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  1. Thank you for sharing!!! Your pictures turned out amazing! I am having La Luna photograph my wedding in June so this made me super excited! Thanks again!!!
  2. ooh and I got my ideas from this website of course!!! The passport inspiration came from MochaMakes3! I didn't use templates because none of them wanted to work the way I wanted them to...so I did mostly everything from scratch... I just have to say that I love powerpoint... But I definitely got my ideas from all over this forum!!! THANK YOU!!!
  3. So a week from Monday I am having some of my bridesmaids over to help put together the invites since it is very involved!! But I decided to make one start to finish (minus the stamp/address label) so that everyone could see what the finished product will look like. I took some pictures with my iPhone so here they are... (I made "postcards" with information about the resort credit because when I started making the invites I wasn't sure if it was going to be extended or not so I did not put the info about it in the passport and then when I found out they were extending it, I didn't have any room inside the passport so I decided just to add it separately...it may give the people that are undecided about coming the added incentive to come!!)
  4. Your engagement pics turned out really nice!! I like how you can see your personalities in them!
  5. They look sooo good!!! I have the same color/size envelopes as you! haha! I looovvveee how sparkly the pink ticket jacket looks! GREAT JOB!
  6. Jamie your invites look awesome! You did a great job! My colors are pink and orange too, but I had to add some blue to keep FI happy I am doing passport invites with a boarding pass RSVP! Coco: you should consider a career change (haha) because you are sooo good at all of the DIY! It is hard to keep up with this thread - you guys are soooo productive! I need to get my procrastinating butt into gear!
  7. Coco - EVERYTHING you do turns out AMAZZZZIINNNGGG! You are awesome ! You will be done in no time and then you will be able to relax (?? maybe haha) for a little while before the BIG DAY!!!
  8. I guess I have more done than I thought - as soon as I posted the above post I remembered that I have booked La Luna for our photography and TTD!!! WOOHOOO! soo excited about that! I am also going to have SaraTamargo do my makeup which I am as equally excited about!! And I am thinking about using Plumerias Wedding Flower Boutique to make real touch flowers...hmm debating - but they look awesome!
  9. Hello ladies!!! I have been MIA for a while... it's been pretty busy! I was just in my friend's wedding, I started a new job, and am going back to school! So I have been slacking in the wedding planning department!! You all seem to have soo much done already and all of your DIY's turned out awesome! I did get my dress and it is already in!! They told me it would take at least 8 months and it ended up coming in within 2!! I am attempting to make DIY passport invites but it is very frustrating to me because I am not the most "crafty" person and I want them to look nice but it doesn't seem to be working right now... I saw MochaMakes3's passports and that's what really made me want to try to do them as well because her's look soooo awesome!!! But anyway I am taking a break from them and just ignoring it for right now because it is so frustrating...not the best plan I know but I am a procrastinator! Along with the passport's I am doing a boarding pass RSVP and those came out much better than the passports so far! (I will eventually post pics I swear!!) I have a few items for OOT's but I still want to get some ibuprofen, sunblock, chapstick etc. Right now I have the bag's that I got from oriental trading co and they say "All you need...is LOVE" on them and each bag is a different color. I have some travel games, sudoku, hand sanitizer, crossword puzzles, room key/tip holders (I borrowed that from Tissey), ummmm and I think that's all I have for now..? Drawing a blank... So for the most part I am just putting off doing projects because of school which is taking up waaayyy too much of my time right now ..... I do not have locations booked or menus or anything!! I have asked Geraldine multiple times if I can book locations and she claims she sent my e-mail's to Iliana but I have not heard anything from her at all...I wish the communication process was smoother...but what can you do?! Keep up the good work everyone - you guys are all doing AWESOME!!!
  10. I have Geraldine Flores also... she isn't really all that helpful (but I'm not sure that anyone in Miami is...). She answers some of my questions but not really in much detail. The majority of my questions she "forwards" to a WC at the Palace; however she has done this a number of times and I have yet to hear anything from them. The worst part about this is trying to be patient because I want to try to get as much stuff done ASAP but it is difficult!
  11. Woohoo!! Finally another June bride!!! I'm getting married June 16th, 2012!!!
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