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  1. He was my cousins wedding photographer...amazing photos, I don't think you would be disappointed if you choose him.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Krysta lee ann so anyone used merrick cousley for photography?! I attended my cousin's wedding last month at RIU and he was their photographer. My cousin's wife said she chose him because he does a lot of Usain Bolt's photography and he was fairly priced. They haven't gotten their pictures back yet so I can't comment on the quality of their pictures. I will say he was very nice and good at directing us during group family shoots. Hope that helps.
  3. We used Air Jamaica (Caribbean Airlines) from Philadelphia to go to my cousins wedding last month at RIU and they did not charge any fees for checked luggage. My mom and I were able to check two bags without any problems. They were actually the cheapest price we saw and were a direct flight so it really was a win win. You also get a meal and beverage on the flight which was nice =).
  4. I love #1 the best on you! The third one was the first dress I tried and I didn't really warm to it when I tried it on. I think you look best in the first two.
  5. how sweet! My cousin proposed to his fiancee at their daughter's baby shower too, it was so sweet. He had her read a card from him then popped the question. I actually knew beforehand but it's so sweet how it all played out. She was so surprised.
  6. OMG...Love love love em...I already got my turquoise shoes for 5 bucks but I may have to check these out. Â
  7. I am seriously considering eloping but would definitely include my daughter, lol. These past two months have been crazy for me and I would like less stress as possible but I eloped with my first and now I want a "real" wedding of sorts with family and friends.
  8. BUMPING this thread up...new coupon MOVING for 50% but items won't be shipped until Oct 1 since they are changing facilities =)...I actually ordered a blue starfish before and it was beautiful but my 5 year old daughter got a hold of it and the stem broke so I will be ordering another one. Just thought I would check out the site and found the coupon, YAY!
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