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  1. Hey all. My sister has been acting like a real b!tch lately and she just so happens to be the MOH. It all started when I told her what my colors were for the wedding. I told her I wanted all the bridesmaids to wear silver shoes. She wants to wear her own shoes that ARE NOT silver. When I told her I didn't want her to wear those shoes, she immediately became distant and had a bad attitude. When her birthday came around she stopped talking to me all together because I arrived an hour late to her event. She was angry the whole night and wouldn't even speak to me. This was April 23rd. It is now May 20th and I have not heard from her. I called her and of course she didn't answer so I left a message to call me. She instead texted me a nasty little message but I didn't reply. We leave for Cabo Mexico in 3 months and I dont know how long she plans on ranting and raving like this. She is taking this way too far and I don't know what to do about her. How should I handle this????
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question. I've been thinking about this for the last couple weeks now and I just thought to ask none other than my fellow brides on this site for some advice. I am gettting married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on August 27, 2011 and have 6 bridesmaids. In the few months to come leading up to the wedding, I'm having my bridal shower, bachelorette party and fair-well reception for those people who can't make it to Mexico. My question is... Is it okay that I ask my bridesmaids to pay for the bridal shower since they are already spending money on their airfare, bridesmaid dress and hotel for the wedding? I feel really bad because they are spending so much to come to Mexico. I don't want to break their bank! What are your thoughts? Concerned....
  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!... You were really lucky to have won them to do your video. I think they just may be the best out there. I actually already saw your video on the Barcelo Facebook page! I didn't know this was you. Really beautiful work they did. BTW... your dress was georgous!! I like the way it hung when you and your husband ran on the shore. Also the shot when you were on the rocks was very creative like a movie. Who was your photographer? And was Barcelo good at planning your wedding? I notice the wedding coordinators are quitting and its just Abigail there. I was working with Romina but she quit. Just want to make sure my wedding is as nice as they say it would be.
  4. Hi Wholowach. I have been researching HDM and their work. They are absolutely amazing at what they do. Are they reasonable and have you posted your video?
  5. Hi Wholowach, That is good to know!! I am so happy to hear your wedding went off without a hitch. Which package did you choose? I chose the Blueberry Dream package with appetizers and cocktails only. I wanted a non-traditional wedding. I'm thinking about getting the dance floor (lighted) and lighting under the tables for extra decor. I don't have a DJ tho. i wasn't planning on getting one. Do you think I need one for announcements? At the reception, did someone announce you and the wedding party once you got back from taking pictures? Also did you have someone annouce the throwing of the bouquet and the garter? I need help!
  6. Hi everyone. I'm getting married at Barcelo Los Cabos in August 2011. I have about 50 guests joining me and need some suggestions on what activities I can plan for the weekend. I have a fun bunch of people who love to party and have a good time. But I want to plan something that is memorable that will make the weekend really nice. Any suggestions??
  7. Hi Everyone!!!! I'm a Cabo Bride August 27, 2011 Barcelo Palace Deluxe in Cabo San Lucas!!
  8. Hello: I'm planning on getting married August 27, 2011 at this resort and I picked the Blueberry Dream package. I picked this resort because it looks so nice from the pictures and its an all inclusive (a plus). My Barcelo WC name is Romina. She's very nice and responsive so far but I've seen other brides on this website say that they hired an outside WC just to make sure everything went well on their wedding day. I'm planning on doing the same. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. Can you give me Rachel Hansens information? I'm getting married in Cabo San Lucas Barcelo Deluxe Palace and I'm thinking of using a coordinator in addition to the hotel wedding planner.
  10. I am also planning to have my wedding here. I've been in contact with a coordinator named Romina. She has been very accomodating to me and has answered my emails promptly. I originally had Ana as a coordinator and from the first day of working with her I felt she wouldn't do a good job because of her attitiude. She is very rude and will not answer any of your emails. So I had to complain to the manager of the wedding dept. After doing so, I told them I didn't want Ana working on my wedding. They quickly transferred me to another coordinator. I am happy and hope things go well!! Im' sooo excited for my big day!
  11. My name is Danyelle Watson. I'm not that new to the sight but it has definitely helped me make some decisions about my wedding ie, where not to have a wedding, vendors, etc. I'm looking to get married at ME by Melia in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico August 27, 2011. I would like to know if anyone had there wedding here and what how it turned out. Thanks!
  12. Anyone have any positive experiences with their wedding here? I've been hearing some upsetting information on how they conduct business with weddings at this resort. Anyone have any insight?
  13. Im getting married there next year in August. I have heard some bad things about having your wedding there and I've grown a little concerned. My wedding planner is warning me she has not had any good experiences with them and not to have it there. SO... I would like to know how yours went? Anything I should know? Planning to have a big party there (about 50 people).
  14. My fiancee and I decided to go have our wedding at the Grand Paladium in Montego Bay, Jamaica next year in August. We went last year and thought it was georgous however, I'm having second thoughts about having my special day there. I'm concerned about the lack of service I've been hearing about in regards to the wedding itself. Has anyone had their wedding there?
  15. Danyelle Watson Wedding date: August 27, 2011 Wedding location: Grand Palladium/ Lady Hamilton Resort and Spa
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