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  1. I was wondering the same thing. I was so excited to reach 150 and I still can't see attachments. I hope they update it soon because I leave for our wedding next eek and I need the hangover kit tags!!
  2. Karyan, I love the idea of a nude sketch. Do you have a link for the artist?
  3. I hate to say it but I think it's necessary to send out invites. We worked long and hard on our website and a good number of guests never even looked at it. I know this because they called me to asked a million questions that were all answered on the website. I noticed this was especially a problem with older guests that don't use the internet as often.
  4. Mocha, If those candles are from Ikea, you can always buy them ahead of time and and do a test run to see how long they burn. I
  5. those are great. It makes me wish our hotel was AI so we had a reason to get them for OOT bags.
  6. If anyone else is interested, I actually ordered this from a seller on Etsy and she is making me 6 for only $38 total.
  7. I agree. I woundn't put the info on the invitations. Put it on your website and give contact details for your travel agent so people can get a quote from them.
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