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  1. Hi Shannon... Just emailed you all my templates. Happy Planning to you, and congrats on your engagement!!
  2. I heard from some other ladies that she isn't doing the cards anymore :S She was amazing! Thanks for the compliments....xoxoxoxoxo
  3. Thank you!!! ... I keep getting asked to throw a reunion bash at the resort for our 5 years...lol
  4. I had so much fun planning my wedding (back in 2011) that I had to come on today to see whats been going on in the Azul thread. I had 51 guests, and I can't begin to tell you how many times my family/friends bring up their time at Azul and our wedding week. We all had the time of our lives, and I get asked CONSTANTLY about a 5 year reunion! hahahha Enjoy this time ladies, it goes by quickly but not without a world of memories made. Happy Planning!
  5. Thank you, and your very welcome, I'm glad its helping so many brides with their planning!
  6. Thanks so much ladies...sorry, haven't been on here in a while!!! (new baby) Hope all of you are enjoying your planning days! Oh man, how I wish we were back in Mexico in the sun right about now!!
  7. Has anyone seen this? Thought to myself, who would be better at this challenge then us BDW girls!!!!! Karisma is doing a wedding design challenge! Hopefully the link below works.... http://www.karismahotels.com/SocialMedia/WeddingDesignChallenge
  8. Sounds awesome!!! Make sure to check out the italian restaurant, and Kampai (asain) when you are at the El Dorado! (awesome tips from Murmel of course) ENJOY!
  9. Are you going to the El Dorado for your honeymoon? My husband and I were married at the Azul in October, and we just went on a babymoon (I am due in September) at the El Dorado, but we stayed at the Royale side vs. in the Casitas. Exciting!
  10. Your so welcome! Thank you so much!!! I am glad you enjoyed the pics!!! Meagan Clopton <meagan@branchvillestudio.com> *She was super easy to work with, and obviously very talented! Hey Kelly, I do, just PM me your email address...the file sizes were too big to share on this site. Thanks so much for the compliments, truly, its so nice to hear others appreciate your hard work! lol....thanks so much!!! How funny is it that I work in Athletics!? hahahhaa......my travel agent tried to get me to start up on the side...it would be a lot of work!!! It was very time consuming for a good part of a year, but I think well worth it...I had a ton of fun seeing how far my creative juices could take me! I am sure you are doing lots of awesome things for your big day too! Enjoy it all! (Just came back yesterday from Mexico for a babymoon! lol...saw lots of weddings on the beach, they were beautiful!!!!!!) You will love every minute! ENJOY!
  11. YEAH!!!! Congrats on your date confirmation!!! Have fun with the rest, and its perfect, you have lots of time now to plan and read! I know exactly what you mean, another hard part for me was deciding once and for all what I was going to do, and not do....I took on a lot of DIY projects, and would do it all again, it was appreciated so much by all my guests. Happy planning, enjoy!
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