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  1. A few more pics for you ladies We wanted something different for a guest book, so we had a canvas made by allpopart.com and gave our guests permanent marker to write around our faces..
  2. The cocktail hour was done in front of the ballroom .. its a little section between the front of the hotel and the walkway to the pool area
  3. Ladies my review is up. If you have any questions feel free to email me at rachel_gerber@yahoo.com
  4. Hey ladies, I'm back and married!! The wedding was amazing!! I will have a review up as soon as possible.
  5. Thanks, We leave this Saturday. I just checked the weather and its supposed to rain.. I hope it stays nice out for a few days and hopefully get some sun the day of the wedding.
  6. I really would like fireworks over sparklers ... im still waiting to hear back from the company. They were going to reach out to dreams
  7. Just spoke to Cecilia. She said that Mannia is going to be at my wedding. They are now using a new DJ company so for all new bookings it will have to be there company but Mannia will finish off all the booked events on schedule.
  8. Interesting.. My wedding is next Thursday and Cecilia hasnt mentioned anything about not using Mannia anymore.
  9. I am super excited! We finished up our table numbers today and seating chart. Im waiting to hear back from cecilia and this fireworks company. We wanted to do fireworks in the ending but cecilia is telling me it is prohibited on the property. The company promedsa told us they can possibly do it from the hotel next door as long as dreams agreed to it.
  10. Thank you! I am super excited.. most of our stuff is done and now just getting seating arrangements worked out and trying to figure out what we are going to suggest for music with DJ manana
  11. Ladies just to give everyone a heads up... do not mail the first aid kits.. bring them with you. I mailed a ton of stuff to mexico on monday and today found out that some of the stuff will be sent back to us because they will not accept it there... including the first aid kits and anything made in china.
  12. My wedding is January 27th .. I am getting nervous. I spoke to Cecilia and I wanted to hire a fire drummer show for 30 minutes during the reception and originally she told me it was $500 and now shes telling me its $1250. UGH!!!
  13. Ladies, we got our suit today. It really is very nice! We got the suit for the best man and I am really still amazed that it was that cheap. I will post pics as soon as possible.
  14. Thank you so very much! We plan on having the reception at the ballroom as well and extending the time till 1 am. I guess we will pay for the open bar for th 50 people coming for a couple of extra hours. Which DJ did you use? We got a DJ as well as fire starter/drum dancers for 30 minutes and maybe going to add another performer. I am flying in a photographer from home that we have used since we were kids. I'm not so worried about the money because in NY this would cost us a lot more, however I just want to make sure that this is possible. What did you do for centerpieces? I sent Cecilia pictu
  15. Sorry forgot my last question .... Did you have buffet style? I want to have a sit down dinner for 50 guests.
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