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  1. I am expecting 16 guests for a total of 18 including us. As of right now, our reception is the ocean terrace, but I am open to other locations now that it's such a small number of people (I originally quoted for 40.) I am not using the resort for flowers. I am actually making my own bouquets. (I am not a very big flower person anyway).
  2. Hi! I actually decided to go with Juan Navarro. He used to be part of their onsite photography a couple of years back and still has a working relationship with Maroma. He doesn't get charged outside vendor fees. His work looks awesome. I haven't signed on to this site in quite some time. But I am getting down on my countdown..May 23 is my day! About 50 something days to go. I will probably be posting more frequently now that it's getting closer, so ask away!
  3. I ended up using wordpress, and bought a theme and customized it to fit what we wanted. www.angelaplusbill.com
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Babs I took pics of the gazebo and the beach location! Both were amazing locations. Definitely one of the prettiest gazebos I have seen. Yay! My wedding is at the gazebo. So pretty, it almost doesn't need any additional decor! Thanks!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Babs Hello Maroma Brides! I recently stayed at Secrets Maroma and met with Cecilia. What an amazing resort! They have weddings pretty much everyday which is why it can take Cecilia a couple of days to respond. But you are definitely in great hands with her! Let me know if you have any questions I can assist you with. You don't happen to have any pictures do ya?
  6. Ok ladies...I have to admit, I am way behind. I never actually got started. Maybe today is the day.. I signed up for a simple 7k on Thanksgiving Days o I have to start running again anyway. Agh, so unmotivated
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by AnaSteele58 Where are you ordering the skirts from? I am ordering them from: https://www.etsy.com/listing/156008509/striped-bridesmaid-skirt-navy-green-red?ref=related-0
  8. this is actually what I am doing for my wedding! I'm ordering grey and white striped skirts for my BMs, and a yellow and white striped skirt for my MOH..all wear wear white tops..TBD
  9. Ok, so I wasn't able to start on Monday like i planned. I had an unforeseen project pop up and I worked all evening/night on it. And yesterday evening was a mess of catching up from the night before. I need to stop making excuses and start. Today I plan on doing a 3mile run. It's something!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by megssweet1 I just started Orange theory Fitness. To be honest, I hate it! But I really want to lose 25-30 lbs. Once I'm down quite a bit, I'll switch back to hot yoga. Ugh! I need to get on a good diet plan bc I want to ACCELERATE the results. My wedding sistill almost 6 months away,but I always feel like "oh, this one time won't hurt". But "this one time" is like EVERY OTHER DAY !!Lol I did a 5 day juice cleanse that I really think jump started my weight loss. I have lost about 20 lbs this year, 7 alone from that 5 day cleanse. Maybe that would work for
  11. Hi girls! Didn't update all of you on my half marathon. As you can tell..I am alive, lol. I did it in 2:37, and my goal was under 3 hours, so yay!! I beat my goal. I had to take some time off from working out/running because my body was definitely mad at me for putting it through 13.1 miles of practically ALL HILLS. (Baltimore is one of the hilliest half marathons/marathons if anyone is wondering about doing it..) I planned on starting T25 this week, but I got in a little over my head with my halloween costume, and I've had to dedicate all of my extra time to sewing on lots of singular
  12. I'm actually going to start T25 next week. I was waiting for my half marathon training to be done with. The race is Saturday so I can finally start doing other workouts.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ldigliani Hey all... I've been working on perks for the guests during the reception and I wanted thoughts from past brides as to how things went. Anyone get the cigar roller or a photo booth? If so how was your experience? Also, we're going to be having a bonfire the night before. Any details, specifics, pictures and suggestions? Cecilia was pretty cryptic! Thanks all! ~ Lena I'm doing a bonfire the night before as well! Haven't worked out details either. I can update you as I do. When is your wedding?
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