculpture Just another testament to how the staff at OGX, at the direction of Marialma, went all out for us. Despite the ridiculous temperatures, I decided Steve’s wedding surprise should be a giant ice sculpture of the University of Florida Gator. Apparently his brother had a huge ice sculpture of the Duke Blue Devil at his wedding a few years ago, and Steve had always wanted one at his own. So before we arrived, I had sent Marialma a few pictures of the Al E. Gator, Florida’s mascot, and she said: “it could be done, but I am not sure how long it will last.†I don’t think I need to tell you how quickly that poor alligator melted, but the look on Steve’s face when he saw it was priceless… he couldn’t believe I got him an ice sculpture at our Mexican wedding!
  8. Hi ladies… It’s taken me a while (I totally apologize for that) but I finally finished my review of my wedding at Occidental Grand Xcaret. Here is a link to some more pictures (including those below): princezsez/Wedding Pics - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Just so you have a little background, I started planning this wedding immediately after graduating law school and taking the bar exam. I had just come off 3 years of researching, writing, and taking exams… and I was unemployed. To say that I THREW myself into intense wedding planning mode would be a serious understatement. You should also know that my husband’s parents paid for all our guests’ accommodations for 2 nights. Because of the logistics involved in coordinating all our guests’ reservations and payments, we really got to know the hotel and reservation management … this made a huge difference in how OGX treated us and our wedding in general. So… I got married at OGX over Memorial Day weekend, with 110 guests staying at the hotel for at least 3 days, but close to 80% staying 4 or more days. And now for the review: Hotel Grounds As a hotel, it was absolutely perfect for us. I knew early on that I wanted a “tropical paradise†type hotel… low buildings, tons of trees and flowers, etc… OGX had all of that. At first I was concerned about the size, but as more and more people confirmed their attendance, I was actually relieved that there was plenty of space for everyone to spread out. The hotel has several pools and a beach, which meant our various groups of friends and family could comfortably hang out without feeling like they were right on top of each other. There are no elevators in any of the buildings except the lobby. Although we had a number of older guests, this wasn’t a problem because the hotel made sure they were in the rooms off the lobby so they could use the elevators and trolleys/golf carts that come around. Also, they have the restaurants and buffet off the main lobby so this meant less traveling for the older guests when it was time to eat. Reservations I just want to say that Miguel, the manager of reservations at the hotel, went above and beyond. Each morning, we went down at 9am to meet with him. He brought us a list of our guests that were checking in that day along with a list of available rooms, and we went through and figured out where to put everyone, i.e., college friends in the same building, my immediate family in another, etc. It wasn’t a perfect system, but it was worth the 30 minutes so that guests that knew each other could hang out together. Wedding Coordinators I know some girls had bad experiences, but – I cannot say enough good things about them. Before the site visit in August, I dealt primarily with Edith and had a really hard time getting any answers… I guess they aren’t used to planning weddings that far in advance. However, when we went down there in August and met Edith and Marialma (the assistant wedding coordinator), I explained that I was really nervous about the lack of communication and that I was going to need a lot of help… basically I asked if they thought I should get an outside wedding coordinator. They assured me that they could handle it, and Marialma pretty much took the lead from that point on. I spent the next 4 months planning everything on my end, and occasionally emailing Marialma about the availability of certain flowers, music, etc. Probably around January, we started really emailing regularly, probably 2-3 times a week. I had a million questions and ideas, and she was sooooo patient, always getting back to me with answers or suggestions. Between January and May, every last detail of the wedding was planned – flowers, music, events, entertainment, decorations, and guest accommodations… she was a rockstar! We arrived at OGX on Wednesday, 4 days before the wedding, and one day before all our guests were arriving. I had asked Marialma to coordinate a meeting for us with all the vendors so that we can finalize everything. That Thursday, we spent 4 HOURS meeting with the catering manager, the florist, the DJ, the decorations company, and the hotel manager. Marialma and Edith had all the information I had emailed over the months and I brought my “bible†as Steve calls it (a binder filled with lists, pictures, contracts, etc)… they were on top of everything… I really couldn’t ask for more. After the meeting, we went through the 15 boxes of decorations and favors we had shipped before coming down to make sure they knew where everything went… I had total confidence that the wedding would be perfect… and it was! I really can’t put into words how amazing Marialma and Edith were during my wedding weekend… they really went above and beyond and I am so grateful. Florist I couldn’t communicate with the florist before the wedding because he only spoke Spanish, so all my questions were passed through Marialma. At the Thursday meeting, I found out I had nothing to worry about. He showed up with all the pictures I had emailed, and knew exactly what we wanted… although our centerpieces were simple and modern (see pictures) I was really particular about the vases and types of lilies I wanted. Not only were the centerpieces perfect, but he BLEW US AWAY with the Chuppah he created. It was so beautiful – made of hundreds of hand woven carnations and lilies … I can’t describe it, you just have to look at the pictures! For any of you ladies who are worried that he won’t be able to get you what you want, just tell Marialma and Edith exactly what you want and have faith... he will get it done!
