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Edible starfish, shells, etc. for beach brides

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I was looking around online and found this. I remember reading in other threads that some brides were specifically looking for edible and decorative beach items. Can't find those threads anymore, so I'll post this here.

Thought this might help.


Here's the site:



They, also, have plenty of other great items that circle around beach weddings, among other things.


Here are some pics of the items. Keep in mind, They Are ALL EDIBLE










I also, saw this favor that popped out and thought it might be useful to beach brides.




I don't need this, but felt I should post it in case other brides are looking. =]

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Those are amazing!  I'd also suggest doing a search on etsy.com. I've seen several people selling ediable sugar shells, starfish, etc.

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