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  1. We actually have to have a "pre-wedding reception" because we're in the same spot. Before we leave Cali, we're packing up so when we come back we're moving. So we figured it would be better to have a reception-ish party before we get married. It's weird, but we need to work with what we have.
  2. I was looking at those websites for a while. To be perfectly honest, I'm really not sure if it's worth it just to get the government forms that are available for free. Around here they have websites that outline exactly what forms you need to change names with different companies. But right now I am in California and they passed a law in the past year that makes name change really easy. But perhaps I am just the thrifty bride that would rather spend all day in downtown LA than to spend $30 on the package (which I think you have to go to the government buildings to make it legal for social security anyway).
  3. We just figured this out! We're registering on ourwishingwell.com so people may contribute money toward fun activities for our honeymoon (i.e. snorkeling, $48.50). But at the same time, we're putting on invites "no gifts expected" so no one feels pressured to give us money. But truth be told, that is just because we're moving overseas soon so we really don't need anything!
  4. Sorry, but I've just run into this one as well. Don't the t-shirts under the long sleeve shirts look a bit weird though? My FI has a see through shirt too....which we knew would need an undershirt. But now we can't stand the undershirt lines that are made.
  5. I received my Light in the Box dress. I was so worried, but it turned out great!!! There was one slight problem with it (one of the layers of organza was sewed into the dress), so I contacted the company and they refunded me half the cost of the dress. That was way more than alterations to fix it cost! So all in all, I got a $90 dress and it is amazing! Right now it's at alterations though, so I don't have any pictures
  6. Wow. I wish I had seen this earlier, I thought I was the only one!!! We had decided about a month ago that late August would work for us the best and just got engaged a week and a half ago (with less than 5 months until the wedding). I was planning the wedding, but so worried to go dress shopping before engagement. Plus I wasn't supposed to tell anyone! I made my needs known to him (as long of an engagement as possible, a nice proposal) and set him up with a friend to help him prepare for the proposal. And finally he proposed! As for Diamond Nexus, we couldn't afford a real diamond right now, we're just in that crunch and I don't really care all that much about the chemical makeup. No one can tell it's not real and it looks great! We're planning on replacing it with a real diamond in a few years when we have the money.
  7. So happy!!!! I found the perfect tiara! It was found in an auctioned off foreclosed garage and it's handmade. It looks huge but is only 5" long.
  8. Hi Brides! So I'm in need of a bit of help. I have short hair and I'm looking for a cute bridal headband/tiara for pretty cheap. I've got a short bridal dress and short hair, so I'm looking for something cute and not too princess-y but still dressing up. Here is my inspiration: And here are the tiaras I've found. What do you all think of them? Are they too big? Anyone have any other ideas? Anyone do them DIY?
  9. So as I was looking at the threads and stuff, I decided that I didn't want to buy my MOH or our BM anything that was just going to be thrown out, not used, or was bad for the environment. So since everyone is traveling to SE Asia, and most people are backpacking either before or after the wedding, we decided to get them homemade travel journals! What do you all think? This is the one for my MOH:
  10. wow, the color looks amazing in those pictures. They'll be perfect for hanging up in the future
  11. Those are cute. I like how they aren't over the top or anything
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