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  1. The travel agent booked round trip transfers as part of the packages for $40. I found that working with the travel agent was actually less expensive for our guests than booking directly with the resort. She also priced matched anything that we found online, so some our our guests were able to book a package for 7 nights airfare and hotel, for under $1300 during high season which is incredible. As the bride and groom, we still qualified for the wedding promotion that the resort gives. For every 5 rooms booked, we got a room free--up to 3 free nights. For your visit, I would recommend NOT renting a car. A taxi ride to town is 50 pesos. Hope this is helpful.
  2. Driving in PV is something I would never Be brave enough to do. It's crazy!! Transportation from the airport is about 30$ to the resort via cab and is very easy. Our guests purchased round trip transfers thru our travel agent.
  3. You are getting a huge head start!! We will be leaving the resort before you arrive. I'm sure you will be able to see a wedding though as they happen all the time. We watched on from the ocean one year! Having been to this resort twice previously, I'm confident that you will fall in love with it!
  4. My computer is freaking out!! Shopnboard- I'm in the same boat. All guests over 20, we have to pay $85 for the reception which seems crazy as its an all inclusive resort. We are trying to bring are own decorations to cut costs.
  5. I can't believe that you got those at the dollar store. So jealous! I ended up ordering diy tumblers from the dollar tree.
  6. I can't believe they didn't charge to use their vases. That's amazing! Where are you getting married? Our resort charges $100 to set up our decorations!
  7. I'm using ikea lanterns that come in a box unassembled. I got the idea from another bride on this site. However we are adding a flower on the top like this:
  8. Congrats and happy planning!
  9. I think over a year out is WAY too early. I mailed our STDs 10 months out and our formal invitations 6 months out. You should look into getting a different TA.
  10. I love the last picture. I'm all about having my hair up because it will be hot during our ceremony. I'm afraid if I have it down it will look like a giant mess.
  11. I really love your color choices. They look great together! It makes me wish that I would have picked brighter colors.
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