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  1. HI LADIES! I am so sorry I disappeared..... When this site change I gave up on it a little bit. Our wedding was Absolutely amazing, we couldn't of asked for anything to be done differently. The week was amazing, we partied day and night and I am sure the hotel staff and other guests were glad to see us leave lol. Just amazing, best decision we ever made was doing a destination wedding. All of our guests loved the resort and would return to the Iberostar Laguna Azul.
  2. Crazy busy right now getting last minute things done.... working on my last DIY project which is the seating cards.... and than I guess I need to start packing!
  3. Good evening ladies! Missing our chats, it's been awhile.. I'm busy getting some last minute projects done, a little bit each night and I'm checking things off the list This weekend is my Bacherolette.... I will let you know what kinds of trouble my lovely ladies and I get into! ahaha Alley!!!! How is wedding planning for you! We leave SO soon. We must meet while there!! How is everyone else doing with their planning? TTYL xo
  4. Just wondering if the sugar starfish with raffia are available? thanks
  5. Hi ladies! Great pictures Alley, I don't know how to post pictures..... I don't get this site at all anymore. I have a lot to show but don't know how!!
  6. Hi ladies, Sorry I've been MIA....(WOW site change, I feel lost!) so busy with stuff. Shopping was awesome last weekend, great to get away with the girls. Great pictures Jolene, congrats!!! xo Lopi your flowers have turned out very nice. I originally made my own bouquets, and they turned out very nice, but the white roses have this yellow ting to them that just isn't going to work for me. How is everyone doing with wedding stuff, I've still been slackin' - next week is get to it week!!!
  7. Well ladies, 58 days till the wedding day! Im a HUGE slacker, Im headed to the states for our anal girls black friday shopping. When I get home I have to stay focused and get the DIY stuff done. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo Kay
  8. Wow Lydia, the TTD photo is absolutely stunning! The video is amazing, now I'm a creeper too I also LOVE your guestbook idea, that's amazing! Where did you find your starfish, that are on the shirts. I have some for the guys but I feel like mine are a little too big! Kay xo
  9. PS Alley I didnt get the video via email... re send it... k_boisvenue@hotmail.com Whats your email I will send you mine as well!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by alley08 Lydia - You looked amazing. Those pictures are so nice. Everything came together wonderfully. Contratulations. Love the group shot!! Kay - Looks like your jack and jill was fun!!! Your outfits were cute. Love the t's you made. Hope it was a success. Speaking of the pie in the face. I really wish we could post videos. I have a great one too. I was originally supposed to get the pie in the face and then everyone threw in money for Matt to get it. I was standing near (big mistake) Matt and they pied me in the face instead of him!!! It was perfect. My M
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