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  1. This is my bridal shower cake! Here is our wedding cake. You cant see it well but I have rhinstone banding around the two layers.
  2. I loved our hotel. I know that some people are complaining right now because of the name change and construction, but we are planning on going back next year! We got married in May which is the LEAST humid month there. The prices are better in May than they are in March or April, since that is their busy time. It starts dying down in May and then June and July are hurricane season, so you may get tropical storms thoes months. I was able to book my wedding date quicly, but eveythign else took forever. 83 room night means that I had a total number of 83 "nights booked" with them. I think that was most couples going for 5-7 nights. Each night at the hotel counts for a room night towards your total number of nights booked. So say there were three couples and they each booked 7 nights, you would have a total of 21 room nights booked. You need 75 to qualify for unlimited private functions. Juan Navarro was one of the cheaper photographers that I found. I dont understand your second question about how I spend...?? I chose the breeze terrace for our reception. Both nights! The rehersal and the wedding. I think its one of the best locations. My dress was a Maggie Adorea! I wish I could wear it ever day!! Almost every girl that tries that dress on abolutly loves it! I put my dress in a carry on bag. I didnt want to have to carry it around the whole day but wanted to know it was safe. It was and wasnt wrinkled or anything. Its so humid there there once you hang out your cloths, most of the wrinkles come out any way. My husband got his suit from Nordstroms. Its BCBG and its actually Kaki (although in some pics it looks grey). The guys wore Kaki pants and white shirts from Macys.
  3. Thank you Melmelli! I had such a hard time getting in touch with anyone to get any answers, time lines, prices etc. The only way I was able to get in touch with anyone was go to the FB page and complain there. Finally I was able to speak to my actual wedding coordinator or else it would have litterally been the Monday I left for mexico, I was getting married on Friday. I was shocked to get a call, especially just hours before leaving for the air port. I only had to put down like 1k or something to reserve everything and then I paid for everything else the day I left mexico. They had it all printed out and they just charged it all to my room at the end of the stay. I had no issues when it was all said and done. Good luck with everything! Im sure it will turn out perfectly!
  4. You sould check out my review.
  5. I didnt get the lounge furniture. It was just something I had priced out. If you contact Zuniga they can send you the info. You can private message me.
  6. Thank you so much! It makes me feel good to be an ispiration! I got the sashes and table runner from Zuniga productions and I believe that they called it Tiffany Organdy. That is how its stated on my contract. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
  7. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful words! Good luck to all future brides!!!
  8. After much research and comparison in prices with other artists in the Cancun area, I decided to go with Norma Zurama. Her and her staff were AMAZING. There were 6 of us who got our hair done and 3 of us got our makeup done. Norma is the makeup artist and she has hair stylists that work with her to make your hair as perfect as your make up. I decided to drive to her since my resort wouldn't allow her to come in unless she paid to stay there.The salon is right off the main strip in Cancun and it’s very nice and clean. It was about a 15 min cab ride. Her email address is nor_maccancun@hotmail.com She charged me $250 and for my girls it was $60 for hair and $60 for makeup. I was concerned with not having a trial run but again, I couldn't’t have been happier. My make up lasted all night and my hair was still looking pretty good the next morning. I brought extensions for them to put in my hair and they just executed everything exactly how I imagined it! I couldn't have asked for anything better! To check out our complete wedding, you can go to my profile and find my review of Cancun Palace!
  9. Amazing Cancun Hair and Make up Artist!!
  10. Hello ladies!!! I have enjoyed so much this group and although i didnt get married at Moon Palace, I did get married at Cancun Palace and wanted to let you all see my review if interested. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/80140/cancun-palace-wedding-2012-amazing-long-with-a-lot-of-pictures
  11. Moon Palace 2012 Brides
  12. Hello fellow brides~ It's been almost 1 month since we got married at Cancun Palace and I wanted to get this review done because I was able to find out so much WONDERFUL information and HELPFUL hints and ideas from this site. I hope my review is helpful! Overall Experience: For ANYONE who loves the ocean and has ever DREAMED of getting married on the beach, I TOTALLY suggest a wedding at Cancun Palace. The setting could not get any better and they executed everything that I asked of them. There was not ONE thing I would change about my wedding day! IT was AMAZING!!! Planning: Honestly this was the most stressful part. Being a DW Bride has stresses of its own. Everyone will rely on you for info on your resort, spa info, excursion info, flight info, basically anything they want to know, you will be the first person they go to so keep that in mind. I learned so much from this website and I am so glad that I found it. I was able to get more info from past and present brides, than I did with my travel agent and by the wedding department in Miami for Palace Resorts. I had always been warned that for Mexico weddings, they don’t really speak to you until 3 months prior. Well guess what, if you don’t take the bull by the horns, they MAY end up calling you the day you leave, like the Miami office did to me, to start planning everything out. Fortunately, I had done so much research and threw such a fit that I was actually able to work with my onsite coordinator, Paola, at Cancun Palace to set everything up and get all my questions answered. I still had to wait until the 90 day mark to speak to her and get it all taken care of. Please remember that response time is SLOW!! Outside Vendors: I have heard many different things on this, so I can only tell you my experience. At first I had and outside vendor for the following: DJ, hair and makeup as well as the photographer. After tons of research and answers back from Paola, they basically told me that if you want outside vendors, you have to pay for them to stay for 2 nights. I had chosen DJ Mannia after all the reviews