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  1. we had our reception on himitsu beach and I can tell you I would not have changed anything. Its so much more private than the terrace and its more protected from the wind, its a nice breeze welcomed when you have a wedding gown on. We had all our centerpieces on the tables and nothing blew over. I know your heart is set on the terrace but Himitsu beach is beautiful when decorated for a reception.
  2. Hi ladies, I just wanted to comment on the communication thing. I got married there this year and I can say yes the communication was slow, but I also didn't get panicked by it as I knew from other brides it would happen. Trust me when you go to the resort you will see how busy they are, We got married in May and in that month alone there is over 50 brides sometimes 4 in a day and only three coordinators! I give those coordinators tremendous respect, Claudia went above and beyond and made our wedding so so special. Everything was done perfectly. She came to my room to pick up all the decorations and everything at 1pm that day exactly when she said she would and decorated better than I could have asked for. One tip to those brides leaving soon, make sure you have a table arrangement picture of how you want it to look, also if you want a specific layout of tables. I had it all drawn up and pictures taken of mock table settings to give to her. To the girl who was asking if Dreams is the place, I don't have anything to compare it to but I could not have asked for a more perfect setting and wedding! My family is still talking about it. We used Teresa from Vacations for Less through Tammy the BDW forum host. She was a perfect travel agent and kept in constant contact. Also when i wasn't getting an answer from Claudia she would get it for me very quickly. Don't give up on Dreams you will be happy you didn't
  3. We had been trying since April and I can say I am 11 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins!! I am beyond excited!
  4. I do not remember the exact name of the market, i think it was fiesta marcato or something like that....here is the directions when you leave the front of dreams which is on the end of the road walk toward the big round about but stay on the right hand side of the sidewalk past the big pink hotel beside dreams, then once past the roundabout you will see starbucks and a mall of some sorts cross the road at the first set of lights after the roundabout on the right side and walk past a small strip of restaurants and spa/salons and you will see it, its a big yellow building, also if you ask claudia she will direct you there. We also bought unique flavors of pringles and doritos for our oot bags. Now as for desires, there is no entrance fee, the club is for dreams guests. You have to walk out of the resort and the entrance for it is right there, all the drinks are all inclusive. The night of our rehearsal dinner we all went there after, it was karaoke night and all our guests sang, it was so much fun. As for first look pictures, I am not sure where would be a good spot that isnt extremely windy! Everywhere was pretty windy, but the good thing the salon puts major hairspray in and it looks awesome. We had our ceremony right before sunset, had 30 min of pictures after the ceremony of sunset, and I would not change that our pictures turned out amazing!!! Everyone that sees them say they are the best pictures they have ever seen. Here is a link to my pictures on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150661669585370.696246.615565369&l=0dba6d93b6&type=1
  5. The maracas can be easily purchased in Cancun, we went to a outlet market type store, five minute walk from Dreams. It was great no one hassled us in the store cause it was set prices, but we got each maraca for 50 cents!! They were good quality too! Our reception we only had for three hours, it was long enough and went from 8-11pm then we all went to desires, two other weddings that had happened that day were there also, we all partied and danced until 1:30am, then husband and I went back to the room and ordered a piece of our wedding cake from room service!! Desires was a great option. Your asking about the garden, I would say if you want it private choose the terrace, the garden there is rooms right above it, that everyone can watch if they want. There is also the option of Himitsu beach for your reception, it is so so private and beautiful.
  6. The champagne flutes, you have to fill out the form after your stay is complete, then they send them by mail it takes about 4 weeks. They are very nice.
  7. This bride got married two days before me, I remember this on the terrace as it was the night of my rehearsal, that was actually just her cocktail hour on the terrace and then she had her reception on the beach. Claudia is pretty willing to set up anything you bring, they have a team that does it all like a "well oiled machine" lol. I can't see it being a problem for the cocktail hour.
  8. Hi, We had the ultimate and we mixed menu's no problem at all. We had the citrus scallops (i would not get these) I would get the ceaser salad it was awesome! Then we had the lobster bisque, this was just ok. For our main we had the dreams trilogy, it was awesome everyone loved it. For desert we had chocolate napolean also good. I would have changed the lobster bisque for the seafood chowder, i had that at our rehearsal dinner and loved it!
  9. Those are beautiful!!! Just want to warn you with one thing, if your having your reception on the beach or on the terrace these may blow away, its so so windy at both those places we had light weight photo frames and they kept blowing over.
  10. i can tell you that I alone left 20 vases behind so they probably have a ton of them to use.
  11. are you having the video included with the package or someone else do it? If it is the one included in your package then you will get it before you leave the resort. We got it a day and a half later delivered to our room right before we left.
  12. Claudia gave me a list of cakes when I got there, I just picked a simple white frosted cake and then they put pretty pink flowers on it, and we had a bobblehead cake topper, I think in my review is a picture of it. I was not to worried about it besides I had some decorations for the cake table so that made it look really nice
  13. oh I was more than prepared for anything hahaha and it all went exactly as planned. I also took pictures of how I wanted the tables to look and emailed Claudia the pictures
  14. I sent it to her in a PDF right before we left, and then I brought her a copy to give to the officiant ahead of time, and also my husband gave the officiant one before the ceremony began in case he forgot it.
  15. @ peterpanandpixiedust I am so sorry to hear that Claudia did not include any extras. That is really to bad, I wonder why she was like that espicially on the flower petals. As for the ceremony script, I did not like the one Claudia sent me so I found the thread on here on ceremony scripts read through about 20 or so and made my own script, printed it off put it in a binder for our officiant.
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