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  1. Kristi,e Congratulations!! Youe video is amazing, I got teary eyes watching it, lol. The ceremony was beautiful and so were you! Love you dress and bouquet. Congrats
  2. I will! We are staying at Nizuk but we will be at Sunrize as well.
  3. Congrats! You will have an amazing time!! We will be there form 11/14 to 11/26
  4. It did count for us. I have DJ and photograpehr booked for only one night each and both those rooms were counted towards our group booking and incentive. Our wedding is still 3 weeks away but I already received 7 complimentary nights and free room upgrade (we have exactly 75 nights booked) hth
  5. I did ask my WC and she said I can bring silk petals. But hearing that some brides were told that silk ones are not allowed makes me doubt my onsite, that is why I wanted to double check here. Ladies here know more than WCs Quote: Originally Posted by coconoir1908 Check with your coord, from mine I get married in 12') they were not allowed.
  6. Those who are planning to bring their own flower petals, are you getting fake ones (silk) or dry freeze ones? I want to save money and get silk petals but not 100% sure if they are allowed.
  7. Does anyone know if SILK flowers petals are allowed at MP? I'm planning for guests to throw them when we walk after being marred and also for aisle decor. I asked my WC and she said yes, but for some reason I'm not convinced I want to make 100% sure
  8. Thank you The flowers are real. I'm getting them from Marvin at Maya Diseno Floral.
  9. Thank you for advise. Unfortunately, even after emailing director I still don't have a location I wanted. All of my 3 choices are booked already. To top it all off, the location that is still available, Lake Terrace, is a little far from Bugambilia Gazebo, where our ceremony will be, and to get golf carts to drive our elderly guests who have difficulty walking will cost us $225 per golf cart!!!!!!!!! I am furious beyond words!
  10. A little upset with my onsite WC. She is great but today she told me that none of my choices for reception are available! And my first choice for the ceremony and cocktail hour were not available as well. The wedding is more than 100 days away and it's during low season, how is it possible. Grrr... Sorry Did anyone have similar situation? Should I push for the locations I want or will it be pointless? The only options available are Lake terrace and Selva Terrace. Does anyone have pictures of those places? I did search and found few pics of Lake terrace but none of Selva.
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