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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by toribelle31 Does anyone have a fabric swatch they would be willing to sell? I have swatches I would be willing to sell! they include the linen and tropical linen swatches. PM if yuo are interested!
  2. Does anyone know if you do a semi-private dinner at Aunt Ruby's at the Suites, if you can have a DJ or music playing? If you sit at the outside part of the restaurant, I"m wondering if we can have our own background music playing. Thanks!
  3. I'm thinking of doing a cocktail style reception on the beach. Appetizers and cocktails only. Have any of you looked into this option?
  4. I'm so unsure of what to do for dinner. We are having 23 guests, not including vendors. I really wanted to do a private beach reception, but we obviously don't have enough people. We have Elite Media planned for our DJ and video, and I hate to have a DJ for 4 hours when we really only need it for 2 for the non-private reception. I guess I'm really disappointed we can't do a private reception, but maybe we can still do the beach party for afterwards? I'm not in love with the idea of a bonfire. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks Chelsea! That's perfect. I figured they were just verifying the copy.
  6. For those of you ladies that have sent your notarized copies of your birth certs and passport, what exactly did you have the notary sign? I'm going tomorrow to have everything notarized and sent, but I know that sometimes the notaries don't want to notarize a copy. I think they had to have "this is a notarized copy of the original" or something like that? Thanks in advance!
  7. Awesome! It's going to be a great day I agree, maybe we will all run into each other at the resort.
  8. Hello Ladies! I'm a November bride as well Hometown: North NJ Wedding Date: 11/08/13 Colors: Fuschia & Turquoise Ceremony: Suites- on the Beach! Ceremony Time: 4:30 Reception : Undecided- likely Aunt Ruby's and then a Beach Reception after Guests Attending: 25-30 Fiance's Name: Joe We are staying at the Suites from 5-10th and then the Grand from the 10th-14th. I CAN'T WAIT!!
  9. Love the photos! Can you please email me the templates? Thanks so much! jcara08@gmail.com
  10. Has anyone done a private cocktail style "reception" at the Suites? I think we might be just shy of the 30 people private reception in the restaurants, and I'm hoping we can somehow bypass the minimum requirements if we just have a tented cocktail style reception on the beach. Has anyone done this before?
  11. We are wedding date twins! We requested RSVP's by July 1, and our travel booking ends August 20. We've only had 2 others book, but have received about 4 positive RSVP's. We have received a few 'no's' from those we already knew weren't going to make it.
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