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Hey ladies, Here are my DIY invites! I wanted to do a square invite with a pocketfold but thought the bigger one with the three folds would be too much work. Here is what I did...


I took a 8.5"x11" peice of yellow polka dot cardstock (from micheals) and cut it in half to make two 5.5"x8.5" peices.

Then I measured three inches at the end of the paper then scorred the cardstock with a boning knife. I wanted the pocket to be more interesting so i measured one inch down from the middle of the fold and cut on a diagonal from each end.

I glued the sides down with a hot glue gun. It is now a 5.5"x5.5" invite which is perfect for the square envelopes that i found.


Here it is,




For the front of my invite i have to give full credit to TRIS!! I used her DIY linen invites to design mine and i used almost the same layout and wording because i loved them so much! THANKS TRIS!!

I just used microsoft word and altough it took a bit of playing around it didn't really take a lot of time!

I printed it out on lightyellow cardstock and cut it out using a paper cutter so it measured 5"x5"

I glued it on with spray glue (again from micheals)

Here it is,



Now for the inserts...

They aren't totally done yet because i dont have all of the  information yet but when i finish i will post them!

They measured 5"x5", 5"x4.5" and 5"x4" and the RSVP is 5"x3"

I also just cut these out using a paper cutter..

Here it is,




I hope you guys like the invites!! if anyone has any questions i would be happy to help!!


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OMG do you have a template you could email me?! i have been pouring over invitations and hate EVERYTHING and i LOVE this!!! i can't open attachments though :( my email is angel366@aol.com!!

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