that I read about him. After I contacted him at info@manniacancun.com.mx and found out his prices I was going to book him, but ended up going with the DJ from Cancun Palace because I couldn’t afford to pay the 2 night minimum for all my vendors. The DJ from Cancun Palace was awesome and affordable as well! I used an outside vendor for my Makeup and Hair, but I traveled off the resort for this, again, so I could save the two night minimum. I DID however end up paying for the stay for my photographer Juan Navarro. I felt it was VERY important to have a GREAT photographer and this is the only outside vendor that I ended up paying for to use at our wedding. Flowers: I chose to use “real touch†flowers. Meaning, they look REAL, even up close, but they are fake. I got my flowers from bloom bridal and even to this day, I get compliments on ALL of my flowers and I was able to keep my bouquet and display it at home, which I LOVE since I get to look at it every day! I would choose to do the same exact thing again if I had to do it all over! You can find them on Etsy or their email address is info@bloombridal.com I ordered the following items for a total of $650.00 1 Bridal bouquet with rhinestone accents 2 MOH bouquets 5 BM bouquets 11 Boutonnieres 12 hair flowers (3 which were mine, also had rhinestone accents) 10 cake flowers Ceremony and Reception: Originally we had chosen to get a wedding package, but after a lot of research, we chose to go with the complimentary package and add on to save on cost. When originally looking at the packages, I didn’t know that none of the decorations would carry over to the dinner/reception. So we would have paid $2500 just for the 30 min ceremony. Also I found that the packages included things that we didn’t really want, like the harpist, fireworks etc. The complimentary package comes with a bride’s bouquet and since I wanted to bring my own, I asked for them to split my bouquet into two and used them as decorations on the judges table. For the rest of the decorations I was led to contact Zuniga Productions. They have chair bows, linens, centerpieces, isle decorations etc. My contacts email address is lily@decocancun.com. The following is what I paid for my chosen decorations or the estimates for decorations that I was thinking about getting: Chair bows/ Sashes: $4 each Table runner: $7 each Upgraded Tiffany chairs: $7 each Lounge Couch for cocktail hour: $150 each seats 8 Lounge table with 4 seats: $120 each set Lighted cocktail tables: $75 each White light palm trees: $55 each Centerpieces: $110 each I actually ended up bringing my OWN centerpieces and I’m so glad that I did. We did have to pay a $165 set up fee at the resort though. Origionally they told me I was going to have to pay a $200 per table fee to set up, but since I was getting most of my decorations from Zuniga, they worked with me and did the one fee of $165. I found a specific company on etsy.com that makes centerpieces. She airbrushed each flower for me and made them waterproof so that the die wouldn’t run while under the water. I bought my own waterproof purple LED lights on ebay for a fraction of the price that I would have paid anywhere else. I paid $388 for my centerpieces and I had 8 sets of 3, plus $60 for the LED lights. I packed them all in smaller boxes and in 1 big luggage to take with me. I wrapped them well and nothing broke, not even coming home. (I am selling 7 sets of mine if you are interested) If you would like to purchase ones like these you can contact the maker at 812-797-3574 or visit her website at: (she can make pretty much anything you want) http://www.samsseashellsbytheseashoreweddingshop.com/#Site%20Home Locations for private functions: Originally we had chosen for the cocktail hour and dinner take place on the infinity terrace, but after getting there and getting to see how narrow it is, we changed our minds. I’m happy that we chose to hold it on the 3rd floor at the breeze terrace, it has its own bar, little pool/ hot tub and it overlooks the infinity pool and the ocean. IT was AMAZING!!! We held our rehearsal cocktail hour and dinner there AS WELL as the wedding cocktail hour, dinner and reception. I don’t think there is a better place to have it! Hair and Make up: After much research and number crunching, I decided to go with Norma Zurama. Her and her staff were AMAZING. There were 6 of us who got our hair done and 3 of us got our makeup done. Norma is the makeup artist and then she has hair stylists that she works with. The salon we drove to is right off the main strip and it’s very nice and clean. It was about a 15 min cab ride. Her email address is nor_maccancun@hotmail.com She charged me $250 and for my girls it was $60 for hair and $60 for makeup. I was concerned with not having a trial run but again, couldn’t have been happier. And I’m SUPER PICKY! Symbolic vs. Civil: Originally we didn’t like the thought of getting married in the states first then having the actual ceremony in Cancun after. Then after months of thought and consideration we decided that it wasn’t worth the extra time, effort, money, pregnancy tests, blood tests, translations, not to mention the lack of knowledge that the minister has for you and your relationship, so we chose to do a symbolic ceremony. We had one of our friends act as our minister. We put the whole ceremony together and again, I wouldn’t have done it different. To have someone who knows you, loves you and is a part of your life, to officiate your ceremony, it is sooooo special. Food and Cake: The food was AMAZING!! Since we got to have two nights of free private functions (thanks to 83 room nights booked) we got to try out lots of the options. For the rehearsal cocktail hour we did the Mexican appetizers. I almost wish we would have done this again for the wedding night it was so good. For dinner that night we chose the BBQ buffet. For the wedding night we had the Superior appetizers and the Mexican Buffet. The chicken Mole that was served with the Mexican buffet and the Fish was a TOTAL hit. We had to request more several times. Our cake turned out beautifully. I suggest not doing any sort of upgrade on the cake as usually it’s a waste of money. We brought our own crystal bake banding, the silk flowers and cake topper. I told Paola how I would like it done and it was perfect! We only ate the one piece that we cut for pictures. The rest of the guests were too full from our wonderful dinner. RE CAP: We would choose to have our dream wedding at Cancun Palace again for sure. The resort was beautiful, the staff was nice, the rooms were amazing and our wedding was EXACLY what we had dreamt of. Thank you Cancun Palace for all of our memories! We will be going back next May for our 1 year anniversary.
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