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  1. Hi guys! I am still waiting for our pictures for our review but I may say to heck with it. I have some from friends and family on FB so I will maybe use those. We really didn't take any pix with our camera. congrats to all the newly married and so excited for those that are getting married soon! I wish I had my old job at times, so I could still play on this site! It was soooo helpful to me when I was planning, and so many MP 2012 brides were amazing to me!!! Hope all is well for everyone! I will let you know when I post my review!!!
  2. Thank you!!! I made my script from this site. Sorry, I am soooo late in responding!!! but if you don't have it, PM me and I will send it to you!!!! Yes, I wore my hair up because of that and the fact it wouldn't hold a curl down there. I had Sara Tamargo do my make-up and her assistant did my hair. They did sooo great! Totally recommend! we gave Zaray $100, but I don't think that matters now.... Thank you! Thank you! We didn't have a rehearsal, but it turned out just fine. Zaray explained how it would go (after I told her I wanted the girls to walk down by themselves) and the second before they walked down the aisle she told them where to go and stand, it worked just fine for us....But I have been in 10 weddings as a BM so I wasn't worried about it, it's all about the same. YAY!! I want to see your pix!!! so therefore I want to be you FB friend. How do I find you??? Congrats!!!! you looked so beautiful!! congrats !!! YAY!! so excited for you! you will have the best time!
  3. AAWWW!!! you did!!???? Thank you, thank you!!! You looked absolutely beautiful too!!!! can't wait to see more pix!!!!
  4. YAY!!! Congrats! Your wedding sounds like it was amazing!!! You looked absolutely beautiful!!!! I love you dress Hope married life is treating you well!!! xx
  5. Hi Ladies!! We're back!!! Well we got back on Thursday, but had so much to do with being gone for 12 days! We had an amazing wedding and everything worked out the way it was supposed to. The week of my wedding it rained off and on all week. Low and behold the day of our wedding it was sooo cloudy that we decided to move our reception inside I was pretty upset about it, but there really wasn't anything I could do. Our ceremony, cocktail hour and pictures was beautiful and sunny. During our reception some of the guys went to smoke cigars and it was raining, so inside was the way to go. Not to mention, it gets too humid and muggy after it rains there, so inside was much more comfortable with the a/c. The room looked amazing and it really didn't matter once I saw the room!!! Like I said, it worked out how it was supposed to. My "husband" hee hee, was very happy to have the reception inside, he was sooo hot outside! Everything turned out amazing and I know we all stress, but they really do know what they are doing down there. We had nothing wrong happen. Zaray did amazing and was very kind and patient! We used Marvin and the flowers were amazing. Our photographer is trying something new, so he has our wedding on his website. It's was filmed live, so family back home could watch it while we got married. But it's still up if you guys want to watch it...http://www.ustream.tv/channel/oomm Hopefully that link will take you to it. If not, go to octaviomontes.com and click on channel 1 in the upper left hand side of the screen. They started recording 10 min before the ceremony so you should fast forward or you will just be watching our guests hang out! I hope you all are doing great. I will try to get my review up as soon as I can. But I wanted some pix first. Either way I will let you know when it's up!!! Miss you all and I hope all your wedding planning is going great! Please feel free to ask my anything!!! I know how stressful it is! Jamie
  6. We are leaving tomorrow! Yay! Hope you all had beautiful weddings!
  7. Hey everyone!! OMG, we leave tomorrow! Yay! I miss you all and sorry I haven't been able to contribute. I hope I will find the time to write a review and planning thread! I will at least fill you in when we get get in 2 weeks! Lots of love! xoxox
  8. Thank you!!! OMG, I can't believe that girl and the GM acted like that! I will never understand how rude and selfish people can be!!!
  9. You looked so beautiful!! congrats!!!
  10. Hi Ladies!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been on here in I don't know in how long!!!!!! I have missed you all so!!!!! I hope everyone's planning is going well and for those that have gotten married since mid April-Congrats!!! And welcome any "noobies" My new job has been crazy and I can't get on here during the day and at night, I have been super busy as well and this site has taken a serious back seat. We leave in 11 days and I can't believe it!!! It's starting to sink in, EEEEKKKK!!! I still have to do my I-pod playlist, but I think I have pretty much everything else done. I decided last minute to do a seating chart so I need to do place cards of some sort. I have also had some SERIOUS drama going on with some of my family, to the point where I can't believe I was ever upset about my "friends" I want to elope now!!! I am a little afraid it's going to be my worst nightmare come true, my wedding could be ruined! But we will have to wait and see! We officially get married May 25th here in Denver (the day before we leave). Yes, I thought the added stress would be great. But I couldn't take another day off of work to do it, and I already have the 25th off. There is what's going with me for now!!!! I miss you all!!! Lee-I am hoping I see you down there!!! That would be great if I could see a bit of your wedding!!! If not, hopefully this weekend! coco-not sure if you are ever on here anymore, but I hope being married is the best!!! Beatyea-same to you sister!!! xoxoxoxox
  11. AWW, you looked amazing! Thank you for taking the time to post! It made me even more excited!!! Congrats!!!
  12. AWWW!! I have been so looking forward to this review!!! Coco, thank you thank you for such an incredible review! I am so happy everything went well and that you had an amazing wedding! You looked stunning and you have given me so many ideas for mine! Thank you for everything! (((HUGS)))
  13. Well ladies we leave in 29 days! Yay! Lee, you are getting married 1 month from today! Yay! Looking forward to my Bach party tomorrow! Hope you all have a great weekend! xx
  14. Welcome back!!! So happy for you!!! Congrats!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it! xx
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