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  1. My review is up! I knew if I didn't do it right away it would not happen http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/the-royal-in-playa-del-carmen-all-inclusive-spa-resort/reviews/4573 I hope it is helpful, let me know if you have any questions.
  2. I had Lili and she was fantastic. I did have to email her twice at first, but don't worry!
  3. Hi Ladies, I'm back! What an amazing experience. AMAZING! I cannot give the Royal enough credit, they really make sure it all goes smoothly. Just relax and enjoy and take it all in, I wish I could relive it already! I will post a review soon, but here are some pics. We did our ceremony at the gazebo at 4 pm, and had the reception in the garden/terrace in front of the gazebo at 6 pm. We added an extra hour and got a DJ (Doremixx), two things I would HIGHLY recommend. I put a picture in here that my friend took of the central garden, looking out from the lobby above. There is another wedding being set up (not sure when he took it). The next pic is looking back to the resort from the gazebo. I really liked the gazebo area b/c it was much more private, I couldn't be happier with it. But the central garden is beautiful too! Everyone said it was the "wedding of the century". We had 25 guests, and we all danced like crazy!
  4. Ladies, Just got in yesterday and this place is AMAZING!!! My fiance and I keep saying to each other, best decision we ever made...and we haven't even gotten to the wedding yet! You are going to love it!
  5. Arica, great review, thanks for sharing! Just what I needed...I leave TOMORROW!!! I cannot believe it. I'm glad to hear the hair and makeup went well, I am using the resort as well. I just printed out my photos to show them Jennie, glad to hear it went well! We also did a legal wedding, just to make it easier. We went by outselves and did not tell a soul, and did not wear rings after or call each other husband or wife. Honestly, it was a nice personal day with just us, but marriage is about being committed in front of society, so I still don't feel "married" until we get down there and say the vows in front of our parents, etc. And I get to call him husband! Alright ladies, thank you so much for all of your help!!! I have to go pack. I'm so excited!
  6. Thank you for the helpful advice about the bungalows, I passed it along. Congrats to the new brides, welcome! I also got my onsite coordinator, her name is Lili. I believe it is the same coordinator that Lady Di had, and she loved her, so that's exciting!
  7. Hi all, One of my guests just asked me if you can reserve a bungalow ahead of time by the pool. He read online that they fill up fast. Is this true? Any advice or idea of what I could tell him? Thanks ladies!
  8. Here is the picture Marvin sent me for my bouquet, very much like yours Chicago Bride! Similar colors. I love it.
  9. Hi ladies, Thanks for the nice comments! It was so much fun, I cannot wait to get the photobook back. I have friends who bought the Insanity workout and they said the same thing, it is nuts but it works! I did one bootcamp class and I could not walk for a week!!! I run, but those jumps, etc...its another level. I have a month left, maybe some last minute insanity is not a bad idea. I agree about Marvin, he can be a bit slow but is always very accommodating when he does get back to you. I have changed my mind a couple times now and he probably wants to kill me, but is still so nice I just sent out my pre-travel brochures! Its getting close!!
  10. Alright Ladies, Boudoir photos are back!!! I got mine done by Brooke Bready in DC. Here is her blog (she is posting them there soon too I believe...http://brookebready.blogspot.com/search?q=boudoir). She has a deal coming up, info is on her blog. She was amazing!!!!!!!
  11. You did an amazing job, thanks for sharing!
  12. Wow I just wasted most of my work day looking through this and listening to songs on you tube!! Thanks ladies for all the great suggestions, I will make sure to post my list when I have it ready!