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  1. I ordered a custom-made ivory organza dress with a ruffle-layered skirt and sweetheart neckline (zip-up back with button detail). I ended up wearing another dress so this dress was never worn (I only tried it on twice at home). The ruffles are great for a seaside wedding! I don't want this dress to go to waste so I would love to give it a new home! $150 plus shipping. Comes with the ivory sash as pictured and I'll also include the ivory fingertip veil I never wore (because it was too windy on my wedding day). Customized to fit a street size 4 and my height without shoes (5'3) but here were the measurements used: Bust size: 85cm Waist size: 71cm Shoulder to floor with shoes on: 131cm Height: 162.5 See attached photos:
  2. there's only really 1 address: weddings@belovedhotels.com but you can also try groups.cun@excellence-resorts.com (since the Beloved and Excellence Playa Mujeres teams work together).
  3. Since I just got back from my wedding, I wanted to share my own review of Styling Trio Riviera Maya (STRM)! From the moment I started corresponding with Adrian of STRM via e-mail, I knew I wanted to work with him! He was so friendly and willing work within my budget. I looked at various photos on his website as well as his Facebook page and his brides just looked so happy and flawless. I struggled at first because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on hair and makeup but my friends convinced me that it was an important investment and they were right! Plus, Adrian and Yonatan (STRM's financial manager) really went above and beyond to try and make the costs as close as possible to my original budget. I really appreciated that! At first I was disappointed because Adrian wasn't available for my wedding. However, I trusted that his team was capable and I signed the contract with STRM anyway. The day before my trial, Yonatan emailed me and let me know that Adrian was possibly available for my wedding. I was very happy but I couldn't email him back because our wifi was so spotty at the resort. Even without a timely response, Adrian and Yonatan proceeded with the new plan to have Adrian be there for my wedding day (as well as the trial)! The next day, Adrian and his team came to my resort in the pouring rain, navigating through flooded roads for my trial. They were really late but apologized profusely. Since my rehearsal was going to start in 20 minutes, they worked quickly to get me all set. At one point, with my eyes closed, I thought I felt 5 pairs of hands working on my face and hair but only 4 artists were around! It was amazing! While I was pleased with their work, I knew they could do better. Due to the tight timeline, I didn't have time to ask them to re-do my makeup, but I gave Adrian some feedback, which he accepted enthusiastically and we said goodbye for the night. The day of my wedding came (the rains had stopped thankfully) and Adrian and his team were prompt and ready to go! We had about 5 hair/makeup artists (including Natasha, the hair stylist, who is awesome as well) in our suite working on a total of 12 ladies. Yonatan had created a schedule for us so that we could have my ladies rotating in and out of the suite in time for the wedding. Adrian and his team ended up being ahead of schedule! They were amazing and every one of my ladies seemed to have been pleased with the results. Adrian had really listened to the feedback from the trial and made adjustments accordingly. I was so happy with my wedding day hair and makeup! Considering I solely relied on photos online as well as a few great reviews on this forum, I felt so fortunate to have worked with STRM. And let me tell you, that even in the gross humidity, with all my dancing and eating and sweating, my makeup and hair looked and stayed awesome. That airbrush makeup really is amazing. And I had asked Natasha to "shellack" my hair with hairspray (since my hair is thin and straight, it falls out of up-do's all the time) and it really held up and looked great all day long! My girlfriends were like "How come you don't look like you're melting like the rest of us?" The answer was Adrian. STRM always says "fabulous from beginning to end" and they were right! It was worth the outside vendor fees my resort charged me! I was so grateful to have an awesome team consisting of really nice people who worked tirelessly to make your special day truly special! I highly recommend STRM!
  4. Llenny took over for Alejandro. She has worked over at the Excellence Playa Mujeres for years and she's really great!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by BodaHermosa Did anyone use an outside vendor for photography and/or video? I know TBH charges a $500 outside vendor fee, but that doesn't include meals, and the photographer I am considering requests that we feed his crew (there are 3 in his crew). Someone suggested paying for a room instead of paying the $500 vendor fee, but since there are 3 crew members, paying for a room will be more expensive. Does anyone know if there are any other options to grant access to outside vendors and feed them? (I will probably hire an outside videographer too.) I'm bring my 2 photographers from the US so we paid for their rooms and avoided the $500 vendor fee. However, I think even if you have them stay at the resort you still have to pay for their meals at the wedding (which is pretty typical since photographers spend most of the day with you). But you should look into how much a triple room is for 1 night. I think for me, it would've been less than $500! Save where you can!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by coogasu Has anyone had guests attend that didn't stay at the Beloved? Do they still charge $150/guest even if they just come for the wedding? I definitely think it's less than $150 but the guests can come from 1 hour before your ceremony until the end of the reception. I may have a couple of guests who are staying at another resort (because they have a time-share) but they were so nice about it and told us that they would pay for their own guest passes!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by vas2014 We have printed on our photo share cards, that guest not post pictures until we post the 1st one. we're hopping that works Oooh! That's a great idea! Thanks for the tip!
  8. We decided to do an unplugged ceremony. We sorta mentioned it to some of our friends and they seemed to be okay with it! We're going to note it in our pre-trip newsletter, our wedding website and on our programs. Hopefully, no one will be too upset that they can't take any photos during our 20-minute ceremony! But we shall see!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by MOrdonez @Snoopy129 - the veil came in a week earlier than they said and it matches perfectly with my dress - my dress is suppose to be ivory but its really more of an off white color and the veil is ivory but a perfect match. I LOVE IT! My Mom still can't believe I paid under $30 for it when she paid $200 for my sisters a year ago which seems to be of similar quality. You're so right! I ended up ordering from Venus Veils and it came in 1 day! So awesome! Thanks for the tip!
  10. I haven't bought any flower girl dresses on ebay but I bought from a reasonably-priced store on Etsy. It's called NollaCollection and the dresses were around $25-$40! Shipping was fast and the owner was very responsive and helpful when I had questions on sizing! My flower girl LOVES her dress and keeps calling herself a princess!
  11. I found a lot of flower girl dresses to be just as expensive as bridesmaids dresses! Luckily, I was able to get a really reasonably-priced flower girl dress online on Etsy. The store is called NollaCollection and they have dresses that are around $25-$40. Shipping was also very fast! They were very helpful and responsive when I had questions on sizing.
  12. I finally finished mine and will now start on the ones for my 3 b-maids! The first one (for 1 foot) took a while but the 2nd one was done much quicker! Hopefully, 3 more pairs won't take too long!
  13. I found an Etsy vendor who makes the cutest animal cake toppers! The store is called Buttonwilloe and the owner, Linda, is very responsive and nice! She custom-made our topper but even the toppers she has in the store (as well as the ornaments) are all reasonably-priced compared to other vendors. So adorable!!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by lianne Morie Lee 1813. I wore it without the sleeves. so elegant and stunning! congrats!!!
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