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  1. Hi Ladies! There's a Facebook page for Dreams Punta Cana brides. That page has all of the information and support you'll need. By the way, I got married there in 2014.
  2. @@Corona check out the Facebook page to get your questions answered. It's called Dreams Punta Cana Brides. Good luck!
  3. Can you send me an email with pics? tesayoung@yahoo.com. I need around 50.
  4. Hi! I'm getting married in July 2014. The WC told us that she would contact us 3 months before the ceremony, so I'm looking forward to hearing from her! Also ladies thanks for the Facebook page, so helpful!
  5. They're nice but not necessary. I've seen plenty of save the dates and invitations from just regular photos. You even have the option to not use photos for your notifications.
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