  9. Sorry for the delayed response... work has been crazy the last few weeks and I am in super wedding mode. The invitations cost $1.23 to mail. I added extra postage just in case I put more fill in some. Hope this helps!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Christine galit do you want us to delete some threads? We would be more than happy to (the mods I mean). Just PM me with any ones you want and I will make sure they dissapear. Thanks Christine... I think I might take you up on that offer! I am gonna sit down this weekend and see how many "potential crisis causing" threads (as I like to now refer to any FMIL vent) are on here Quote: Originally Posted by JHarwood2Be I just googled mine and I'm proud to say that the bikini waxing thread did not pop up, but all the other ones did! OMG, that so funny that you said that! I was totally trying to remember what kind of embarrasing stuff I posted, ie, brazilian bikini waxing (hehe) ... honestly, I am not really worried about that kind of stuff... its more the things that I have said that could really hurt people that I wouldnt want anyone seeing
  11. I had a similar problem. Our hotel is in Xcaret... which is in Riviera Maya... which is in Quintana Roo... which is in Mexico (obviously) AND the hotel website had "Solidaridad" on its contact info. I called my WC, who told me to go with Xcaret as the town, so I just went with "Xcaret, Mexico"
  12. Anyone ever google themselves? Well, I googled myself the other day, and BDW was the 3rd thing on the list. At first I was all "how funny is that... I can't believe I post enough to have this show up!" Then, slowly, it occured to me that ANYONE who googles me will see my posts... including all my vents! I started visualizing my FMIL sitting at her computer reading through my posts ... needless to say, I began sweating profusely! Obviously I don't think she is sitting around googling me, but you never know!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by shelleyf STUNNING! Totally worth the hard work, I would love to receive an invite like that! Where did you find those boxes? Sorry to tell you that I got those boxes from a friend of FI's father who is in the clothing distirbution business, but they are just like the boxes a lot of girls got online. I think you can easily find them on websites such as this one: Jewelry Boxes - Uline Quote: Originally Posted by luckygirl I really do love your invites and have been trying to figure out how to do them, and I do not want to spend a ton of money on the custom made invites I've seen offered online. Like I said earlier, I want to make them for about 20 guest and I am completely clueless when it comes to craft projects. So any step by step guide would be sooo appreciated. This has been a great site as everyone has given me really great ideas. Unfortunately, with working full time, school part-time and my daughter and his son I have not had much time to spend on here as I would like to. So again, I would absolutely LOVE any form of guidance you can offer. Thanks so much! Here you go: As I mentioned earlier, these were “semi-homemade†(I sound like Sandra Lee from the Food Network). Here is exactly what I did: Paper: 1.Went to Paper Source and picked out paper and sizes. This part was super important because you want to make sure the paper size you use corresponds to the size of your boxes. Mine didn’t, so I ended up buying 8x11 card stock and having my printer cut them down. I used boxes that were 9x6x1½. 2.Paper: I purchased glossy cardstock as the base for my invitations and textured paper for the text cards from Paper Source. I then order the woven paper from Decorative paper, Handmade Paper for invitations, cards, scrap books, collage and paper crafts. The woven paper comes in large sheets that you have to cut down (my printer did this too). 3.Here are my paper sizes for the actual invitation: a.Base card – 7 ½ h by 5 ½ w b.Woven paper – 5 ¼ h by 5 ½ w c.Text card – 6 ¼ h by 4 ¼ w 4.Here are my sizes for the other cards included with the invitation, all from paper source: a.Welcome dinner card – backing was 4 ½ by 6 ¼ and the text card was 3 ½ by 4 7/8 b.Response card and travel info - was 3 ½ by 4 7/8 c. Response envelopes - matched cards (can't remember size) Everything else: 1.starfish – I bought them from ebay; look for “4-6 inch pencil starfish†2.ribbon – 1 inch thick organza brown ribbon from Michael’s 3.raffia – 3 packages of raffia would have been more than enough for my 100 invitations. I cant remember where I order this, but here is a website that sells it: Raffia - Natural 8 oz Bag 4.fill – I bought a box of brown “fine cut†paper fill from Packaging Supplies - Fine Cut Shredded Paper 5.box labels – white return address labels and address labels (I don’t remember the dimensions but the Avery # was 5164) from Staples 6.box seals – I just used clear return address labels as “tape†over the corners of the boxes to keep tem closed which I bought from Staples 7.Double sided permanent tape – ¼ inch thick from paper source (it’s the best stuff!) After I got everything printed back from the printer, I began assembly: Invitation: 1.Apply double sided tape to the 4 sides of the woven paper and attach to the glossy backing. Make sure you smooth out any bumps and press down for a couple of seconds because the woven paper lifts sometimes. 