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  1. I think it goes without saying that you need to say something to her. It's possible she thought it was delivered to you yet never delivered to her in the first place (benefit of the doubt). I can't imagine forgetting a china set being delivered to my home, not to mention two. Something seems kind of fishy, but I wouldn't question her in a confrontational way, more of a "following up with the registry" kind of thing.
  2. Such a unique dress, Martap7!!! It's so unique and the detail is awesome! Looks great on you!
  3. Love that idea! I also saw a good idea on another post where you make a photo book for the parents when you get the pro pics. I think we will definitely be doing this.
  4. We are having our reception at a local marina/restaraunt/bar on the water. They have a live band every night of the week and that will be our music. Our wedding is a lot like yours, 40 or so people. Neither one of us are dancers, so much so we aren't even doing a first dance or mother son dance, etc... it's just not important to us. What is important is spending time with our family and friends, so what if they feel it was just a dinner... at least it was a dinner with people we love on such an important day of our lives. People can go dance with the band if they want to though
  5. Our reception is more of a dinner get together then a traditional reception. The length isn't set or important and we have no time limit, we just want quality time with our close family and friends. If it's winding down after two hours then we will leave, if it's 4 hours later so be it, we are winging it, lol. Afterwards, we will head to the hotel and either go to "bed" or hang out by the pool with the friends and family who are also staying at the hotel. Our wedding is on a Tuesday so many people are treating it as a vacation getaway weekend and oh ya, they have a wedding to attend, lol.
  6. Walking down to 311 - Love Song... exiting to Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  7. I'm curious about this as well. We are paying for the majority of our wedding ourselves. We originally were going to elope, but after my grandparents passed away earlier this year it turned into a full on wedding, lol. We are having less then 40 people and spending a total of roughly $5.000 for everything. My mother has helped a bit financially for our wedding, picking up about half of the tab, which was amazing. Neither set of my other halfs family has chipped in, nor did we expect them to knowing their financial status. I'm a bit lost as to what to do for gifts, if anything at all. For my mother I am embroidering a handkerchief and bought her a bracelet from the same set as my bridal jewelry. I will be doing the same for his mom, but with a necklace instead of a bracelet. I want to do something more for my mom, but just can't think of anything. And then there is his dad and step mom, I haven't done anything for them and frankly don't know if I should. This stuff is hard, lol.
  8. My dress is a corset with a built in bra so I am lucky to not have to deal with wearing a bra, lol. I'd love to wear cute panties, but my thighs ALWAYS chafe when I wear dresses so I will instead be wearing a pair of bicycle shorts underneath. It's far from sexy, but at least my legs will be saved, lol. Our reception dinner will most likely be over by about 8ish so the plan is to go back to the hotel (where most of our guests are also staying) and just hang out by the pool (that has an awesome tiki bar and fire pits). I wanted to find a cute swimsuit to wear, but have had no luck so will probably just wear one that I already own.
  9. I was at Sephora yesterday to find my color of foundation. While I was there a girl came in who was on her way to a modeling shoot and was told absolutely NO tattoos. She had paw prints on the front of her upper legs that were black. The Sephora clerk took a highlighting pencil and went over the tattoo to lighten it up some. Then she went over to a tattoo coverup makeup by KatVonD called "Lock It Tattoo Foundation" it came in lots of shades just like normal foundation. She brushed this on over the tattoo and blended it, like magic the tattoos were gone! It was truely amazing to watch.
  10. My FH and I have never been the dancing type. We will not be doing a first dance or anything like that. There will be a live band at the restaraunt that's hosting our reception so guests can dance if they want to, but the other half and I are opting out, lol.
  11. The other half and I don't dance so we aren't doing a first dance, lol. We are having our reception at a waterfront marina/restaurant that has a live band every night so there was no need for us to get a DJ.
  12. I used Mixbook and LOVED how the final product turned out. I did a black leather book and used a discount code I found online. The one that really drew me to Mixbook was that they had a ton of layouts and options along with an easy to use setup.
  13. I bought all of my jewelry, including jewelry I was giving for gifts, from an amazing seller on Etsy. The prices were great, shipping was fast, and quality was incredible. I can't recommed this seller enough! The seller is Element4You and here are some pics of what I purchased... they look great in the pics, but even better in person.
  14. Just finished making my bouquet. We're getting married this November 12th I made a few protypes before figuring out what worked for me, I LOVE it!!
  15. I made one for my Maid of Honor and one for myself. My FH created the base/handle because I couldn't find any premade ones at the craft store that would support the weight of the shells. I absolutely am in love with them and so is my MOH! After the wedding I will remove the handle and use the main part as a centerpiece or decoration somewhere in the house Mine, along with charm photos of my grandparents who passed away this year and my cousin who passed back in 2007. Both mine and my MOH from the top.
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