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  1. Highly recommend Stephanie ford for hair and makeup! She was great and also very sweet.
  2. I think the one I bought said 6-7". It was a perfect size, so I'd definitely recommend the 5-6" if those are your options. I've also heard they are extremely fragile, and was nervous about packing it, but it held up fine. It didn't seem as fragile as expected. The hot glue was no problem at all, but if he's offering to drill a hole I'd probably let him just because it'll be easier to work with and give you some peace of mind! Good ulck.
  3. Sorry this one is so small - I'm at work so I can't get a bigger version right now. But I think it turned out cute!
  4. They're on the thinner side I guess (vs those big, thick foam ones), but definitely good enough. People liked them and they worked just fine!
  5. Quote:Originally Posted by gabriel Checked out several locations. had as Grand Cayman had been my runner up to my wedding destination (Turks & Caicos), I. Then I was only there for holiday this past weekend and we ate at one of the places I had strongly considered for a reception, Luca. It is at the Caribbean Club, is in the shore and quite classy. We had an excellent meal and great service, so I would consider that for a reception!Thanks for sharing this post. CANNOT say enough good things about Luca and Caribbean Club. Highly, highly recommend.
  6. Quote:Originally Posted by un4gitabl Thanks Jennifer8913 and agm04! That is what I was thinking one bag per room. I'm just going to do gift bags too, not beach bags. Unfortunately, beach bags just aren't in the budget. My younger siblings are going to deliver the bags, so I have been trying to figure out a way to make the bags ahead of time and have them distributed the the correct people. Maybe names on the tags on the bags, I'm not sure. Definitely do not want it to take up too much time. :-) I had business cards made at Vistaprint - just a cute design that had "We're so glad you're here! Love, Amanda and Chris" at the bottom, and enough space between the design and the printing to write each person's name in sharpie. Was very easy! we just tied them on the handles.
  7. Quote:Originally Posted by MrsMoye Thanks for the info. Which photo site did you use? I used snapfish. It's a little annoying to use but it's been nice to have photos in one place!
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by un4gitabl Did everyone do one bag for a couple or one bag for each person? I am debating, I think it might be easier just to do one per couple, but then do you have singles and couples bags? How does that work? Just thinking through it. :-) Thanks! I did one per couple or one per single or family, with the goodies inside varying depending on how many people it was for. Then some people (flower girl, ring bearer, groom) got their own bag. I figure usually a couple only takes one beach bag to the beach anyway (my bags were beach bags).
  9. You guys are making me cry all over again...so many fun pics, and I MISS OUR WEDDING WEEKEND!!!
  10. Glad I could help! I will definitely do my best to check in and hopefully I can help you guys out!
  11. Quote:Originally Posted by yogi1212 Your pictures are beautiful!!  I'm probably going to go with Juliette as well. I wanted to ask you about the labor set-up and break down costs. I feel that the quote she gave us is a bit pricey for setting up chairs and an arch for a group of 30 so I wanted to get your thoughts. she told us $750CI. was your cost similar? The reception will be at Ristorante Pappagallos so there wont be any set-up need for reception. Also, can you give me an idea of the transportation costs with Tropicana Tours to get your guests to and from different locations? Thank you so much! She is worth EVERY PENNY, I absolutely adore her. I was also a bit bummed by the setup/break down costs. We paid $950CI for the wedding day (she also brought some rental stuff and set it up for our welcome happy hour the day before, which was a separate charge) - we had the canopy and 70 chairs, as well as some cocktail tables and such for the reception at LUCA. It's a lot of money, but the more I thought about it, the more I was okay with it. I also figure that no matter who is doing the setup you are going to get charged for it, and I'd rather pay someone I trust. Here are the things that went through my head that sort of helped - 1. I don't want to be the one doing it. 2. She's spent a LOT of hours working with me, and if all I paid her was the planning fee, it would be an insane bargain. 3. It was HOT out there, and she was working really hard during the hottest part of the day. 4. When it was all over, they were right on top of getting everything broken down, which meant no one else had to be. I honestly have zero regrets, but I do agree that it seems pricey on the surface. Totally worth it, though! As far as Tropicana goes, I *think* it was $8 USD per person for the round trip transportation, but it may have been 10. Sorry! My MIL actually took care of the rehearsal dinner stuff, which is the only thing we used the bus for, so I'm not 100% sure. They were great though.
  12. Just got back from our wedding - we did beach bags (filled with goodies), and the bags were used nonstop. I definitely don't think they're a must-do item, but they were definitely appreciated by our guests!
  13. Quote:Originally Posted by Jessica Correa I feel like the photographer is so expensive! I considered bringing my fiance's friend to take the pictures for us but I feel like it may even be more expensive that me finding one there! I would have to pay for his flight, his stay, the renting of his equipment, his time, and the photo album. The flight and stay alone are about $1,000 + equipment which is another $1000 + the wedding book which is about $1000 more for about 150 pictures and the one perk I would get is that he said I could keep all the pictures that he took during the wedding and the trash the dress. I need an honest opinion, is it worth me paying $4000- $5000 for this? I would get to keep the pictures that he did not edit for the wedding book but I would not be able to put them on any website, just for me own eyes basically. Help Help Help please. I really want your honest opinion on what I should do. THANK YOU I think you could find a similar package there, and not have the complication of booking everything. Sometimes a 'no strings attached' vendor is just better and less stressful.
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