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  1. Sorry ladies, I haven't been on this site for a little while. I ordered the mugs from Discount Mugs.com I just created the art work for the mugs myself and sent it in. You get to proof it before you order. We ended up with a few extras too I think because the art work was off centre. Just watch for discounts on the site, you can definitely save some money or free shipping. I just slightly changed the artwork for the shot glasses. I was really nice having the mugs because everyone used them and you could alway find the members of your group because you looked for the mugs!
  2. In the Palapa you get different entree options. I gave everyone a menu for the dinner with out "Welcome to Mexico" booklets that I made and asked them to pick an entree. We just had to give the list to the coordinator before the wedding day (I think a day before was ok). Everyone could pick steak, surf n' turf or salmon and they even had a vegetarian option that had 3 choices as well. The coordinator made name tags with everyone's dinner choice (small print in the corner) so the waiters knew who ordered which dinner. You could even get your guests to pick before you get there if you wanted.
  3. We had a couple of kids at our reception in the palapa. We just ordered them chicken fingers for dinner and they even brought them ketchup. Everyone was allowed to choose their entree for the dinner and we only paid the upgrade for the people that choose the surf n turf. We had to have the same salad and soup for everyone, but we got both desserts 50/50. Everyone really liked their meals, no complaints. We didn't do anything special for the kids, but there would definitely be enough room if you wanted to. We found that there wasn't a whole lot of extra time either; we had cocktail hour 1
  4. My biggest advise would be to bring all of your correspondence from the coordinator and photographer. This helped me a lot and there was no question what was included. You will have a wonderful time; we had a wonderful wedding.
  5. @Kbodchill: yes overall I really enjoyed the wedding. I was really happy that we rented the palapa, I think that really made the experience for us. All of our guests really enjoyed the wedding location and the palapa as well and the dinner was great. Personally I wondered if I could have done things differently (like an outside photographer or rented the palapa for 1 more hour), but that is always hindsight. I really did think that it was beautiful! I am sure you will have a wonderful experice!
  6. @DianaKeelon - the palapa is $11050 to rent and $350 per person for the menu and you get open bar for 4 hours. There is an additional upgrade if you want the surf n' turf or the lobster but I can't remember what it is. I though it was expensive expecially because we are in an all inclusive restaurant, but we were really happy that did it. We had a wonderful time.
  7. I actually saw you at your dinner in the itallian restaurant and you looked beautiful! I would have said hi, but some random stranger banging on the window might not have gone over so well!
  8. I also added some templates for the welcome book and other stuff that I did if you are interested. Hopefully this link will work. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/70887/templates-for-mexico-wedding#post_1567119
  9. Hi everyone. I just wanted to share the templates that I used for my Mayan Riveria wedding. I got a lot of great ideas from this website so I wanted to share. I ordered the mugs from Discount mugs and was very happy with them. The shot glasses where from a company in Ontairo and they are very nice. I sent the newsletter out about a month before we left. I made some simple luggage tags with our guests name and the hotel on the back. I got the laminating kit from Staples and printed them on business card paper. I forgot to take photos of some of t
  10. Hopefully this information will be helpful to someone Hotel There is wonderful snorkelling and diving right at the resort. There was always something to eat in the buffet and no one got sick, if anything people probably ate too much and felt off from that. Unfortunately the all of the heads in the shower don’t work anymore and the tub would have taken forever to fill if you tried. Did that ruin the stay, not at all but it was just some of the features that are missing now. This was our second trip there so we didn’t need to get acquainted with the resort; it was pretty much the sa
  11. Hi Ladies! We got back a couple of days ago from our wedding and 2 week stay here. I am working on a review right now to share so I can try to answer some of your questions. If you have anything specific let me know. We book the palapa for the wedding and it was wonderful. I am so glad that we splurged and got it!
  12. Hey, does any one know how many locations there are for a beach ceremony? Araceli gave us the option of the palapa beach but she thought that we should have the ceremony time closer to the dinner so there wasn't too much of a gap (4:00 ceremony and 6:00 dinner). We would like to take pictures in between, but I kind of wanted an idea of where we would be having the ceremony to have a time frame.
  13. I just filled out the Air Transast form that she sent me, it was only about 2.5 pages. Some of the stuff I don't know so I will leave it blank. I had a hair trial the other day so I think that I am good to go, my friend is being brave enough to give it a try for the weddding Work...who has time for that anymore. Only a couple of more days then we meet up with my family before we go. I can't believe how close it is now. YAY!
  14. @Melaina - I will definitely look for the big hat. I am getting my form done today! Happy packing too, I am trying really hard not to leave it until the last minute.
  15. Melaina we will definatley see you there. We leave a week on Sunday! I still have to fill out the forms too so don't feel bad
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