2.Do the same thing to attach the text card to the woven paper. 3.Do the same thing to attach the welcome dinner text card to the glossy backing 4.Wrap strip of organza around invitation and double side tape in the back 5.Wrap raffia around the organza twice and knot in the back. Make sure you don’t tie it too tightly otherwise it will be hard to slip off. 6.To attach the starfish, apply a small piece of double sided tape to the starfish and press against the raffia Response card: 1.If you want, number all your response cards (this helps if someone forgets to write their name on it before sending it back to you). 2.Tuck the response card into the response card envelope (which should have your address printed on the front with a stamp) 3.Wrap both with raffia and tie in a bow. Assembling the box: 1.Put a little fill on the bottom, and the place the response card with envelope, the travel card, and the welcome card on the bottom. 2.Place invitation on top. 3.STUFF fill into all the corners and sides of the box. This not only protects your invitation, but also helps keep the shape of your box. 4.Once you have one box completed, you should take it to the post office to get it weighed for stamps. I had custom stamps from stamps.com, but they are totally unnecessary… any stamps will do Just remember, its definitely better to put too much postage than not enough! Once all your boxes are filled: 1.Use 4 clear return labels to seal the box 2.Affix your return label on the top right 3.Affix your address label right in the middle 4.Affix your stamps on the top left I think that’s everything… let me know if I forgot something or you have questions I know this posted without formatting, so if you want me to email this to you let me know
  14. Thanks everyone!!! I am now getting my response cards back and some people actually wrote that they loved the invitation right on the response card... I felt so special... they were so much work I love hearing that the guests appreciate them Quote: Originally Posted by luckygirl Your invitations look absolutely amazing! Your guest should totally be impressed. They are exactly what I want for my invitations, but I have no clue on how to make them and do not want to spend the $$$$$ to have them custom made. Where did you find the woven background paper? How did you do it?? Would you still do the invites yourself if you were only making 20? Not sure if I'm even using the right terminology as I am not a DIYer. To answer your questions: 1. I ordered the woven paper from papermojo.com - just search "woven grass paper" on their website... I ordered the "brown harvest" color 2. They werent really hard to make, just time consuming. My advice to you is if you have the money, use a commercial printer. I spent around $350.00 on thermography printing, and that covered all paper cutting (including the grass paper), the actual invite, response card, hotel and travel card, and a welcome dinner card. I think it was definitely the right move for me because my printer wasn't cutting it and I would have wasted TONS of paper trying to get them just right. If it's something you are serious about I can totally walk you through it. Oh, and double sided tape from paper source was the best thing to enter my life since I discovered circle cutters (I know, I am a little obsessed with this wedding)! 3. All in all, I probably ended up spending around $750, but if I had paid to have them made it would have been atleast twice as much, so it was totally worth it... 100 invitations was a lot, but knowing that my guests loved them was so rewarding... I would totally do it again. Hope this helps!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by sandyroo Yeah, I did their online chat thing, and they searched the stores with no luck and told me they weren't planning on ordering any more at this time Good to know. I might have to make another trip to Atlanta. This is VERY good to know. I wish were back in Boston! Nashville shopping is awful. No good stores at all. Is this the suit? They have it in Tan? YES! FI's dad just bought it
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by jean-marcus k... i was smuggling 75 year old men into canada for my sex ring i have opperating there in a retirement home that acts as my front. both canadian and american government was on to me and had a sting set up at the border... i was shuttling 24 senior citizens (and 3 hidden in some duffle bags because 24 is the legal limit without a permit). and so they searched all the bags and found the 3 hidden grandpas... i pulled out 2 hatchets i had hidden behind the bus drivers seat and started swinging.. i managed to take 4 of the agents down but the last one tazed me in the groin which would drop any man to the ground... where they managed to get me restrained... with that said my sex ring operation is no longer operational and im banned from canada for a year.. Wow... canadians must really be the NICEST people ever to only ban you for one year for that! Try that crap in the US, and you will be swinging this for the next 100 years
  17. I just wanted to add that the 3rd website Shelley posted has free shipping right now!
  18. Holy crap Paula! Those are some fabulous welcome booklets! Way to raise the bar... your guests are going to feel so special when they see this!
