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  1. Now that is definitely true, although all it takes is taking the picture and using wifi to put it online after the ceremony (I assume most resorts have wifi)
  2. I didn't even think about that part, that makes sense.
  3. Can I ask why? Professional photos take so long, I'm expecting the guest photos to tide me over until I get the real ones lol. But if that is what you guys want, I don't think it's rude to ask or anything
  4. I think everybody coming has traveled more than I have lol. And I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a TA soon to help everybody book anything.
  5. That is what I'm worried about, although we will be renting a car for us, and I suspect most people will be doing their own excursions separate from us (we'll be doing things geared to our kids ages, not adults lol) I think it's a bit different because we aren't going somewhere all inclusive, so while we want to split housing costs like this (a week will cost what two nights would at a hotel,) the actual vacation planning will be up to each individual (although we'll provide a list of nearby attractions/points of interest and our plans for anybody who wants to come along with us.)
  6. True... I was thinking I can include a note about bringing it to Florida to toss in a wishing well for us. I just have to convice FH that it's not too overboard lol!
  7. I need to do this! And yours turned out beautifully. My tendency to go overboard is kicking in and I'm already googling custom stamped coins LOL
  8. I've thought about it. I think I might do an unplugged ceremony. I would be pretty upset if the photographer I'm paying was unable to get some of the most important images, while somebody grabbed an iphone pic instead, and quite honestly I don't want to be distracted at the alter by a lot of people getting up and down and moving around during the ceremony.
  9. Coffee. I'm drinking it right now even lol House or apartment?
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