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Hello Everyone!


I have to say this is one great website...however I'm still trying to figure things out on here! My fiance and I got engaged Aug 2009, and we were actually supposed to be getting married Aug 28th 2010. I ended up postponing (for a few reasons) largely because our guest list was getting so out of control! I was starting to have anxiety over standing up in front of 250+ people saying my vows, and the center of such large attention. smile41.gifNow that things have settled, we decided the best way to keep it small and intimate was to do a destination wedding.



We have not picked a specific date yet, but we are hoping to do Jan/Feb 2012 at Moon Palace in Cancun. I have to say I am a little intimidated about the task ahead! I don't even know where/how to start! At this point on the MP website, I do not have the option to submit a request for 2012. I can see it fills up FAST and want to make sure we get the date (and more importantly the time) we want. I ended up contacting them using the "contact us" tab on their site to ask them what I can do to make sure we get the date we want, but I have not heard from them yet! I have heard they can be a little slow at responding, so I will just have to be patient! blink.gif


I have to say I am getting some negative feedback about Mexico. My parents are very concerned...to ease some of the nervousness I have been sending them loads of websites/blogs/info that I find on the Internet. They are slowly warming up to it, but the next hurdle will be convincing everyone else its safe too!


Thank you all for your postings! Even though I am TERRIBLE at making decisions (especially when I have tons of options), hopefully this website will help me be more proactive! I know I will be looking to you all for all my random rants, raves, questions, and concerns! Thanks in advance! cheesy.gif

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I actually got a response from MP this morning! Wow that was pretty darn fast from what I've heard. So I got an email from Jennifer Gamboa,

 the Wedding Sales Assistant, and said this:


"Good Day! We are currently not booking weddings for 2012 at the moment. You will need to  check back with us in January. We don't have any waiting list dates and times are subject to availability. Thank you and have a wonderful day!"


So looks like early Jan 1st I will be up and trying to book a date on thier site! Wish me luck! ;)

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Congrats and welcome to the forum!  Happy planning:)

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Good luck with the planning! I felt exactly that way in the beginning and slowly things have fallen into place. I am very indecisive and with all the great tips, ideas, and advice, it is hard to decide.

In any case, looking forwar to reading your "random rants, raves, questions, and concerns!"

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