  19. Oh, I know that suit! They sell it at bloomingdales... I think its called "Hugo Boss Black passinni(?) Movie". Definitely check with Bloomingdales because I am 95% sure FI's dad just bought it! I just saw you are orignially from MA... I was in Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill when I saw it this weekend I would definitely call them
  20. How great are those?!?! That is some serious effort on your part... my idea of personalizing was attaching these little cards I ordered from Vista Print with our logo to EVERYTHING with raffia (hehe)
  21. I dont know if you have already covered this, but what about using a different box... or one of those foamy envelopes?
  22. I am so happy that you all approve! With all the wonderful DIY projects on this forum, I think I was most worried about your opinions! Quote: Originally Posted by Pazoop Wow! I love your invitations! I've been on the fence about undertaking a DIY project for my invites because I wasn't sure about how they would look after going through on my printer -- and I've never had much luck working with Staples -- but I never thought about looking for a commercial printer! The invitations just look fabulous! I would be so impressed to receive an invitation like that in the mail! Can you tell me where you found those boxes? I actually got these boxes from someone FI's dad knows. He is in the clothing distribution business, so I was able to send him my measurements and he mailed me 100. Honestly though, they look (and feel) just like the jewelry boxes so many of the girls on this forum use. If the dimensions work for you (they didnt for me) you should just get those. Quote: Originally Posted by Dbld78 WOW! They look great! Want to do mine....ahhaha! I wouldnt even do mine again! Quote: Originally Posted by can't wait! Loved them! Looks like you bought them at a fancy shmancy store. Great idea with the starfish! Can you tell me where I can get them? thanks I ordered my starfish from an ebay seller. Just do a search for "pencil starfish" (the ones I used) and you should be all set. I would recommend the seller I used because he had free shipping but I just checked and he is no longer registered. Quote: Originally Posted by PVNovia Your invites look fantastic!!! Did it really take you 5 months to make them? No, it just felt like it. Actually, what happened was, I decided on the design, colors, etc way back in October, but everyone told me it was too soon so I didnt really make it a priority. Instead, every couple of weeks I would buy a different part of the invitations (the boxes, the ribbons, starfish, etc)... well, before I knew it, it was the end of January and I had 2 weeks to get those damn things out to my guests... stress...
  23. I feel your pain... we have 115 people coming to the wedding and we have 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen in our wedding party. 5 of my bridesmaids are family (mine and his) and the rest are my best friends. For us, it was a non-issue because they were all really important to us. We really didnt give it too much thought... we just sat down and thought about who we would want standing up for us if our wedding was in NY. Once we looked at it that way, we couldnt exclude any of them just could it might look funny. I will say that we are having them all sit in the front row. That decision was less about how it would look to have such a big bridal party and more about not wanting to make them all stand up in the heat!
  24. Ok ladies, I am finally ready to post my To Do list... not sure if its everthing, but it should be close: Book hair and makeup appointments - Need to set schedule Bridesmaids gifts - Done - need to wrap Bridesmaids ordered dresses - Done - being delivered in 2 weeks Buy all OOT bag items - Done Buy cake boxes and make stickers Buy Frames and print table numbers Buy groomsmen ties - Done - need to wrap Buy KetubahIn progress Buy votive candles - Done Candle holder for 3 palm tree candles - Done Choose and book all live music - Done Choose groomsmen suits - Done Dance Lessons - In progress Design flower centerpieces - Done Draft welcome letter - Done - will print once we finalize all the activities Galit’s accessories Galit’s rehearsal dinner outfit - Found it but can't bring myself to spend that much! Galit’s shoes - Done Honeymoon - Booked and paid for (woo hoo) Kippot - Ordered - waiting for them to be delivered Maid of Honor gift Make "day of" schedule - In progress - need to schedule bridesmaids' hair and makeup Make shell pillow for ring bearer Music playlist for reception - In progress Napkin rings Order chair sashes and linens - Done Order chocolate shells for cake - Still have to "re-find" online vendor because I didn’t save the link Order palm fans - Done Pick rehearsal dinner centerpieces - Done Place cards for rehearsal dinner - Ordered cocktail umbrella picks, still need to print cards Playlist for rehearsal dinner - In progress Print and send out invitations - Done Print list of required photos Print programs - Sent to printer - waiting for proof Purchase wedding bands - 1/2 done - still need to order mine Reception place cards and starfish - Have starfish, still need to buy ribbon and print cards Rent or buy chinese lanterns - In progress - they want $1850.00! Seating assignment - 1/2 done - parents still need to give the ok Steve’s rehearsal dinner outfit Steve’s suit and accessories Tiki torches Wedding dress and veil - Done - already had second fitting and seamstress is making veil Write thank you cards to bridal party
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