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  1. We have gone through our registry thank you card manager that store has and one of my good friends bought us two place settings of our china, but we never received it as a gift. I asked the store to run tracking to see it is was shipped to us or to her. She ordered it 6 months before our wedding and had it shipped to her. She lives locally and our wedding was about 3 hours away. I am not sure if she forgot she has it or was planning to give it to me later because she didn't want to bring to the wedding. Should I ask her about it or wait for her to say something?
  2. We had our wedding two weeks ago and used a lobster trap to collect cards. About half of our guests ended up handing the cards to my husband. We only had one guest bring a gift. If you plan to have a gift table make sure it is a safe location where someone wouldn't run off with it. The lobster trap was a great way to make it difficult for cards to walk away. Perhaps a pretty bag you carry for cards might be a good option too. Good luck!
  3. I am so happy to be through with the wedding and back from our honeymoon, but I am still having bad dreams. Now they are wedding flashback dreams. They started when we got back from our honeymoon and it's been a different dream each night this week. Anyone else experience this? The stress is all over now. I just want these dreams to stop.
  4. Thanks, lianaflower. Great advise, but won't work for us. His dad passed away a few years ago. We are going to be fine without. At this point there is nothing we can do so we are just going with the flow. The important thing is we are getting married.
  5. I know this is old posting, but I had to read as the same thing is happening to us. The best man, my fiancé's best friend all through childhood, is about to back out less than a week before the wedding. We are getting married about 3 hours away and he was complaining about the cost at first (last week). He only had to buy a pair of pants and his hotel room plus gas, my fiancé supplied everything else. Yet he just bought himself an upgraded car and moved into a really expensive apartment and He makes more money than both of us combined. Now he says he won't know until Tuesday if he can get off work this weekend? Really? You had 10 months to ask for the time off. We have had to bug him for months to get fitted for his pants, never sent back the rsvp, and also doesn't return calls. We don't even know if we got the pants yet. Why do people not see how much it hurts their "friend" to do this. I'm sorry but if I couldn't make it for whatever reason I would call immediately to let the groom know and apologize and feel horrible about it. Its too late to ask someone else to stand in. We just got the programs two days ago and its too late to reprint them. I told my fiancé to cross him name off every one of them. I feel like a heartless b$itch, but to me you could have found the time to back out in 10 months. What a sucky friend! My fiancé is crushed. it has really hurt him to know his best friend isn't man enough to just back out. No one even threw him a bachelor party. That's a huge rite of passage that I really want him to have. He says no big deal, but to me it is. I have been keeping out of it, but I am so ready to call him and go bridezilla on his you know what. My fiancé's aunt thinks we are being insensitive to the "best man's" situation which also ticks me off. Why is it too much to ask someone for advanced notice before they completely bale on you on one of the most important days of your life? I know our wedding day will go off without anyone else noticing that he is missing, but WE know. This completely changes their friendship. It would be one thing if it were for an uncontrollable reason, but I'm sorry if I am being heartless but this is a sh$t thing to do to your good friend.
  6. We are still trying to figure it out. My fiancé wants it to be a country song, but not a newer one. He really likes older country music like George strait and Merle haggar, but nothing overplayed. We want something that is a little unique. We have only known each other for about 1 1/2 years, but we are both older (late thirties) and its our first time being married. Any thoughts? Right now we were possibly thinking all of me by Willie Nelson, but neither of us are in love with it. We don't want to do cross my heart by George strait cause that's too predictable. We both like jimmy buffet and our wedding theme fits his music, but none of the songs do.
  7. I know this is an old thread, but really hoping someone can give me some suggestions on a natural product to use for anxiety. I go from zero to screaming to crying with very small triggers about the wedding. I only scream and yell at my fiancé (fortunately he has been really understanding), but it seems nearly everyone can make me cry extremely easy. This is completely not me. I thought at first it was hormones, but it comes on at random times, is always triggered by the wedding and is worse when I have other health issues causing pain. I had major dental surgery back in march and am having problems with my ankle so underlying pain appears to be exacerbating my reactions. I don't want to get take something that will make me feel drugged particularly since I am already taking tramadol for my foot pain. I took valerian root last night and didn't wake up during the night which is pretty unusual for me these days so maybe it's helping me relax and sleep, but I would like to find something similar to take on our wedding day that will help calm me and will not react to alcohol. Yoga and excerises have helped a huge bit, but I am limited at the moment on what I can do with my foot. Any suggestions?
  8. We are using a steel drum player for ceremony and cocktails. I am trying to think of good ceremony music to use. I really don't have a strong desire to walk in to "here comes the bride" although I was really surprised when I told my fiancé about it I think it hurt his feelings. We has been so non traditional thought the planning, but he picks that song to be the one tradition he wants. Go figure...any suggestions? I am thinking for lack of anything better to use somewhere over the rainbow for my bridesmaids to enter. My flower girl is definitely coming in to kiss the girl from little mermaid. Also need suggestion for moms and grandma entry music. I want to exit to joyful joyful, but finance wants the traditional music again so we compromised and joyful joyful will be after wedding march. I would like to incorporate at least one religious hymn particularly since we opted against the church wedding and are both very religious.
