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  1. Vinarum and ginamapi, If you don't mind me asking, are you paying for Michael Steingard's travel and accommodations or just the photography? Thanks!
  2. Oh my, Jamie! You look absolutely stunning and sooo happy!! Congrats!!
  3. Here is my dress! Super excited about it. I don't have any pics of me in it yet simple because I have never actually been in it yet! YIKES! Yes, I purchased a dress I never tried on!! But I just had to have it! I have searched everywhere and since it is part of the Maggie Sottero Fall 2011 line, if I waited until bridal shops received a sample it would be too late to order. I probably tried on like 40 dresses and some that were very similar so I am confident in my decision! Can't wait till December when it comes in! I will make sure to post pics after my first fitting. YAY!!
  4. Wow you did a fantastic job I am sure everyone enjoyed every minute of it. I am LOVING the mad libs soooo fun! I think I am just going to have to incorporate this somehow!! Congrats! Oh, and how cute is the s'mores favor!
  5. Absolutely AMAZING pictures. Your hair is awesome! and I love the surprise. Congrats, girl!
  6. I am completely addicted to pinterest! Such a great place to go for ideas or just keep stuff for the furture. My wedding board is HUGE and filled with so many great ideas!
  7. Oh and did I mention your dress is to die for!! Seriously girl, you out did yourself! Wish I had been a guest!! Now I better get on the ball if I want to achieve anything this close!
  8. Oh WOW! Everything is just AMAZING! You have me sold on Rebecca!! She did an absolutely amazing job on everything. I am checking out her website as we speak!! Thanks for sharing everything!
  9. Congrats on everything thing but i absolutely LOVE your engagement pics. Soooo beautiful!!
  10. Congrats! Your dress turned out amazing! So pretty! and I Love the sand ceremony frame. going to check them out right now! Thanks for sharing everything!
  11. oh and I forgot to mention how GORGEOUS your dress is! and how exciting actually getting to meet the designer! Congrats girl!
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