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  1. Thank you! It's just a very small part of my portfolio
  2. Thank you Kelly! I appreciate your compliments about my style!
  3. DmitryYakunin

    July 4 wedding

    Congratulations! And good luck with all your planning!
  4. DmitryYakunin

    Newbie - 11/11/11 Los Cabos Bride

    Congratulations onyour engagement!
  5. Welcome to the forum!!! Here you will find a lot of halpful info!
  6. DmitryYakunin

    Hi there!

    Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your planning!!!
  7. DmitryYakunin

    Hi There!!

    My congratulations!
  8. DmitryYakunin

    April 2012 St. Thomas Bride!!!!

    Welcome to the forum!!! Good luck with all your planning!
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    Newbie- Planning a 2012 wedding

    Congratulations! Enjoy your engagement time!!!!
  10. DmitryYakunin

    Hello! Puerto Vallarta Bride - Nov. 2011.

    Greetings to a Chicago couple!!! Happy planning!
  11. DmitryYakunin

    riu montego bay wedding information from other riu brides

    Welcome to the forum! Your resort will definitely fit to your expectations!
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    Wedding at the Grand Sirenis

    My congratulations!!! Good luck with all your planning!
  13. DmitryYakunin

    SGOR Bride to be, May 2011 <3

    Welcome to the forum!!! Enjoy it!)