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Brandy's Planning Thread!!!!

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Brandy, WOW.  Everything looks so personalized and it all flows together.  I know all of your extra effort and special touches are going to get and keep your guests excited to share your day.  Congratulations girl on rocking this out.  It looks amazing, and I expected nothing less:)  Love my April girls!

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Brandy everything looks amazing! its so personalized and beautiful! Where did you get your bracelet I love it.

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I knew it would be worth the wait Brandy!! I have thoroughly enjoyed your planning thread- it was super amazing! If my job could stop working me to death, maybe I could finish a DIY or two, lol??!  Yes, excellent opening to the April 2011 girls taking over this forum! Yay!!!

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Everything is absolutely GORGEOUS!!  Thank you so much for sharing all of these details- it is so helpful and inspirational! 

Have a wonderful wedding- can't wait to see your pics! 

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