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  1. There is a gym, it's right by the salon/spa, kinda small but it'll get the job done. Puerto is also safe that you can run around town if it's not too hot. They also have zumba classes, yoga, water aerobics, volleyball and other workout activities by the pool.
  2. Dinner started around 7, but with getting people inside, then the toasts, we finally got to cake cutting around 9:15-9:30, then first dance/father-daughter dance, so there was only about an hour or less left for dancing and having people sign the guestbook (we had an instant photo camera and guestbook, and the people at the restaurant were nice to bring out the sombreros they have when they make the fancy Mexican/Mayan coffee show - made things more festive). We had about 27 people, they set up 4 tables of 8 (2 on each side) around the tree and left the middle open for dancing. The Mariachi band was fun, I think they added a nice touch to the cocktail hour and people seemed to enjoy it. We were taking pictures the entire time, so we could hear them but not fully enjoy them. Read around on the thread, there were some people who did not like the Trio as much. I really enjoyed the Sunset Catamaran Cruise, it was a nice touch to end the weekend. I went with Paradise Catamarans and got the drinks and food. The sea was a little rough and a couple people got nauseous, but then they went into a quiet cove area in Puerto Aventuras and served the food at that time.
  3. Here is a link to my album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100350162523323.2753373.3218738&l=206aecb75e I'm still waiting for more photos from my outside photographer, she sent a sample to show at my AHR. My FI managed to get a room the night before our ceremony, he sleeps in late and just hung out with the guys prior the ceremony. I spent the morning in my room, ordered room service, watched a highlights special of the Royal Wedding, and got hair/makeup done with my bridesmaids, mom, and MIL. I had brought decorations (chair sashes and table runners, candles, shells, glass marbles/beads) for centerpieces and Lindsay/her staff arranged them all, it was great. I was not anticipating tablecloths on the tables at El Patio, but it still looked fine. She also arranged the table numbers, my guestbook, and escort cards. I did not have a set idea on how they should look, and she made everything look great. It was warm during the ceremony (5PM), but there was a nice breeze in the gazebo that my guests didn't really need the fans I provided. The sun was setting during our cocktail hour/photos between 6 and 7. It was a little warm inside El Patio (I saw people using the fans there), but if all the windows were opened, it got cooler (but it made some of my candle centerpieces go out at some of the tables.) We used the mariachi band for the cocktail hour. I brought iPod speakers for dinner and the reception, having made a Dinner Playlist and Reception Playlist, and Special Songs (cake cutting, first dance, etc). Dinner ran much longer than anticipated so it ended up looping (we allotted 1.5hrs of music for dinner and 2hrs for dancing). The volume was a little low for some songs inside El Patio, plus maybe the breeze drowned some of it out, but for the most part it could be heard. Maybe bring stronger speakers just in case.
  4. Hi ladies, I want to concur with tifuhhknee, my day was magical and everything went well, no major glitches, and my guests had a great time. Will work on my review when we get back this weekend. Nothing to worry about!
  5. Tell me about it, we leave next week! FYI, Lindsay told me that they recently changed their policy for outside photographers, you do NOT need to book a room for them for the night, just pay for daypasses.
  6. I went to about 3-4 stores and tried on 5-10 at each. At first I wanted to go princess ballgown, but knowing I was going to have to lug it down to Mexico and it would be hot and humid, my bridesmaids and MOH convinced me to 1) go strapless and 2) flaunt whatever curves I have and go with a semi-mermaid style silhouette. I still feel like a bride, but it won't weigh me down too much. The BC505 and LaFemme dresses have very different silhouettes, (romantic/flowy and dramatic/goddess-like) so explore what you envision your wedding to be like and how you want to look for it. Good luck!
  7. I heard back from Lindsay that El Patio is available for my date (yes!) From what I've read, not much is needed in terms of decor if the reception is held there, right? (i.e. table linens/overlays/runners, chair sashes). I'm still getting sashes for the ceremony, but when I visited DPA last year, there was a wedding going on. I believe the reception was being held at El Patio, and maybe they had table runners, from what I remember... post#150 woohoo!
  8. Sorry to hear about all the troubles! It's hard to believe some people reply that way - after all, it's a celebration of your wedding for those who are not able to attend! Don't let it get to you - maybe they can't get past the idea that if they're not there for the ceremony, what's the point? At any rate, those that *will* want to come to the AHR will be there for you and have a great time; that should matter the most, instead of hearing people grumble about it.
  9. Welcome and congrats! I stayed at the Riu Palace in Playacar last year and it was great. You'll find waay too much information here but it's wonderful! Happy planning!
  10. I'm Filipino, and it's custom at weddings to do the veil, cord/lasso, and coin ceremonies during the service, similar to the Spanish/Mexican cultures. When searching on ceremony scripts, I loved the idea of the hand blessing, so we're doing that too. I figured it would be too windy to do a unity candle and did not want to do the sand ceremony because it might get messed up in transport on the way back. I gave a preliminary copy of our script to the minister that will be presiding over our service, and he said it should not add too much extra time.
  11. Are you able to stay in your location after 9, or do you have to clear out? I am renting out the sound system at my resort, but I think they charge by the hour. I have a logitech iPod speaker system that I will bring as backup. I have heard of other receptions moving into the resort's disco/club after the dinner/reception is over to keep the party going into the night.
  12. This is a little tame compared to others on here, but it made for some dramatic pictures. I was at a friend's wedding last month, and when it came time for the rings to be exchanged, the best man had accidentally given the bride and groom their own wedding bands (that is, she had her band in her hand and vice versa). When the judge asked for the groom to put the ring on the bride's hand, the groom reached for the bride's right hand to get her ring to put on her finger. She, however, thought he was going to put the ring *on* her right hand, there was some confusion, and she dramatically held up her left hand and looked at him (as if to say, "hello! this hand, not the other one!"). Everyone took it in stride, and rings went on the right hands and fingers eventually.
  13. Thanks Tracy! We are going with the Dreams of Love package and substituting video services since I am using an outside photographer. Lindsay has been pretty prompt with email replies so far. We are finalizing the menu, figuring out songs and putting together my OOT bags, among other things. (Working hard to get to 150 posts so I can download templates for hangover kits!) I'm hoping for El Patio for the reception, but if not, probably the banquet room (and will have to order table runners or other linens once we find out) since it's air conditioned. April came up so fast! Jessica, I'm glad your wedding dress fiasco turned out well, that must have been very stressful, those days between Saturday and Monday! AsiaJane, I saw your post of your wedding dress on another thread, again you look great!
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