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  1. Hi Sarah, I got the bridesmaid dresses at RWandCo, not sure where you live, or if they have those everywhere but it turned out great because they didn't cost an arm and a leg and all the girls really liked them!! Merrick was amazing, you made a great choice going with him, we did a trash the dress with him the next day and those pictures turned out amazing as well!!
  2. Hey Ladies!! I got the link for our pictures from Merrick Cousley today, he did such a great job. There are a ton of pictures (725), enjoy http://www.merrickcousley.com/clients/2012_0106_eringillwedds/
  3. Hi Ladies, I rented out the pisces for our wedding dinner and reception. They automatically closed the dolce vita for me in case it rained (which it did) at no extra cost - i didn't even know they were doing this. Hope that helps Erin
  4. Tamandrob...The hair was fine half up and half down but yeah the veil was annoying, but it was only for a few minute. Depends what you want i guess but yeah it was blowing around the whole time.
  5. Hey kim, yeah they will set up a bar outside, i think it was 15$ pp. hope that helps!
  6. yeah we rented it for dinner and dancing and that did include the dj!
  7. Kim...the pisces was $1700 to book out and they didn't charge us any extra to have it in the dolce when it was raining. I was really surprised that they closed out the dolce just in case but i was definately glad they did!! The menu was the same as the dolce. We had the squash soup, penne, chicken and profiterols....all very good!! Maddy... 45 would definately be comfortable in the gazebo im sure...its pretty big! I used merrick cousley for photography, he was amazing but he is not the resort photographer you can contact him via email (info@merrickcousley.com) he gets back to you very quickly and is amazing to work with. Raschel's email is makeupartistry1@hotmail.com I did welcome bags for our guests, we had towels (striped in all colours) from walmart- they were $5 each. and we got insulated cups with straws for the same price from loblaws. it was a lot to bring down but definately worth it. Not sure about buying rum down there, someone else may be able to help! Hope that helps!! Erin
  8. they rocks werent too heavy but we already had coupons for 5 extra kg per bag so it was all good!! the bridesmaids dresses were from RWandCO...cheap and convenient!
  9. Hello Ladies!! I am back from our wedding which was on January 6th 2012!!! Please do not worry about anything!! everything was perfect and chandlyn was absolutely amazing!!! She was so organized and helpful. I dont really have time to go into a ton of detail but i will post some pics and if anyone has any questions i will be happy to do what i can! We had 48 people join us for the wedding which made the week such a fun time. It was a bit challenging to split up our time between everyone but we worked it out and everything was great. We had the same issue as others with the a la cartes. There werent many times left when we got there so i would recommend booking ahead of time if you can! We had Merrick cousley for photography and i would highly recommend him!! he was so great to work with and i havent gotten my pics yet but the ones i saw were amazing!! we did a trash the dress the following day and he had so many good ideas! I was going to get my hair and makeup done at the spa but after hearing mixed reviews i looked into other options. I ended up hiring Rashel Edwards and her assistant for hair for myself and my bridesmaids. Rashel did my makeup (airbrush) and i couldn't have been happier. all of the bridesmaids loved their hair and they were both so easy and fun to work with. Also, her prices were similar to the spa! We rented out the pisces restaurant for the reception and were going to have it outside however it started to rain after the ceremony so we moved it into the dolce vita. at first i was a little upset because i was set on having outdoors but it turned out beautifully. Everything was so perfect and i wouldn't change a thing! im sure there are so many details i am forgetting but like i said if there are any questions i would be happy to answer them! ps...we went to negril (couples swept away) for our honeymoon and it was so amazing!! Definitely recommended! Here are some pics! My dad mande the wedding sign that we stuck in the sand I painted the paracas as name cards with everyones names on them and Jamaica on the other side I also made the menus and table numbers for our guestbook we put out rocks and people wrote on those! i love this idea and when we got home i put them all in a glass vase with shells we picked up from jamaica! very cute The flowers were from Tai Flora, they did a great job!!
  10. We are leaving for Jamaica tonight!!!! very exciting, i will be sure to post some pics and and tips that would be helpful when i get back!!
  11. Hello Everyone, I am trying to get ahold of the spa for prices but can't seem to get a response. does anyone know how much it is to get your hair done there? thank you Erin
  12. Hi Everyone, just wondering what everyone is doing for the a la cartes? are you just letting everyone know where you are eating each night so people can book with you or eat alone? I want to book all of our a la cartes but its hard to know what we will be doing each day. We leave in 3 weeks and im freaking out!!! very excited but still so much to do Erin
  13. hello ladies, I am getting married at the GBP in 3 months!!! i am currently renting out the dolce because we have a big group coming but wasn't aware of the option to rent the pieces restaurant. Does anyone have any pictures of what this area look like? if so if you could send a picture to me via email that would be really appreciated! thanks Erin (erin_degagne@hotmail.com)
  14. Hey everyone, I have a random question, has anyone timed the walk down the aisle or have any idea how long it will take? Thanks
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