  9. This is my first time attaching so lets hope this works. We are making a card similar to the one attached telling guests to send us their wishes. We have a mailbox from Home Depot we are using for them to deposit their cards. My MOH and I have collected generic postcards that just say florida with different scenes. I plan to buy more when I am in the keys in a few weeks that say florida keys. I only am getting 2-4 cards per picture to have variety. Also plan to tell guests to take a few as souvenirs if they wish. We are getting married at the postcard inn so we tried to use little touches of postcards throughout the day. Our place cards have a postcard graphic and the table numbers are postcards with florida animals (alligator, pelican, sea turtle, manatee, starfish, conch, etc). [ATTACHMENT=14429]image.jpg (156k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT] [ATTACHMENT=14430]image.jpg (142k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  10. I am just now planning my OOT bags. We are getting married in florida keys so international travel isn't an issue and our hotel is not all inclusive. I ordered gift bags with a palm tree on them from oriental traders and am planning one per room. Hotel won't let me personalize them at all so all contents will be the same. Here is what I am planning: 1) two bottles of water, not personalized, straight from Costco 2) bag of potato chips/pretzels 3) nutrigrain bar 4) key lime candy 5) newsletter type welcome sheet which will list the bridal party (we aren't doing programs) and area restaurants and attractions 6) hotel map and newsletter of events I thought about adding sunscreen, bug spray, motrin and tissues but haven't decided. Most will likely bring sunscreen and bugs will likely not be too bad late October (hopefully). We are probably just bringing a couple of large bottles of off for people to use if needed. Tissues are more for the wedding, but I don't want to have a random table with tissues on it. I was thinking about maybe putting stickers on each item to personalize it. Anyone have any cute saying for snacks and water ? I have seen plenty for tissues.
  11. Thanks for the great advice. We took a night off from Internet and TV to go to dinner and it was a nice change. Hoping to plan something non wedding related this weekend. Definitely was stress driven but we talked it out and I'm feeling much better about it!
  12. I am really glad these boards are here. It is nice to have someone to vent to that isn't going to judge everything that comes out of your mouth. If I say anything to anyone about how I am really feeling I just get the question "are you sure you want to marry him?" So I bottle it all up and end up being miserable and unhappy. I woke up at 3:30 am this morning feeling like my FI doesn't really love me. He has been sick the last 10 days and really grouchy to the point where I walked out to go to walmart the other night cause I was tired of getting barked at over stupid shit. This time it was because I was on the phone with my mom taking about our candy buffet and searching online for cheap candy prices. He wanted to use the computer at that very moment so everything became an arguement over stupid candy. We made up shortly there after but for some reason I woke up this morning questioning if I am supposed to marry him. he blames wedding planning for his lack of interest lately, but I easily put aside wedding shit to spend non wedding time with him. The problem is he spends most nights ignoring me completely to watch the news and search the Internet. I am tired of being ignored and feeling like a roommate and a maid. We got engages in december and this has been going on since january. Is this normal? Does it go away after the wedding planning disappears? My biggest fear is that this is reality and I don't want to live the rest of my life miserable. I am tired of hearing excuses from him that its all the weddings fault. I really don't know what to do and I can't talk to anyone else cause no one seems to be able to set aside judgement and just help me sort through the emotions.
  13. I go through phases of bad dreams. They get really bad right before a pivotal wedding related decision. They used to be my sign that we had to get decide already. I learned over time that yoga really helps them go away. I never did yoga before and tried it for the first time about a month ago. The dreams stopped instantaneously for me. My subconscious just needed to relax I guess.
  14. My fiancé and I have decided to honeymoon in Costa Rica. We will be going at the end of october. We already booked our flight into San Jose, but are looking for suggestions on things to do and where to stay. I have enough hilton points to cover our entire honeymoon so we think we will stay at DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Central Pacific -Costa Rica. It's in Puntarenas. Our other option is Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa, located in Guanacaste. Anyone stayed at either of these hotels and can give feedback? We are planning to rent a jeep for the week. Suggestions on things to do and see? We would like to see a volcano and the rain forest wildlife. Also hoping to maybe scuba dive or snorkel. Has anyone been to a coffee plantation? Is it worth it? Other suggestions? We aren't really into surfing. Thanks in advance.
  15. Sorry for the delayed response. i was out of the country the last few weeks. We are using dillon photography. They are based out of palm beach. I tried to use bob care because the hotel highly recommended him, but he was already booked for our date. I found most of the photographers in the area to be very expensive. We are having a steel drum player on the beach for the ceremony and a dj during the reception upstairs in the horizon room. Reel ting is providing both services. They are a band, but also offer just a one man show and other types of musicians as well. The steel drum player also djs so it worked out to be better for our needs. Hotel highly recommended and we were able to hear him play at another wedding and loved him which was why we booked. Hope this helps! My problem has been finding a florist. Any suggestions?
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