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  1. Ivis is actually out of Miami. I have her as well, and just spoke to her last week. My onsite is Kalena.
  2. Yes you can use resort credits to take a limo back to the airport, we did this as we had so many left over from my SIL's wedding that I Think we actually all did this option
  3. okay ladies on pinterest how are you finding each other? I have no problem with the concept just not how to find people that aren't already Facebook friends
  4. it is actually the same bouquet just different views. Interesting huh? The flowers sticking out are callas or the orchids depending...I think it if it was more uniform like mixed rather than all the same types together it would look like it belongs rather than out of place.
  5. Okay ladies need some advice. Got my bouquet pic from Marvin, but I am not 100% happy so I need some opinions. It's a mix of pink calla's, white and cream roses and pink ranunculus *my fave* and he has orchids in it. Not a huge fan of orchids, I know what is wrong with me so I know I want them removed and adding pink roses and more cream & white roses? My predicament is that although I loved the calla's in another brides bouquet I am not sure it fits in mine plus I am not sure I like grouping all the same flowers together. Would it be better if they were all mixed up or
  6. I totally agree, it is a beautiful dress and it looks amazing on you. Perfect for a DW. My dress is not anything that I thought I would pick and I am never sure how I feel about it because honestly I don't care about it that much. Necessary evil for a wedding IMO, but I also know my body isn't perfect. So if it makes you excited it is all that matters
  7. congratulations, your wedding pictures feel how you described. Enjoy. Congrats again on the article and being a Mrs.
  8. Coco, I am SOOO sorry. My FI always tells me to keep my anal spelling nature to myself. He said that I HAVE to apologize to you immediately. So I am so very sorry, I did the same thing to a friend on her wedding invitations after she glued on all the rhinestones, I should just zip it.
  9. Coco since I know you are a complete and utter perfectionist I wanted to point out that your assorted Mexican Desserts on your menu actually says Desert. Everyone's projects look great!
  10. They are beautiful, your FI is going to LOVE them Welcome back Kelly you've been missed. Congrats on everything. I can't believe you are almost 90 days away. OMG so excited
  11. Happy Monday ladies! We had a rather productive weekend, but not necessarily with planning. Such is life sometimes. FI's sister had her AHR on Saturday, she found out she was pregnant the day they got back from Cancun so needless to say she wasn't sure if she'd have one. They decided to have an anniversary party for their 1 year anniversary as a family. Spent a long day setting up and hanging with family. We keep getting told about family members who hope to be able to go, and that is okay. We are lucky with the people that are able to go. Sunday we had our engagement pictu
  12. Welcome Sunny. These ladies are amazing and inspiring and congrats on picking your resort.
  13. OH NO Jamie. I hope those MOFO's get busted and you get all of your jewelry back with nothing damaged. ((HUGS)) so very sad with you.
  14. Yay, I will be there for 2 weeks also starting 4/13 and leaving 4/27. Congratulations! I can't wait to meet all you beautiful brides *and grooms*
  15. I am so excited for you and I can't wait to see pix. When do you leave?
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